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  • DateSaturday, February 2, 2002
  • VenueRose Bowl; Pasadena, Calif.
  • Attendance14,432

Algarve Quote Sheet: WNT vs. Switzerland - March 6, 2015

U.S. WNT head coach Jill Ellis

On improvements from the first match day to the second:
“I thought we were patient. In the first half, Switzerland made it hard for us to play and they got numbers behind the ball, but I thought our patience and our tempo certainly picked up in the second half.  We obviously had some great finishes off a set piece and two goals in the run up play which I thought were fantastic. Our game changers came in and made a difference so I was really pleased; really pleased all-around with the performance.”

On Switzerland playing five or six players across the back:
“We have to move the ball quicker and move off the ball quicker, and that’s what we challenged them with at the halftime. We have to move and pick up the energy a little bit, and I think we did that. I think we started to move the pieces around and played more diagonal balls to stretch them a little bit and then we got it. I thought in the second half we played much better.”

On the advantage of getting all six substitutions in today:
“It’s huge. It’s part of our depth and it’s part of our build up to the World Cup. We need to know who can come in and make a difference. The players that came in were impactful and obviously we got to rest some legs which was huge at this point in the tournament.”

On Shannon Boxx making her first appearance with the WNT since April of 2013:
“I wanted someone in there to stabilize things and that can be a good role for Boxxy, to come in, tackle, win balls and stabilize us. She did that so I was really pleased for her.”

On the play of the back line, especially Meghan Klingenberg:
“Kling is a scrapper. She likes to go forward, attacking is her game but she has gotten much better defensively one-on-one. I thought the back line was solid overall with solving the players in front of them, and the runners behind them. They did a good job. To keep a clean sheet was fantastic. Hope‘s save was phenomenal. I was most pleased with the whole effort of the backline and the goalkeeper.”

U.S. WNT forward Abby Wambach

On the team being able to get on all six substitutes, including herself:
“This is a World Cup environment in terms of the structure of the tournament, so having multiple players not only come on and play but make a difference, that’s what it’s going to take to win a World Cup. Seven games is a lot and that’s obviously what we hope to accomplish and get to. But you’re going to have to play a lot of players to get there and play well. It’s not just about the best eleven playing seven straight, 90-minute games…Tonight it showed that we not only can play those starting eleven but the players that come off the bench can make an immediate impact.”

On her goal against Switzerland:
“When the ball went towards the defender I thought she was going to make  a play on it and when she didn’t,  I feel like I was in slow motion because I honestly thought she was going to touch the ball and she didn’t, she let the ball ran across her front. I kind of just ran as fast as I could, however slow that may have looked, got to the end of it, saw the goalkeeper was retreating to the back of her line and did my best to get a little bit of air under the ball, and luckily it went into the net.”

U.S. WNT forward Amy Rodriguez

On getting on the score sheet for the National Team:
“It feels good to score again. It’s been a while since I scored, so it was exciting and it was a great game to do it in too.”

On how the goal came about:
“Just a few quick little touches in front of the net. I felt like I had pressure from the ‘keeper and a defender, so tried some quick touches and tried to scoop it in. I’ve been getting a lot of comments about my quick feet so I’m just happy I was able to put it in.”

On the match overall:
“The huge thing is that we walked away with three points. We want to be in the championship of the Algarve Cup so, we have to keep working towards that and try to get another win against Iceland.”

U.S. WNT forward Alex Morgan

On the team’s patience to break down the Switzerland defense:
“[Switzerland] was playing a five-[person] backline, they were playing a slower pace than we wanted to and were trying to slow down the game. I think in the first half we played into what they wanted, but we came in and regrouped at halftime and realized we needed to step up the pace and play a little quicker. We came out ready to do that in the second half and converted our chances. I’m really happy with the way our team changed the game.”

On her goal from Lauren Holiday’s free kick:
“I just played with the offside line, the marker lost me and [Lauren] plays amazing balls in whether it’s off a free kick or in the run of play and she found me in the exact spot I was meant to be. All I needed was a tap in so, it was really all [Lauren’s] work and I was just on the end to finish it.”

