U.S. Soccer

About Gatorade Fluid Loss Testing

For the last two years Gatorade has Fluid Loss Tested (FLT) U.S. Soccer Development Academy athletes, the tradition will continue at the 2010 Spring Showcase. Fluid Loss Testing is designed to show athletes how dehydrated they become during just one match by measuring their weights before and after select games. The FLT process begins with teams weighing in on scales before their warm‐up of their selected game and weighing out at the same location immediately following the game. Athletes will be able to trial the new G Series products from Gatorade in conjunction with FLT. Athletes will learn about all three parts of the G Series line; Prime 01, Perform 02 and Recover 03. After testing, athletes receive a brief hydration message from a Gatorade trained Athletic Trainer who answers athletes’ individual hydration questions and provides product usage guidelines for the new G Series.