U.S. Soccer

Continuing Education

The purpose of the Continuing Education Program is to provide meaningful educational opportunities for coaches wishing to maintain their “A” License. It is important that coaches stay current with the latest national and international developments involving the growth of the game.

Educational events that are directed, sponsored or co-administrated by U.S. Soccer will be certified as Continuing Education events and CE credits awarded. It is U.S. Soccer policy that all coaches currently holding an “A” License must accumulate 8 credits within every four-year cycle in order to maintain the status of their “A” License.

U.S. Soccer recognizes or conducts the following activities or events where CE credits can be obtained. Credit amounts will vary pending duration and/or level of the programming.

  • Attendance at a regional coaching or player development workshop, or in-service program (2-4 credits)
  • Attendance at a U.S. Soccer coaching symposium (2-4 credits)
  • Attendance at a U.S. Soccer “A-Renewal” Course (8 credits)
  • Completion of the U.S. Soccer Goalkeeping License course (8 credits)
  • Attend an International Coaching Educational Workshop (8) credits)

U.S. Soccer may conduct other activities or events that will provide additional opportunities to earn CE credits. These activities or events will be publicized via the US Soccer web site at www.ussoccer.com. These activities or events are open to coaches of all levels.

Exemptions to CEP Requirements
“A” License coaches currently holding one of the following positions are granted an exemption from US Soccer and do not need to maintain their CE credits during the time they are actively serving in these capacities.

  • Former or current U.S. National Team Head Coach
  • Current Full-Time National Staff Coach / Technical Advisor
  • Current Member of the National Instructional Staff
  • Current MLS or WPS or USL-1 or NASL Head Coach

Awarding of CE Credit
CE credits can only be awarded for events or activities that are directed, sponsored or co-administrated by U.S. Soccer. Credits will only be awarded to coaches who participate for the full duration of the event.

At the conclusion of the event each "A" Licensed coach will receive a confirmation of
attendance. It is the responsibility of each attendee to keep record of their attendance and the amount of credits earned.

Renewal Policy

  • Coaches must accumulate 8 CE credits on or before the expiration date of their "A" License.
  • For example, coaches who obtained their "A" License from U.S. Soccer in:
    • January 2015, must accumulate 8 CE credits by January 2019.
  • It is the responsibility of each coach to keep track of their credits and their renewal date.

Expiration of "A" License
Please note that coaches with an expired "A" License must re-take the "A" License course and pass the examinations in order to be re-awarded the "A" License.

If you have any questions regarding the Continuing Education Program please contact the Coaching department at 312-528-1214 or via e-mail at drussell@ussoccer.org.