U.S. WNT midfielder Shannon Boxx

On the feeling of returning to international competition after being away for almost two years:
“It felt amazing! It’s been a long road but, it’s been a fun road of trying to make it back. The support of my teammates has been amazing so I felt like when I got on the field everyone was super excited for me. The adrenaline was going! I was only in there for like 10 minutes but, I was like, ‘Whoo!’” It was fun and I’m hoping for a little bit more this trip. But the team is doing great. In the second half, the team picked it up and got some really good goals. It was a lot of fun.”

Selección Femenina Vence a Suiza 3-0 en Segundo Partido de la Copa Algarve 2015

VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTONIO, Portugal (6 de marzo, 2015) – La Selección Femenina de Estados Unidos continuó su campaña por la Copa Algarve 2015 con una victoria de 3-0 contra Suiza en el Estadio Municipal de Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Las delanteras Alex Morgan, Amy Rodríguez y Abby Wambach anotaron los tres goles estadounidenses en el segundo tiempo, mientras que la portera Hope Solo jugó en su partido número 79 sin conceder gol. Los goles fueron el 51 de su carrera para Morgan, el 178 para Wambach y el 29 de Rodríguez, quien no había anotado un gol con la selección desde el 18 de septiembre, 2014. Estados Unidos ahora tiene seis puntos y lidera el Grupo B.

Éste fue solamente el segundo encuentro entre EE.UU. y Suiza, y las estadounidenses ahora tienen un registro perfecto de 2-0-0 contra sus rivales europeas. El encuentro previo a éste también fue una victoria estadounidense de 4-1 el 20 de agosto, 2014, en WakeMed Soccer Park en Cary, Carolina del Norte.

Estados Unidos concluirá la fase de grupos contra Islandia el 9 de marzo. El partido empieza a la 1:30 p.m. ET en el Estadio Municipal de Lagos, en Lagos, Portugal. El partido no será televisado debido a iluminación inadecuada en el estadio.

En los otros partidos del día,  Japón venció a Portugal 3-0, Alemania le ganó a China 2-0, Brasil derrotó a Suecia 2-0 y Francia dominó a Dinamarca 4-1. Islandia perdió 1-0 contra Noruega en el otro partido del Grupo B.

EE.UU. y Francia son los únicos dos equipos en terminar con seis puntos después de sus primeros dos partidos, y por lo tanto están en buena posición para llegar a la final. Las mejores dos ganadoras de grupo avanzan al partido por el campeonato el 11 de marzo. Si Estados Unidos derrota a Islandia, clasificará a la final debido a que después de los primeros dos días de partidos, solamente Francia también puede obtener nueve puntos en la fase de grupos.

Estados Unidos se enfrenta a Islandia en la conclusión de la fase de grupos de la Copa Algarve el 9 de marzo, 1:30 p.m. ET.
Información de transmisión: No disponible.
Social: Twitter (@ussoccer_wnt, @ussoccer_esp); Facebook; Instagram

Resumen de Goles:

USA– Alex Morgan (Lauren Holiday), minuto 54: Lauren Holiday se alineó detrás del balón en el lado derecho justo fuera del área grande para cobrar un tiro libro llamado a favor de EE.UU. Con el pie derecho, Holiday lo envió al área chica donde se encontraba Alex Morgan. Morgan estaba sola en la esquina izquierda, recibió el balón, y con el empeine del pie derecho le dio un pequeño toque para anotar enviándolo al segundo poste. USA 1, SUI 0 (VER GOL)

USA– Amy Rodríguez (Christen Press), minuto 72: Desde el lado izquierdo del arco, Christen Press mandó un cruce/intento al centro del área directamente a los guantes de la portera suiza Stenia Michel quien bloqueó el balón pero no lo pudo controlar. Rodríguez recibió el rebote y sin perder la calma registró el balón, dando un giro de 360 grados para ponerlo en perfecta posición antes de rematar de zurda y anotar enviando el balón hacia el poste izquierdo. USA 2, SUI 0 (VER GOL)

