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  • DateSaturday, July 26, 2003
  • VenueOrange Bowl; Miami, Fla.
  • Attendance5,093

WNT Outside Backs on the Attack

While defense is always the priority, the WNT outside backs love getting into the attack, and when the time is right, are encouraged to do so by U.S. head coach Jill Ellis and her staff. Kelley O’Hara, Meghan Klingenberg, Ali Krieger and Lori Chalupny talk about making an offensive impact from the back.

Quote Sheet: Josh Perez and the U-17 MNT Dominate Guatemala

2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship Quote Sheet
USA 4, GUA 1
March 5, 2015

On the win over Guatemala:
"We’re extremely happy to be able to come out and play against a very difficult Guatemala team and get three points. I thought our mentality was great, our approach to the game – from the first minute to the 90th minute – the group played great. Again we take one game at a time, we respect our opponent. Guatemala is a good opponent. Again credit to our guys who were able to come and get the goals we needed to get. I thought it was a good defensive performance - our goalkeeper made a couple good saves for us. Overall we’re very happy and we move on to the next game.”

On what to expect from Honduras, taking into consideration they are playing at home:
"First of all, Honduras is a very good team. I would have to think they would be the favorites – Honduras playing in Honduras, in their home country, in their stadium, with their fans. So we have to be prepared. They’re a very good team. As we saw, all the teams in the tournament are very difficult, so we cannot approach any game in an easy way. We’ll prepare. And like we said, one game at a time. Honduras is next and we’ll be ready to go come game time.”

On the strengths of the Honduras team:
“I think they are a well-rounded team. I think they are good defensively, they are good on the attack, they’re athletic and physical, and they play good soccer. Honduras is one of the best countries in our region from the senior level all the way down to the youth levels. I think they’re a well-rounded team and we have to be well prepared to go out and compete.”

On the seven lineup changes from the last game and the depth of the team:
“We said from the beginning of the tournament when we announced our roster that we felt we had a deep roster, that we trust everybody on the team – all 20 players – when they’re called upon. They’ve all played in major international matches over the last two years, so we have confidence in all the players, and they should have confidence when they step on the field. We feel like we can put any of our 20 players on the field and play well and get a good result.”

On the play of goalkeeper Will Pulisic:
“You need your goalkeeper to come up with saves. There’s going to be times where there’s breakdowns and some good combinations from their team. Will made some good saves for us, which we needed. We hope we don’t give up too many chances in a game, but if we do, we feel confident with Will in the back.”

On Josh Perez scoring a hat trick and his performance overall:
“Josh was excellent. He was aggressive, he was running at players, taking players one-on-one, taking two players on and beating them. His quickness and his technical ability showed and he was able to obviously get three goals. I thought he was dangerous all day. And on top of him attacking, I thought he played very well defensively also, putting his body on the line when they were taking some shots at him at the end. I was very happy with Josh and the rest of the team and we need that same effort come next game against Honduras.”

U.S. U-17 MNT forward JOSH PEREZ

On why he was able to score three goals:
"It was a mindset. I was mentally prepared to go out there and do my thing, and I was able to score goals. But none of it happens without the support of my teammates, who did a lot of the work to set those up and then keep us in the game.”

On his free kick goal and gaining momentum:
“It was kinda lucky in some ways. My intention was to cross it, but fortunately I hit it pretty good and it went in. I just got fired up, and after that I started to try and score goals and it came out.”

On the second goal and the pass from Christian Pulisic to set it up:
“I know that Christian is very creative, and I knew that he was just going to find me somehow – one way or another. He looked right over the defender and put the ball in and I just got through. And mentally, I just thought no one was going to stop me from there so I cut in, cut in, and shot.”

On his mom being at the game:
“For me her being here was a beautiful moment for me. She gives me all the support I need, so I dedicated those three goals to her.”

