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Pre-Draw Quote Sheet

Pre-Draw Quote Sheet:
2010 FIFA World Cup Draw
Dec. 2, 2009

U.S. Defender and Captain Carlos Bocanegra
On the days leading up to the draw:
“At the moment we’re qualified, but there’s still a lot of unknown. We don’t know our base city, we don’t know who we’re playing, what venues or anything like that. Once the draw happens and it’s all lined up for us, then World Cup fever really starts and kicks in. You can feel like ‘alright, it’s right around the corner now, it’s here now, this is real.’”

On facing club teammates in your World Cup group:
“I had a few guys on my team from Ghana that we played obviously in 2006, so you just re-live old memories and stories, and the banter starts, and everybody razzes each other about the results.”

U.S. Defender Steve Cherundolo
On the anticipation after you know your opponents:
“From that day forward, moving to the World Cup, for me it was always difficult to concentrate on club because you’re getting really excited about the World Cup. You know who you’re playing against, what teams, what style of play that these countries play and you try to get ready for that. For me, leading up to the draw isn’t very exciting, but from that day on it definitely changes everything.”

On facing club teammates in the World Cup:
“We had one player on the Czech Republic team, and they ended up being in our group, so there was certainly a buzz in our locker room after the draw and leading up to it, and it was definitely special. There are some possible candidates this time around on my team in Hannover who could make the World Cup, and if we’re in the same group, if the draw goes that way, then it’ll definitely be exciting. It definitely makes it a little more personal, and a little more emotional too.”

U.S. Defender Jonathan Spector
On the meaning of the draw:
“Everyone involved is going to be anxiously awaiting to see who we’re going to be playing because everything we’ve built up to this last four years, all the hard work and everything we’ve put in is culminating to this point. So we really want to make it count, and I think we’re all anxious and excited to see who we’re going to be competing against down there.”

On the teams that you want to be drawn against:
“I think you want to play against the big teams in a World Cup; to make it to the final and to win it you need to beat the big teams, so it’d be a great feeling to go there and to play against and beat the big teams.”

U.S. Midfielder Michael Bradley
On how important the draw has become leading up to the World Cup:
“Obviously it’s now a big part of the World Cup, to learn who we’ll play against, where we’ll play, so it’s exciting. …Once we know for sure who we’ll be playing, then it’ll really start to kick in and you’ll really start to have the excitement and anticipation.”

On the feelings you get seeing the USA as one of 32 qualified teams:
“Pride, excitement, it’s a little bit of everything. To have qualified is certainly a big achievement that was our goal all along, but now I know the mentality of our team is that we’re not just going to be content to make up the numbers. We’re going to go there with the idea that we have a good team and on our day we can beat anybody.”