USA– Abby Wambach, minuto 81: Después de que la mediocampista estadounidense Shannon Boxx compitiera por el balón en el centro del campo, Wambach, quien tenía sólo a la suiza Carolina Abbé con ella,  le ganó un pase hacia atrás a la jugadora suiza y sin perder tiempo convirtió un pase rutinario a uno de ataque. Corriendo hacia el arco, Wambach mandó un remate desde afuera del área grande en el lado izquierdo hacia la esquina derecha del arco. USA 3, SUI 0 (FINAL)

Atajadas Claves y Jugadas Peligrosas:

USA – Lia Walti, minuto 5: Christen Press controló el balón por el lado izquierdo y dejó atrás a tres defensas suizas para irse sola hacia la portería donde tenía espacio en la esquina izquierda. Su intento fue bloqueado justo antes de que pudiera pegarle de derecha por Lia Walti quien mandó el balón hacia afuera para prevenir el daño e hizo que Estados Unidos se fuera para el tiro de esquina.

SUI – Rahel Kiwic, minuto 14 y 17: Megan Rapinoe le envió un pase profundo a Meghan Klingenberg por la banda izquierda quien jugó el balón hasta el área grande. Klingenberg se ubicó en buena posición y mandó un cruce al centro del área pero Rahel Kiwic estuvo atenta y bloqueó el camino del cruce, cabeceando el balón fuera del terreno de juego. Tres minutos después, Kiwic tuvo otra gran jugada en la cual intercepto un buen pase de Klingenberg que se dirigía hacia Alex Morgan.

USA - Hope Solo, minuto 39: Solo leyó bien un tiro de esquina de Lara Dickenmann, corriendo al centro del área chica y enviando el balón lejos de peligro con sus puños. 

SUI - Stenia Michel, minuto 62: Michel terminó con siete atajadas en el partido, con una de sus más fuertes viniendo contra Alex Morgan quien se venía por el lado de afuera izquierdo del área grande.  Michel bloqueo el intento y lo mandó lejos para prevenir el gol.  

Notas Adicionales y En La Mira:

  • Alex Morgan anotó su segundo partido del año y 51vo de su carrera.
  • Amy Rodríguez entró por Megan Rapinoe para empezar el segundo tiempo y anotó su primer gol desde el 18 de septiembre del 2014.
  • El partido de hoy fue la primera participación de Shannon Boxx desde el 5 de abril del 2013, cuando jugó contra Alemania.
  • Abby Wambach jugó en su partido 236 con la Selección Femenina, lo cual la pone en el sexto lugar en la lista histórica de EE.UU. Delante de ella está Joy Fawcett en el quinto lugar, con 239 partidos de 1987-2004. Wambach anotó su gol No. 178 con la selección y ahora tiene 20 más que Mia Hamm (158).
  • Megan Rapinoe ahora tiene 98 partidos con EE.UU., y está a solamente dos de llegar al centenario.


- Resumen de Juego de la Selección Femenina de Estados Unidos -

Encuentro: Selección Femenina de Estados Unidos vs. Suiza
Fecha: 9 de marzo, 2015
Torneo: Copa Algarve; Grupo B
Sede: Estadio Municipal de Vila Real de Santo Antonio
Inicio: 12 p.m. ET
Asistencia: 500
Clima: 69 grados Fahrenheit, soleado y con viento

Resumen de anotaciones:     1          2          F
USA                                        0          3          3
SUI                                         0          0          0

USA – Alex Morgan (Lauren Holiday)                      minuto 54
USA – Amy Rodriguez (Christen Press)                    72
USA – Abby Wambach                                              81

USA: 1-Hope Solo; 11-Ali Krieger (5-Kelley O’Hara, 65), 4-Becky Sauerbrunn, 26-Julie Johnston, 25-Meghan Klingenberg; 10-Carli Lloyd (capt.), 12-Lauren Holiday (7-Shannon Boxx, 79), 14-Morgan Brian (9-Heather O’Reilly, 65), 15-Megan Rapinoe (8-Amy Rodriguez, 46), 23-Christen Press (17-Tobin Heath, 80); 13-Alex Morgan (20-Abby Wambach, 79)
Suplentes no utilizadas: 2-Sydney Leroux, 6-Whitney Engen, 16-Lori Chalupny, 19-Rachel Van Hollebeke, 22-Crystal Dunn, 24-Ashlyn Harris
Directora Técnica: Jill Ellis