U.S. U-17 MNT midfielder ERIC CALVILLO

On the team’s approach to the game:
“We expected to come out strong, which we did. Coach talked about how maybe we were a little relaxed in the second game, and today we wanted to come out strong before Guatemala could come at us.” 

On having seven different starters from the last game and not missing a beat:
"Coach always tells us that we’re a really good team, that we’re stacked - not one, but two in every position. We have guys that come off the bench when we need them and do good work, and guys that can start any game. And we saw that today.”

On being able to score early and take a lead:
“We always say that we have to get that first goal, that’s the goal that we need. Once you get that first goal then the rest keep coming. We still have to have that mindset to keep the shutout, but unfortunately today wasn’t the day.”

U.S. U-17 MNT goalkeeper WILL PULISIC

On seeing more action versus Guatemala than the first two games:
"I’m always ready, that’s my job to back my team up. I’m expecting to get some shots and I’m expecting to make the saves I can make.”

On the giving up the first goal of the tournament in the third game:
“We always want to keep a shutout, but in the end scoring four goals is good. To give up one, it hurts but we’ll move on and learn from it. We’re just happy we won the game.”

On if a goalkeeper can feed off the offense to stay ready:
“Yea, of course. Whenever you score a goal you get excited, you get more into the game, and it gets you going. Whenever we score I’m happy.”

U-17 MNT vs. Guatemala: Highlights - March 5, 2015

Josh Perez's first half hat trick led the way in a 4-1 win for the U.S. U-17 MNT.

Selección Masculina Sub-17 Derrota 4-1 a Guatemala en Campeonato Sub-17 CONCACAF 2015

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (5 de marzo, 2015) – La Selección Masculina Sub-17 de Estados Unidos (3-0-0, 9 puntos) derrotó a Guatemala (1-2-0, 3 puntos) 4-1 en su tercer partido del Grupo A del Campeonato Sub-17 de CONCACAF 2015. Josh Pérez anotó un triplete en el primer tiempo y Pierre Da Silva añadió un gol en el segundo tiempo.

El triplete de Pérez marca el segundo para la Selección Sub-17 en el campeonato, ya que Joe Gallardo también logró la hazaña durante el primer partido, una victoria de 5-0 contra Cuba.

EE.UU. ahora se ha enfrentado a Guatemala en cinco ocasiones en un Campeonato Sub-17 de CONCACAF y tiene un registro perfecto de 5-0-0 contra Guatemala. Estados Unidos también mantiene la ventaja en diferencia de goles, sobrepasando a los centroamericanos 17-2.

El gol del guatemalteco Erick Soto en el minuto 65 rompió la racha de 245 minutos en el que la defensa estadounidense no había permitido un gol.

En el cuarto encuentro del Grupo A, Estados Unidos se medirá contra el anfitrión Honduras el domingo, 8 de marzo, a las 9:30 p.m. ET en vivo por FOX Sports 2 y Univisión Deportes. Con una victoria el domingo, Estados Unidos ganaría el Grupo A con 12 puntos y conseguiría su boleto automático a la Copa Mundial Sub-17 de la FIFA 2015.

En el primer partido del día del Grupo A, Cuba y Jamaica empataron 1-1. Trinidad y Tobago se enfrentará al anfitrión Honduras en el último partido de la noche.

Estados Unidos se enfrenta al anfitrión Honduras el domingo, 8 de marzo, a las 9:30 p.m. ET en vivo por FOX Sports 2 y Univisión Deportes. Su paso por el Grupo A termina contra Jamaica (11 de marzo, 7 p.m. ET).
Información de transmisión: Univisión Deportes, FOX Sports 2
Social: Twitter (@ussoccer_ynt, @ussoccer_esp); Facebook; Instagram

Resumen de Goles:
USA – Josh Pérez, minuto 10: Después de una falta en contra de Guatemala, el mediocampista Christian Pulisic y el delantero Josh Pérez se alinearon fuera del área grande y desde el lado derecho para cobrar el tiro libre. Pulisic titubeó como si fuera a ir a cobrarlo, pero Pérez se fue con el pie izquierdo y mando el intento con una curva directo al fondo de la red para abrir el marcador. USA 1, GUA 0

