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What is the U.S. Soccer Supporters Club? Why should I join?

The U.S. Soccer Supporters Club, "U.S. Soccer SC," is the official fan membership program of the United States National Teams. U.S. Soccer SC membership is all about access. Members will enjoy the following privileges:

Membership Card
2011 U.S. Soccer SC Scarf
Current Men's or Women's National Team Yearbook
Exclusive discount at ussoccerstore.com for U.S. Soccer SC members only
Access to behind-the-scenes experiences at select U.S. National Team matches
2011 ticketing priority: access to ticket pre-sales for select home and away U.S. National Team matches
E-mail communications from ussoccer.com
Annual Gift

An annual U.S. Soccer SC membership would make the perfect gift for the avid U.S. Soccer fan in your life.

How do I purchase a membership?

U.S. Soccer SC memberships can be purchased here. All purchase-related questions should be directed to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org and a U.S. Soccer representative will respond and assist you.

Can I purchase a U.S. Soccer SC membership as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely. U.S. Soccer SC memberships make the perfect gift for the U.S. Soccer fans on your shopping list.

During the ordering process, you will be asked if you are purchasing the U.S. Soccer SC membership as a gift. If you select "Yes," you will then be prompted and required to enter the gift recipient's name, mailing address, and valid email address. Gift recipients must be 13 years or older.

Is my U.S. Soccer SC membership transferable?

U.S. Soccer SC membership transfers will only be permitted within the first 30 days after purchase. After 30 days, transfer requests will not be honored. In addition, there is a limit of one membership per person; so no memberships may be transferred to any person already holding a membership. Members wishing to transfer their memberships during this 30 day period must send a written request via email to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org. The email address used to send the transfer request must match the email address tied to your U.S. Soccer SC account in order to process the transfer. Memberships can only be transferred a maximum of one time and only to recipients who are 13 or older.

Do I automatically get priority status for FIFA World Cup tickets when I purchase a membership?

Members who maintain a current membership will receive priority status for FIFA World Cup tickets. Please note, priority status does not guarantee that you will get tickets to the FIFA World Cup games. For additional information regarding FIFA World Cup tickets, please email ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org.

How does U.S. Soccer SC differ from organized supporters groups such as Sam's Army and American Outlaws?

U.S. Soccer SC is the official fan club for the U.S. National Teams. Sam's Army, American Outlaws and similar groups are independently organized. While supporting the U.S. National Teams is central to all of these organizations, U.S. Soccer SC members will receive certain benefits that only U.S. Soccer can offer, such as exclusive merchandise and priority access to World Cup tickets.

I'm a member of Sam's Army or American Outlaws. What does U.S. Soccer SC mean for me?

Members of supporters clubs are encouraged to join U.S. Soccer SC to take advantage of the official affiliation with the Federation which provides members with the benefits listed here. U.S. Soccer will continue to work with independently organized groups to provide complementary benefits such including special seating sections at matches and stadium access for staging banners, etc.

How do I get more information about the U.S. Soccer SC program?

More details outlining the member benefits are listed below. You can also check out the other FAQs to see if your questions are answered there.

Can't find the answer you're looking for in our FAQs? Feel free to email us at ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org and we'll be happy to answer your questions!


What is the U.S. Soccer SC membership term?

U.S. Soccer SC memberships have a 12-month or 48-month rolling membership term. You will receive an email notice to renew your U.S. Soccer SC membership 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Who is eligible for U.S. Soccer SC?

U.S. Soccer SC membership is open to all legal residents of the United States 13 years of age and older. Those between the ages of 13 and 18 may become a member with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. International fans are also eligible for U.S. Soccer SC memberships (additional shipping costs may apply for the U.S. Soccer SC membership package.)

Can I have multiple memberships in my name?

No, only one U.S. Soccer SC membership is permitted per person. Ticketing rights may be limited if more than one U.S. Soccer SC membership is held per household. Please direct all ticketing-related U.S. Soccer SC questions in writing to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org.

Who do I contact with questions about my U.S. Soccer SC membership?

Members with questions about the program or needing any assistance with their membership are encouraged to contact ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org for help. We will assist you promptly based on your written request.

When will I receive my membership card and welcome package?

Benefits will be delivered throughout the year and members can expect to receive details via email. Membership cards and welcome packages will typically arrive within four to six weeks after registration. If you have a question about benefit fulfillment at any time, please do not hesitate to email ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org.

What happens if I lose my membership card or forget my membership number?

Requests for new membership cards are subject to a $10 handling fee. Requests for a new membership card should be made to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org.
The membership number is also included in the Welcome Package and Welcome Email. Members needing assistance in finding their membership numbers should send an email to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org.

Is my U.S. Soccer SC membership refundable?

No, U.S. Soccer SC memberships are not refundable.

Is my U.S. Soccer SC membership purchase tax deductible?

No. The value of the benefits, items and services included in a fan club membership is greater than the actual cost of the membership. Therefore, under IRS rules, the fee is not eligible for deduction.

How do I renew my membership for the next 12-month or 48-month period?

As U.S. Soccer continues to offer the U.S. Soccer SC program, members will receive notification via email 30 days prior to their membership expiration date inviting them to renew for the next 12-month or 48-month period. There is no automatic renewal. Members must sign up separately to continue benefits beyond their initial membership term. Memberships are a rolling 12-month or 48-month term. Membership numbers will remain the same, with a new membership card issued for each renewal year.