SUI: 1-Stenia Michel; 15-Caroline Abbé (capt.), 9-Lia Wälti, 14-Rahel Kiwic (7-Martina Moser, 58), 5-Noëlle Maritz (6-Selina Kuster, 83), 16-Fabienne Humm (2-Nicole Remund, 73); 18-Vanessa Bürki (20-Florijana Ismaili, 83), 22-Vanessa Bernauer (8-Cinzia Zehnder, 73), 11-Lara Dickenmann, 13-Ana Maria Crnogorcevic, 19-Eseosa Aigbogun (4-Rachel Rinast, 46)
Suplentes no utilizadas: 3-Sandra Betschart, 10-Ramona Bachmann, 12-Nadine Böni, 21-Antonia Albisser, 23-Barla Deplazes
Directora Técnica Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

Resumen estadístico: USA / SUI
Tiros: 19 / 3
Tiros a Gol: 11 / 3
Atajadas: 3 / 7
Tiros de Esquina: 4 / 3
Faltas: 6 / 9
Fuera de Lugar: 8 / 1

Resumen de penalidades:
USA – Carli Lloyd (amonestación)                  minuto 67
SUI – Lia Wälti (amonestación)                       70                                                                     

Árbitro: Cristina Dorcioman (ROU)
Árbitro Asistente 1: Petruta Iugulescu (ROU)
Árbitro Asistente 2: Sanja Rodak (CRO)
Cuarto Oficial: Carina Vitulano (ITA)

Jugadora del Partido Budweiser: Amy Rodríguez

WNT Moves into First Place in Group B, Tops Switzerland 3-0 at Algarve Cup

VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTONIO, Portugal (March 6, 2015) – The U.S. Women’s National Team scored three second-half goals and blanked Switzerland 3-0 in Group B action at the 2015 Algarve Cup at Municipal Stadium. Alex Morgan, Amy Rodriguez and second-half sub Abby Wambach each scored a goal in the final 45 minutes as the U.S. moved to 2-0-0 and into first place in Group B. 

The USA will face Iceland in its third and final Group B match on Monday, March 9, before the tournament’s placement stage. Kickoff is at 1:30 p.m. ET at Municipal Stadium in Lagos, Portugal. Due to inadequate lighting at the stadium, a television broadcast will not be available. Fans can follow in-game updates on Twitter (@ussoccer_wnt and @ussoccer_esp).

The USA and France are the only two countries to take six points from their first two games at the Algarve Cup, and thus are in the driver’s seat to make the final. The top two group winners advance to the championship game on March 11.

Goal Scoring Rundown:
USA – Alex Morgan (Lauren Holiday), 54th minute: U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd earned a free kick from 29 yards out and Holiday took the set piece opportunity. Holiday delivered a strong ball from the right side, over a three-player wall and into the center of the box. Other than Switzerland defender Rahel Kiwic’s unsuccessful header attempt, Morgan was unmarked and redirected the cross with her right foot and into the back of the net for her second goal of the year and 51st of her career. USA 1, SUI 0 (SEE GOAL) 

USA – Amy Rodriguez, 72nd minute: Christen Press started the sequence with a darting run down the left side and a half shot/cross that Stenia Michel batted away. Rodriguez collected the rebound but did not initially have a clear path to shoot. With a quick shuffle, Rodriguez then lifted a shot just inside the left post for her first goal since Sept. 18, 2014, during a 4-0 victory against Mexico. USA 2, SUI 0 (SEE GOAL) 

USA – Abby Wambach, 81st minute: The USA took advantage of a poor back pass from Nicole Remund, who was pressured by a sliding Shannon Boxx. Switzerland’s Caroline Abbe had an opportunity to get to the ball against Wambach, but Wambach beat her to it. From the edge of the box, Wambach chipped the ball over Stenia Michel and into the right of the frame for her first goal of the year. USA 3, SUI 0 (FINAL) 

Key Saves and Defensive Stops:
SUI – Lia Walti, 5th minute: The USA caught Switzerland’s defense off guard when Megan Rapinoe took a quick throw-in on the left side to Christen Press. Press dribbled into the box and shot from close range, and Walti tracked back quickly enough for the block to surrender a corner kick. 