USA – Josh Pérez, minuto 19 (Christian Pulisic): Desde el lado derecho, Pulisic le pasó el balón a Perez quien lo controló y llevo a la esquina izquierda del área grande. Desde esa punta, Perez remató de zurda y encontró el lado derecho del arco para su segundo tanto del partido. La asistencia fue la cuarta del torneo para Pulisic. USA 2, GUA 0.

USA – Josh Pérez, minuto 45 (penal): Christian Pulisic se estaba separando de sus tres defensas mientras que entraba al área grande, cuando Mario Rodas vino de atrás y le cometió falta. El árbitro indicó penal y Josh Pérez caminó hacia el centro del área para cobrarlo. Perez envió el balón al lado izquierdo, mientras que el portero Gilder Lemus se lanzó al lado derecho sin oportunidad alguna de conseguir la atajada. USA 3, GUA 0 (MEDIO TIEMPO)

USA – Pierre Da Silva, minuto 48 (Luca de la Torre): Jugando desde el centro del campo, Luca de la Torre centró el balón y corrió hasta la línea del área grande. Desde ahí le mandó un pase suave de pie derecho a Da Silva al lado izquierdo quien disparó nuevamente de zurda y consiguió meter el balón en la esquina izquierda del arco y detrás el portero guatemalteco. La asistencia fue la tercera del torneo para de la Torre. USA 4, GUA 0.

GUA – Erick Soto, minuto 65: Victor Valdez mandó el balón al centro del área después de cobrar un saque de esquina corto. La zaga estadounidense pudo despejar el cruce y mandarlo fuera del área grande pero Erick Soto estaba sólo fuera del área y recogió el disparo para enviarlo directo al poste derecho y por de las manos de Pulisic. USA 4, GUA 1 (FINAL)

Atajadas Claves y Oportunidades Peligrosas:
USA – Will Pulisic, minuto 16: Guatemala tenía una oportunidad peligrosa con John Méndez desde un tiro de esquina desde el lado izquierdo. Pulisic salió al área para despejar el balón con los puños. Guatemala se mantuvo activo en el ataque pero EE.UU. bloqueó el intento adicional y siguió con su ventaja de un gol.

USA – William Pulisic, minuto 27: Después de un tiro de esquina que parecía no tener peligro, la defensa guatemalteca recuperó el balón, lo jugó hacia la esquina izquierda del área grande y mandó un disparo de pierna derecha directamente hacia el arco. El portero William Pulisic estaba listo y brincó para bloquear el intento con ambas manos y desviarlo por encima del arco.

GUA – Gilder Lemus, minutos 80 y 81: Con el resultado cómodamente en favor de EE.UU., el portero guatemalteco se mantuvo tranquilo y bloqueó un intento de McKinze Gaines desde el lado izquierdo. Un minuto después, Brandon Vásquez tuvo un remate hacia el arco que nuevamente Lemus pudo atajar para prevenir más goles.

- Resumen de Juego de la Selección Masculina Sub-17 de Estados Unidos -

Encuentro: Selección Masculina Sub-17 de Estados Unidos vs. Guatemala
Fecha: 5 de marzo, 2015
Torneo: Campeonato Sub-17 de CONCACAF 2015; Grupo A
Sede: Estadio Francisco Morazán; San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Inicio: 6 p.m. ET
Asistencia: TBD
Clima: 88 grados; despejado con humedad

Resumen de anotaciones:      1 2 F
USA                                         3 1 4
GUA                                        0 1 1

USA – Josh Pérez                                                       minuto 10
USA – Josh Pérez (Christian Pulisic)                        19
USA – Josh Pérez (penal)                                          45
USA – Pierre Da Silva (Luca de la Torre)                 48
GUA – Erick Soto                                                       65

