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U.S. Soccer Coaching Development

Technology Recommendations

The U.S. Soccer Coaching License Pathway is designed to prepare coaches to work in the modern game where technology is an indispensable tool.

  • U.S. Soccer does not require that any candidate purchase any computer hardware or software in order to register for and attend the National Coaching Schools.

For A, B, C, and GK license courses:

  • All pre-course assignments, and some content during courses, must be accessed, edited, and/or submitted online. It is recommended that all candidates bring a computer with them to the National Coaching School
  • Most assignments will need to be submitted in a specific format, and there are many different combinations of hardware and software that can produce the required formats. Candidates are free to use whatever tools they are most comfortable with to complete the assignments
  • Candidates will not be allowed to submit assignments in any format other than that specified in advance by the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department. Using tools that are not recommended may result in unforeseen difficulties in correctly formatting the assignments. Any incorrectly formatted assignment will be considered incomplete, and the candidate will not be awarded any points for that assignment. For more information on pre-course assignments, click here
  • If you feel that the technology components of the National Coaching Schools may discourage you from applying for or successfully completing a course, please contact the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department at coaches@ussoccer.org to discuss your concerns