SUI – Rahel Kiwic, 14th and 17th minutes: Megan Rapinoe played a deep ball toward left back Meghan Klingenberg, and Switzerland’s back line hesitated in tracking back. Klingenberg caught up with the pass before it reached the end line and crossed from the left side, playing a dangerous ball into the middle of the box that Kiwic turned away with a diving header. Three minutes later, Kiwic came up with another big play with a slide tackle to intercept a well-played Klingenberg through ball headed toward Alex Morgan. 

USA – Hope Solo, 39th minute: Solo read Lara Dickenmann’s corner kick well, rushing up to the middle of the box and punching with her right glove to start a USA counter attack. 

USA – Hope Solo, 60th minute: Switzerland attacked from the right side and crossed just above the box to Lara Dickenmann, whose sweeping right-footed shot was struck toward the left of the frame. Solo read the strike well and parried it away to keep Switzerland off of the score sheet. 

SUI – Stenia Michel, 62nd minute: Michel finished with seven saves on the day, with one of her strongest stops coming against Alex Morgan’s blast from just outside the box on the left side. Michel batted it away to maintain a one-goal deficit at the time. 

Milestone Watch:

  • Midfielder Megan Rapinoe earned her 98th cap and is now two away from becoming the 31st WNT player to reach the 100-game milestone.
  • Abby Wambach now has 178 goals in her WNT career. She is the USA’s all-time leader and is 20 goals ahead of former record holder Mia Hamm (158 goals from 1987-2004).
  • Wambach earned her 236th cap. She is sixth all-time, just three appearances behind fifth-place Joy Fawcett (239 caps from 1987-2004).
  • Goalkeeper Hope Solo, the WNT’s all-time shutout leader, posted her 79th-career clean sheet. She had three saves Friday against Switzerland. 

Next on the Schedule:
The U.S. WNT faces Iceland in its third and final Group B match on Monday, March 9, before the placement stage. Kickoff is at 1:30 p.m. ET at Municipal Stadium in Lagos, Portugal.
Broadcast information: No TV due to inadequate lighting at the stadium.
Social: Twitter (@ussoccer_wnt; @ussoccer_esp); Facebook; Instagram 

Additional Notes:

  • The USA is now 2-0-0 all-time against Switzerland. The other meeting was a 4-1 U.S. victory on Aug. 20, 2014, at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina.
  • The U.S. moves to 3-1-0 in 2015.
  • Head coach Jill Ellis’ lineup once again featured a 4-4-2 formation and two personnel changes from the 2-1 victory against Norway to open the Algarve Cup.
  • Hope Solo returned in goal for a second consecutive game, with a defensive unit that included right back Ali Krieger, center back duo Becky Sauerbrunn and Julie Johnston, and Meghan Klingenberg replacing Lori Chalupny with the start at left back.
  • The USA midfield included Lauren Holiday and Morgan Brian centrally, Carli Lloyd on the right and Megan Rapinoe on the left. Rapinoe made her first start in the tournament and Lloyd wore the captain’s armband.
  • Alex Morgan and Christen Press were paired up top. Press had played in the midfield against Norway and was pushed up for Friday’s game in place of Abby Wambach, who had started the opener.
  • Amy Rodriguez replaced Rapinoe to open the second half. Rodriguez moved up front alongside Morgan and Press dropped into the midfield.
  • The U.S. made two subs in the 65th minute, with Kelley O’Hara entering for Krieger and Heather O’Reilly for Brian. It marked O’Reilly’s first appearance of the year and her 216th of her WNT career.
  • In another wave of subs, Abby Wambach replaced Morgan and Shannon Boxx entered for Holiday in the 79rth minute. Tobin Heath stepped in for Press in the 80th minute. For Boxx, it was her first appearance since April 5, 2013, against Germany. 

