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Pre-Draw Quote Sheet With Bob Bradley

Pre-Draw Quote Sheet:
2010 FIFA World Cup Draw
Dec. 2, 2009

U.S. Head Coach Bob Bradley
On the initial thoughts about the pots and seeded teams for the draw:
“In regards to our group, I think it was expected the three CONCACAF teams would be grouped with the four teams from Asia and New Zealand, so that certainly was not a surprise. The one big question in terms of seeds was whether a seed would go to the Netherlands or to France, and I think the choice of the Netherlands being a top seed certainly caught some people a little bit surprised.”

On how much can really be deciphered from knowing the pots:
“There really isn’t, it will still come down to the luck of the draw. You certainly know that you’ll get a team from each of the other three pots, and you just wait to see how the balls come out.”

On how much he has been looking forward to reaching this stage of the World Cup process:
“Yes, it’s an exciting part of the process, finally knowing who our opponents will be, knowing what venues we’ll be playing in, and following the draw, it gives us the opportunity of finalizing all of our logistics in terms of base camp and some of the details in terms of training fields and the like.”

On how the draw and knowing your opponents makes the World Cup finally seem like a reality:
“The first step is of course just qualification, but once you know your opponents then the preparation begins in greater detail. It gives you an opportunity to start to focus on that first game, that first opponent, making sure all the right things are done to lead into that first match.”

On the process the coaches and players will be going through from after the draw into the next six months:
“It’s a period when we’ll have a lot of work to do in terms of preparation. Certainly we will go to great lengths to prepare the scouting reports on our three first round opponents, there’s always going to be finishing touches on the details in terms of where we’re staying, our needs, what we want to put together in terms of our whole training schedule leading into the World Cup. And of course, we look forward to some of the opportunities when we’ll be together. The main one in 2010 will be the March 3 fixture date, the only one on the FIFA calendar, but there will be other times, of course starting in January, where we’ll have a chance to look at some other players and size up the depth of our pool.”