How do I change my contact information?

Members wishing to update their U.S. Soccer SC contact information (address, phone number, email, etc.) must send a written request to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org. Members will receive a confirmation email once the changes are reflected in the member database.

How will membership updates and benefits information be communicated to me during my membership term?

Members should expect to receive email updates about the U.S. Soccer SC program from time to time during their membership term. Email will be the primary communication channel. U.S. Soccer will make every effort to ensure email notifications are received by members in a timely manner although U.S. Soccer cannot guarantee 100 percent email delivery because of third party constraints (SPAM filters, firewalls, etc.) Members are responsible for maintaining a valid email address that is able to receive U.S. Soccer SC emails and are encouraged to notify U.S. Soccer immediately at ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org if they feel communications are not being properly received.

How will I be notified about ticket presales and offers only available to U.S. Soccer SC members?

U.S. Soccer SC members will receive exclusive ticket offers and ticket presale invitations via email from U.S. Soccer (subject to availability). U.S. Soccer SC members will be among the first to know about new ticket packages or ticket availability.

What if I don't have access to the Internet or don't check my email?

U.S. Soccer SC communications will be through email and a valid email address is necessary for purchase as well as for gaining priority status for the FIFA World Cup ticketing process. If you do not have an email address currently, you could create a free email account or designate a friend whose email address you can put on file for your U.S. Soccer SC membership.

Can I have e-mails for my U.S. Soccer SC account sent to two email addresses?

No, each U.S. Soccer SC membership must have only ONE email address designated as primary. All U.S. Soccer SC email newsletters and other messages will be sent to the PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY. You may, however, change your primary email address by sending a written request to ussoccerfan@ussoccer.org.


What is the U.S. Soccer SC ticket pre-sale?

All U.S. Soccer SC members will have the opportunity to participate in a private pre-sale for select home Men's National Team and Women's National Team matches. The timing, length, maximum quantity of tickets each member may purchase, and other terms of each pre-sale may vary per match.

Each presale offer will be announced in advance via email communication. Each U.S. Soccer SC member will receive a special link and unique codes that will give them access to the pre-sale window. The U.S. Soccer SC pre-sale will start before the general public sale.

U.S. Soccer expects to offer a variety of seating locations during the pre-sale window. Seating will be first come, first served. U.S. Soccer cannot guarantee members will be able to secure tickets for any particular home game and/or seating location. Members must act during this exclusive pre-sale window. If U.S. Soccer SC members miss the designated pre-sale window, they can still purchase tickets, if available, during the general public sale. Tickets obtained through this opportunity are meant for personal use only and not for resale. Any abuse of these privileges will result in immediate revocation of membership.

Will U.S. Soccer SC members receive ticketing priority for away matches as well?

Since each away match is organized by the host Federation, U.S. Soccer does not have control over the ticketing process. U.S. Soccer will do its best to work with the host country to obtain enough tickets for a public sale. To the extent USSF can secure such tickets, U.S. Soccer SC members will be given priority. Fans can also purchase tickets directly from the host Federation. U.S. Soccer will try to secure blocks of tickets together so U.S. fans can sit in a group.

What kind of information can I expect in the U.S. Soccer Wire email?

Each week, U.S. Soccer SC members will receive a copy of our weekly email Soccer Wire. In addition, U.S. Soccer SC members may receive supplementary emails from U.S. Soccer. The additional emails may vary in number for any given week. All emails may contain the following material:

  • Up-to-date Men's and Women's National Team information
  • Rosters and other match specific information
  • Behind-the-scenes U.S. Soccer information
  • Youth National Team updates
  • Important U.S. Soccer SC program information
  • Exclusive merchandise discount codes for use at the official U.S. Soccer online store, ussoccerstore.com
  • Exclusive ticket offers and pre-sale window information for U.S. Soccer SC members
  • Exclusive offers from U.S. Soccer partners

How do I claim my discount at the U.S. Soccer store?

Upon entry into the U.S. Soccer SC, each member will receive an individual discount code to be used for merchandise discounts at ussoccerstore.com, the official online store of U.S. Soccer. This discount code can be entered at checkout to take 10% off a member's orders on any U.S. Soccer gear sold at the official online store. Additional exclusive discounts and promotions will be communicated to U.S. Soccer SC members via email.

Can I use my U.S. Soccer SC discount code or gift card at the U.S. Soccer merchandise tents at a stadium?

No, U.S. Soccer SC discount codes and gift cards cannot be redeemed at the U.S. Soccer merchandise tents that are set up on stadium grounds on game-day; they are only redeemable on ussoccerstore.com for online merchandise orders.

May I resell any tickets obtained via the U.S. Soccer SC ticketing pre-sale window?

No. Tickets acquired via U.S. Soccer SC pre-sale windows are for personal use only. For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

What if I join U.S. Soccer SC after a particular benefit has passed, such as a ticketing pre-sale window?

U.S. Soccer SC still provides many benefits going forward, including U.S. Soccer merchandise discounts at ussoccerstore.com and access to tickets. Unfortunately we cannot provide additional make-up benefits for new members who may have missed previous ticket sales, etc.