- U.S. Women’s National Team Match Report - 

Match: U.S. Women’s National Team vs. Switzerland
Date: March 6, 2015
Competition: 2015 Algarve Cup - Group B
Venue: Municipal Stadium; Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal
Kickoff: 12 p.m. ET (5 p.m. local)
Attendance: 500 
Weather: 69 degrees; Sunny and breezy 

Scoring Summary:   1          2          F
USA                           0          3          3
SUI                             0          0          0 

USA – Alex Morgan (Lauren Holiday)                       54th minute
USA – Amy Rodriguez                                               72
USA – Abby Wambach                                               81 

USA: 1-Hope Solo; 11-Ali Krieger (5-Kelley O’Hara, 65), 4-Becky Sauerbrunn, 26-Julie Johnston, 25-Meghan Klingenberg; 10-Carli Lloyd (capt.), 12-Lauren Holiday (7-Shannon Boxx, 79), 14-Morgan Brian (9-Heather O’Reilly, 65), 15-Megan Rapinoe (8-Amy Rodriguez, 46), 23-Christen Press (17-Tobin Heath, 80); 13-Alex Morgan (20-Abby Wambach, 79)
Subs Not Used: 2-Sydney Leroux, 6-Whitney Engen, 16-Lori Chalupny, 19-Rachel Van Hollebeke, 22-Crystal Dunn, 24-Ashlyn Harris
Head coach: Jill Ellis

SUI: 1-Stenia Michel; 15-Caroline Abbé (capt.), 9-Lia Wälti, 14-Rahel Kiwic (7-Martina Moser, 58), 5-Noëlle Maritz (6-Selina Kuster, 83), 16-Fabienne Humm (2-Nicole Remund, 73); 18-Vanessa Bürki (20-Florijana Ismaili, 83), 22-Vanessa Bernauer (8-Cinzia Zehnder, 73), 11-Lara Dickenmann, 13-Ana Maria Crnogorcevic, 19-Eseosa Aigbogun (4-Rachel Rinast, 46)
Subs Not Used: 3-Sandra Betschart, 10-Ramona Bachmann, 12-Nadine Böni, 21-Antonia Albisser, 23-Barla Deplazes
Head coach: Martina Voss-Tecklenburg 

Stats Summary: USA / SUI
Shots: 19 / 3
Shots on Goal: 11 / 3
Saves: 3 / 7
Corner Kicks: 4 / 3
Fouls: 6 / 9
Offside: 8 / 1 

Misconduct Summary:
USA – Carli Lloyd (caution)                67th minute
SUI – Lia Wälti (caution)                     70 

Referee: Cristina Dorcioman (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Petruta Iugulescu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Sanja Rodak (CRO)
Fourth Official: Carina Vitulano (ITA) 

Budweiser Woman of the Match: Amy Rodriguez

WNT Outside Backs on the Attack

While defense is always the priority, the WNT outside backs love getting into the attack, and when the time is right, are encouraged to do so by U.S. head coach Jill Ellis and her staff. Kelley O’Hara, Meghan Klingenberg, Ali Krieger and Lori Chalupny talk about making an offensive impact from the back.

Quote Sheet: Josh Perez and the U-17 MNT Dominate Guatemala

2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship Quote Sheet
USA 4, GUA 1
March 5, 2015

On the win over Guatemala:
"We’re extremely happy to be able to come out and play against a very difficult Guatemala team and get three points. I thought our mentality was great, our approach to the game – from the first minute to the 90th minute – the group played great. Again we take one game at a time, we respect our opponent. Guatemala is a good opponent. Again credit to our guys who were able to come and get the goals we needed to get. I thought it was a good defensive performance - our goalkeeper made a couple good saves for us. Overall we’re very happy and we move on to the next game.”