USA : 1-William Pulisic; 2-Matthew Olosunde (16-Thomas McCabe, 51), 4-Alexis Velela, 15-Daniel Barbir, 18-Tyler Adams; 6-Eric Calvillo (capt), 8-Luca de la Torre, 10-Christian Pulisic (3-John Nelson, 46); 11-Josh Pérez (13- McKinze Gaines, 77), 19-Brandon Vásquez, 17-Pierre Da Silva
Suplentes no utilizados: 5-Hugo Arellano, 7-Haji Wright, 9-Joe Gallardo, 12-Kevin Silva, 14-Tanner Dieterich, 20-Alejandro Zendejas
Director Técnico: Richie Williams

GUA: 12-Gilder Lemus; 2-David Ramos, 4-Fernando Fuentes (capt.), 5-Mario Rodas, 17-Abel Lemus (19-Oliver Díaz 53); 6-Stefan Behrens, 10-John Méndez, 11-Diego Raymundo (14-Erick Soto, 51), 13-Victor Valdez; 7-Esteban García, 20-Richard Rodríguez (16-Moises Orellana, 58)
Suplentes no utilizados: 1-Angel Castro; 3-Gonzalo Deras, 8-Alvaro Velásquez, 9-Francisco Spross, 15-Armando Aroche, 18-Juan Diego Riley
Director Técnico: Juan Manuel Funes

Resumen estadístico: USA / GUA
Tiros: 15 / 8
Tiros a Gol: 7 / 4
Atajadas: 3 / 3
Tiros de Esquina: 2 / 4
Faltas: 11 / 15
Fuera de Lugar: 0 / 1

Resumen de penalidades:
GUA – Diego Raymundo (amonestación)      minuto 23
GUA – Mario Rodas (amonestación)              69
GUA – Esteban Garcia (amonestación)           73

Árbitro: Ricardo Montero (CRC)
Árbitro Asistente 1: Juan Mora (CRC)
Árbitro Asistente 2: Miguel Paredes (MEX)
Cuarto Oficial: Cesar Ramos (MEX)

Jugador del Partido: Josh Pérez

U-17 MNT Rolls Past Guatemala 4-1 at CONCACAF U-17 Championship

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (March 5, 2015) – Forward Josh Perez scored three goals in the opening half and the U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team defeated Guatemala 4-1 in Group A action at the 2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship at Estadio Francisco Morazán. 

Perez became the second player to record a hat trick in the tournament, following in the footsteps of Joe Gallardo who posted three goals in the USA’s opening 5-0 victory against Cuba. 

With the win, the U.S. is now one victory away from clinching first place in the group and, most importantly, a berth to the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup. The USA next faces Honduras at 10 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 8, at Estadio Francisco Morazán (FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports GO, Univision Deportes). 

Earlier Thursday in Group A play, Jamaica and Cuba drew 1-1. Jamaica moved to 1-1-1 (4 points) in the tournament and Cuba to 0-1-2 (2 points). Host side Honduras faces Trinidad & Tobago in Thursday night’s last Group A game. Prior to the start of that game, the USA (3-0-0, 9 points) holds a five-point lead over second-place Honduras (1-0-1, 4 points). 

In addition to Perez’s performance, Pierre Da Silva scored his first goal of the tournament and goalkeeper Will Pulisic improved to 5-0-0 in 2015 and 3-0-0 in qualifying. 

Guatemala’s Erick Soto eventually got his team on the score sheet in the 65th minute. That broke an impressive 245-minute shutout streak by the USA defense in the tournament. 

