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Jurgen Klinsmann

Klinsmann: "We Want to Get Maximum Points"

U.S. Men's National Team Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann Addresses the Media Following the Announcement of a 24-Player Roster for World Cup Qualifying Matches Against Jamaica of Sept. 7 and 11

U.S. MNT Roster Release Quote Sheet
Sept. 2, 2012

On the team gathering in Miami ahead of two World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica:

"We're in Miami waiting for the players coming in today and tomorrow. We're starting the process of training and preparing for two exciting games we're really looking forward to. We want to do well and we want to get maximum points if possible. We're trying to get the players focused on going into Jamaica for the Friday night game and hopefully pull off a victory on Jamaican soil. We're confident of doing well and focused on our work. If I look at our team and our roster, I'm excited.”

On Joshua Gatt's injury forcing him to withdraw from the roster:
“Joshua Gatt is not able to come in based on what happened in [Molde's] game. We had hoped to add a new element to our team with him but we'll have to wait until next time. We will not bring in another player.”

On Clint Dempsey's move to Tottenham:
“We are happy this whole thing was finalized. He got to move to a real international club that's always competing in the top four or six of the Premier League. Personally, I'm excited because I played for Tottenham many, many years ago and it gives me a chance to watch one of his games at one of my old clubs.”

On Dempsey moving forward after the conclusion of his move to Tottenham:
“It's really important that Clint can put this behind him. It was not always pretty what happened in the last few weeks, with different comments from different people. He dragged that with him the whole summer. Coming in with us for the May and June camp, it was always in the back of his mind and he was concerned about it, which is normal. We're happy a decision has been made and a move has happened.”

On if Dempsey, without having played a game since June, can take part in the matches:”
“Now he comes in and we will evaluate him. We will talk to him, discuss his state of mind, test his fitness level right away to see where he's at to help him. Based on all that information we gather over the next two or three days we can see how we play him in these two very, very important World Cup Qualifiers. We are absolutely open to throw him in right away in Jamaica If he's really in a good physical condition and he's feeling fine.”

On naming a 25-man roster, including four goalkeepers:
“Sean Johnson will cover us for the first game in Jamaica. Then he goes back to the Chicago Fire and Nick Rimando comes in for the second one. We want to keep a little bit of a bigger roster because we want to continue our work with the players. Every time we get the chance over 10 days, we can really gather a lot of information about the guys and where they are at, so we want to take advantage of that as well.”

On injuries forcing the coaching staff to make changes to the roster:
“It's something that is normal. There will never be a game where you have everybody at 100 percent. That's just the way soccer works. You always have to deal with injuries, maybe some players being not on form. The Mexico game really showed we have some depth, we have some players that can step up and can make a surprising performance and surprise the opponent.”

On the team moving forward as a group ahead of two big World Cup Qualifiers:
“As a whole team we're improving and developing. We're getting stronger with our chemistry and understanding different components that are working better. We'll try to juggle things as well as we can. If we look at everybody coming in we’ve got a very good group and we know we have to give everything we have in order to beat Jamaica. We want to continue on the path of pushing ourselves to the limits, getting good results and building a core of players that is always ready to step up when it matters.”

On what the team can take from wins against Italy and Mexico in 2012:
“It helps in terms of their own belief. For certain results, you need a little bit of luck, which we had in Italy and Mexico. But it's also down to great performances from players. If we do our homework and are prepared to take every piece of what we do seriously, we can beat big nations away from home. But it doesn't give you a guarantee for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a whole new animal and we have to go into Jamaica, respect them and be prepared to give everything we have in order to get a good result there. That will always be the case going from game to game.”

On how the team continues to improve:
“Our goal is to become more consistent, to become more efficient and to give the players tools so they know how to be really consistent. There's a mental side of it, a physical side of it, a lifestyle side of it; there are so many elements that play into the whole thing. We're trying to develop that.”

On how the team prepares for matches against Jamaica:
“As coaches we try to do our homework. We've all watched different Jamaica games and they’re a very good team. Quite a lot of those guys are playing overseas and a lot play in MLS so we're familiar with them. They have tremendous physical qualities, great speed and are dangerous in transition. We have a lot of respect for them but if we play to our strengths we have a chance to beat them in Jamaica. When it gets down to a couple of days before the game, we focus on our strengths. We focus on what we want to achieve against Jamaica, how we want to achieve it and where we see the individual strengths of different players on the field. We try to build the direct approach to the game based on our guys.”

On the unique challenge of facing Jamaica twice in four days:
“I’m obviously excited about playing in Columbus on Sept. 11. It's a very special day and moment so we're looking forward to that. For both sides it depends a lot on the first game. You want to have a positive result because you carry that through to the next game. Nobody should even think for a second about the home game. Everybody has to focus only on the game in Kingston and once that game is over we can focus on the home game. It's tricky but it's tricky for both sides. If we win there, which we'll try to do, then you fly back and you're confident enough at home to try to repeat it.”