On what to expect from Honduras, taking into consideration they are playing at home:
"First of all, Honduras is a very good team. I would have to think they would be the favorites – Honduras playing in Honduras, in their home country, in their stadium, with their fans. So we have to be prepared. They’re a very good team. As we saw, all the teams in the tournament are very difficult, so we cannot approach any game in an easy way. We’ll prepare. And like we said, one game at a time. Honduras is next and we’ll be ready to go come game time.”

On the strengths of the Honduras team:
“I think they are a well-rounded team. I think they are good defensively, they are good on the attack, they’re athletic and physical, and they play good soccer. Honduras is one of the best countries in our region from the senior level all the way down to the youth levels. I think they’re a well-rounded team and we have to be well prepared to go out and compete.”

On the seven lineup changes from the last game and the depth of the team:
“We said from the beginning of the tournament when we announced our roster that we felt we had a deep roster, that we trust everybody on the team – all 20 players – when they’re called upon. They’ve all played in major international matches over the last two years, so we have confidence in all the players, and they should have confidence when they step on the field. We feel like we can put any of our 20 players on the field and play well and get a good result.”

On the play of goalkeeper Will Pulisic:
“You need your goalkeeper to come up with saves. There’s going to be times where there’s breakdowns and some good combinations from their team. Will made some good saves for us, which we needed. We hope we don’t give up too many chances in a game, but if we do, we feel confident with Will in the back.”

On Josh Perez scoring a hat trick and his performance overall:
“Josh was excellent. He was aggressive, he was running at players, taking players one-on-one, taking two players on and beating them. His quickness and his technical ability showed and he was able to obviously get three goals. I thought he was dangerous all day. And on top of him attacking, I thought he played very well defensively also, putting his body on the line when they were taking some shots at him at the end. I was very happy with Josh and the rest of the team and we need that same effort come next game against Honduras.”

U.S. U-17 MNT forward JOSH PEREZ

On why he was able to score three goals:
"It was a mindset. I was mentally prepared to go out there and do my thing, and I was able to score goals. But none of it happens without the support of my teammates, who did a lot of the work to set those up and then keep us in the game.”

On his free kick goal and gaining momentum:
“It was kinda lucky in some ways. My intention was to cross it, but fortunately I hit it pretty good and it went in. I just got fired up, and after that I started to try and score goals and it came out.”

On the second goal and the pass from Christian Pulisic to set it up:
“I know that Christian is very creative, and I knew that he was just going to find me somehow – one way or another. He looked right over the defender and put the ball in and I just got through. And mentally, I just thought no one was going to stop me from there so I cut in, cut in, and shot.”

On his mom being at the game:
“For me her being here was a beautiful moment for me. She gives me all the support I need, so I dedicated those three goals to her.”

U.S. U-17 MNT midfielder ERIC CALVILLO

On the team’s approach to the game:
“We expected to come out strong, which we did. Coach talked about how maybe we were a little relaxed in the second game, and today we wanted to come out strong before Guatemala could come at us.” 

On having seven different starters from the last game and not missing a beat:
"Coach always tells us that we’re a really good team, that we’re stacked - not one, but two in every position. We have guys that come off the bench when we need them and do good work, and guys that can start any game. And we saw that today.”

On being able to score early and take a lead:
“We always say that we have to get that first goal, that’s the goal that we need. Once you get that first goal then the rest keep coming. We still have to have that mindset to keep the shutout, but unfortunately today wasn’t the day.”

U.S. U-17 MNT goalkeeper WILL PULISIC

On seeing more action versus Guatemala than the first two games:
"I’m always ready, that’s my job to back my team up. I’m expecting to get some shots and I’m expecting to make the saves I can make.”

On the giving up the first goal of the tournament in the third game:
“We always want to keep a shutout, but in the end scoring four goals is good. To give up one, it hurts but we’ll move on and learn from it. We’re just happy we won the game.”

On if a goalkeeper can feed off the offense to stay ready:
“Yea, of course. Whenever you score a goal you get excited, you get more into the game, and it gets you going. Whenever we score I’m happy.”