Goal Scoring Rundown:
USA – Josh Perez, 10th minute: The USA gained a free kick chance from the right side. Christian Pulisic initially looked to take the free kick, but instead Perez whipped in a left-footed shot. David Ramos leaped up to try and head the ball away but was unsuccessful. Gilder Lemus was caught off guard at the near post and the shot whizzed past the Guatemala goalkeeper’s knee and into the net for an early U.S. lead. USA 1, GUA 0 

USA – Josh Perez (Christian Pulisic), 19th minute: The USA wasted little time to pad its lead. Pulisic’s cheeky flick pass over a Guatemala defender on the right side set up the sequence and Perez once again was on the attack. Perez drew Fernando Fuentes and Mario Rodas on his run toward the middle and before sneaking a left-footed shot inside the right post. The assist was Pulisic’s fourth of the tournament. USA 2, GUA 0 

USA – Josh Perez (penalty), 45th minute: Christian Pulisic drew a penalty kick when he split Guatemala’s Victor Valedez and Mario Rodas, with Rodas committing the foul in the box. Pulisic limped off of the field to receive medical attention, and Perez took the subsequent penalty kick. Perez drilled a low shot into the lower left side of the frame as Guatemala goalkeeper Gilder Lemus guessed the opposite way. Perez is now tied with Joe Gallardo with five international goals this year. USA 3, GUA 0 

USA – Pierre da Silva (Luca de la Torre), 48th minute: De la Torre did the brunt of the work with a dribble straight up the middle of the field. The Guatemala defense was sucked into the center, and that is when he dished to Da Silva on the left side. Da Silva one-timed his shot inside the left post past Gilder Lemus for a four-goal cushion. It was Da Silva’s first goal of the tournament and 2015 and the third in his U-17 MNT career. De la Torre has three assists in qualifying. USA 4, GUA 0 

GUA – Erick Soto, 65th minute: Victor Valdez sent a free kick into the box from the left side and the USA defense was unable to clear the ball out of harm’s way. Soto had an opening with a right-footed shot that bent to the right and into the inside of the post as a diving Will Pulisic had little chance to stop the shot. It was the first goal the U.S. allowed in the tournament, breaking a shutout streak of 245 minutes. USA 4, GUA 1 (FINAL) 

Key Saves and Defensive Stops:
USA – Will Pulisic, 16th minute: Guatemala had a promising set piece chance with John Mendez taking the corner kick from the left side. Pulisic stepped up well to punch the ball out of the box. Guatemala did stay active in the attack, but the USA blocked an additional attempt and maintained its early one-goal lead. 

USA – Will Pulisic, 27th minute: The USA goalkeeper came up big when he batted away an Abel Lemus shot. Guatemala drove a corner kick in from the right side that skied over everyone. Lemus gathered the ball in the left side of the box. He quickly fired toward the left of the frame and Pulisic stretched up to bat the ball over the crossbar. 

GUA – Gilder Lemus, 80th and 81st minutes: With the result well in hand for the U.S., Guatemala’s goalkeeper stayed poised to limit the damage. Second-half sub McKinze Gaines shot from the left side in the 80th minute and Lemus saved at the near left post. Shortly after, Brandon Vazquez attempted a bending shot from outside the box and Lemus dove to his left for another stop. 

Next on the Schedule:
The U-17 MNT prepares for its fourth Group A match against Honduras at 10 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 8, at Estadio Francisco Morazán in San Pedro Sula.
Broadcast information: FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports GO, Univision Deportes
Social: Twitter (@ussoccer_ynt; @ussoccer_esp

Additional Notes:

