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Performance Centers – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend a Performance Center?
Candidates who receive a score of “Provisional Status” at the end of an A, B, C or GK course, held in January 2015 or later, are eligible to apply for a Performance Center (at the same license level) after a development period of at least six months in order to earn their license.

What if I received a “Not Ready” grade on a C license course after January of 2006, but prior to January of 2015?
Candidates who received a grade of “Not Ready” on a C license course in the previous grading system have until January 31, 2017 to attend a Performance Center in an effort to earn their C license. After January 31, 2017, candidates who received a “Not Ready” will be required to retake the C license course in its entirety.

How many times may I attend a Performance Center? 
There are currently no limitations placed on the amount of times a coach may attend a Performance Center. However, there is a minimum six month development period between each attempt, and a maximum of two years from the end date of the original course. If a period of two years elapses after the original course, the candidate must retake the entire course.

U.S. Soccer recommends that coaches visit ussoccer.com, or contact the Coaching Department at coaches@ussoccer.org periodically for the most current policy information on topics like: cost, number of testing opportunities and grading.

How much do the Performance Centers cost?
Course fees are always subject to change based on a variety of factors. Course fees will be listed under each individual course once it has been announced.

When do I have to pay?
The total course payment is required at the time of registration.

What pre-course work is required?
Performance Centers will incorporate Deliberate Practice assignments similar to a standard license course of the same level, but not a Laws of the Game exam or Technical Summary Report.

What age and number of players should I use for the Deliberate Practice assignments?
All Deliberate Practice training sessions should culminate in an 11v11 match during Stage 4. Numbers of players may vary in Stages 1-3 depending on topic. Candidates should be working with the following age-appropriate players by license level:

  • A license: U18 +
  • B license: U15-U18
  • C license: U15-U18
  • GK license: U15-U18

Is the pre-course work mandatory? What if I submit it late?
All pre-course assignments are mandatory. The second field session will be assessed on a 25 point scale. A ten (10) point reduction will be applied if the 1st session is submitted past the due date or not completed. If the second session is submitted past the due date, zero points will be applied.

What does a Performance Center entail?
A Performance Center will take place over two days. A typical schedule will be as follows:

On Day 1, candidates will execute Stage 2 of a previously planned training session, and receive instructor feedback. On Day 2, candidates will execute Stages 3 and 4 of the same training session and be evaluated on their performance.

How does the grading work?
Candidates will be evaluated on a 100 point scale comprised of their pre-course work and their final training performance. Candidates will be issued a grade of “Pass” or “Retain Provisional Status”. In order to be awarded the National License, the candidate must receive a score of 70 or greater. If a candidate receives a score of 69 or below, they are eligible to apply for another Performance Center after an additional development period of at least 6 months.

Download – Sample Performance Center Grading Form