  • The U-17 MNT is now 6-1-0 in international play this year.
  • The USA moved to 5-0-0 all-time against Guatemala in this tournament’s history.
  • Head coach Richie Williams’ starting lineup featured seven changes from the USA’s 2-0 victory against Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Will Pulisic returned for his third straight start in the tournament at goalkeeper.
  • The defensive line featured three changes, while Matthew Olosunde started at right back for a third consecutive game. The rest of the back line featured Tyler Adams on the left and a center back duo of Daniel Barbir and Alexis Velela. Barbir made his first appearance in qualifying. Velela started for the second time and Adams earned his first start after coming off the bench in the first two games.
  • The midfield in the USA’s 4-3-3 formation included the third consecutive start for Christian Pulisic in an attacking role. Luca de la Torre started for a second straight game and Eric Calvillo returned to the starting lineup. Calvillo, who also started in the opening victory against Cuba, wore the captain’s armband.
  • The USA went with an entirely different starting front line, with Brandon Vazquez at center for Joe Gallardo, Josh Perez on the right wing for Haji Wright and Pierre Da Silva on the left for Alejandro Zendejas. It was Perez’s second start of the tournament and the first starts for Vazquez and Da Silva.
  • The USA has started 18 different players in the three games. The only two who have not earned starts are forward McKinze Gaines and goalkeeper Kevin Silva.
  • Christian Pulisic leads the U-17 MNT with 32 international caps in this cycle dating back to 2013.
  • Defender John Nelson entered the game to open the second half, replacing Christian Pulisic, who took a knock to set up the USA’s penalty kick late in the first half. Adams pushed up into the midfield.
  • In the 51st minute, Tommy McCabe entered for Olosunde.
  • Gaines was the final sub, replacing Perez in the 77th minute. Gaines has appeared in all seven U-17 MNT matches this year, and he has come off the bench in all three qualifying games. 

- U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team Match Report – 

Match: U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team vs. Guatemala U-17 Men’s National Team
Date: March 5, 2015
Competition: 2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship
Venue: Estadio Francisco Morazán; San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Kickoff: 6 p.m. ET (5 p.m. local)
Attendance: TBA
Weather: 88 degrees; Clear, humid 

Scoring Summary:    1 2 F
USA                             3 1 4
GUA                            0 1 1 

USA – Josh Perez                                          10th minute
USA – Josh Perez (Christian Pulisic)             19
USA – Josh Perez (penalty)                           45
USA – Pierre Da Silva (Luca de la Torre)      48
GUA – Erick Soto                                           65 

USA: 1-Will Pulisic; 2-Matthew Olosunde (16-Thomas McCabe, 51), 4-Alexis Velela, 15-Danny Barbir, 18-Tyler Adams; 6-Eric Calvillo (capt.), 8-Luca de la Torre, 10-Christian Pulisic (3-John Nelson, 46); 11-Josh Perez (13-McKinze Gaines, 77), 19-Brandon Vazquez, 17-Pierre Da Silva
Subs Not Used: 5-Hugo Arellano, 7-Haji Wright, 9-Joe Gallardo, 12-Kevin Silva, 14-Tanner Dieterich, 20-Alejandro Zendejas
Head Coach: Richie Williams

GUA: 12-Gilder Lemus; 2-David Ramos, 4-Fernando Fuentes (capt.), 5-Mario Rodas, 17-Abel Lemus (19-Oliver Diaz, 53); 6-Stefan Behrens, 10-John Mendez, 11-Diego Raymundo (14-Erick Soto, 51), 13-Victor Valdez; 7-Esteban Garcia, 20-Richard Rodriguez (16-Moises Orellana, 58)
Subs Not Used: 1-Angel Castro; 3-Ganzalo Deras, 8-Alvaro Velasquez, 9-Francisco Spross, 15-Armando Aroche, 18-Juan Diego Riley
Head Coach: Juan Manuel Funes 

Stats Summary: USA / GUA
Shots: 15 / 8
Shots on Goal: 7 / 4
Saves: 3 / 3
Corner Kicks: 2 / 4
Fouls: 11 / 15
Offside: 0 / 1 

Misconduct Summary:
GUA –Diego Raymundo (caution)     23rd minute
GUA – Mario Rodas (caution)            69
GUA – Estaban Garcia (caution)       73 

Referee: Ricardo Montero (CRC)
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Mora (CRC)
Assistant Referee 2: Miguel Paredes (MEX)
Fourth Official: Cesar Ramos (MEX) Man of the Match: Josh Perez