US SoccerUS Soccer
  • DateWednesday, October 14, 2009
  • VenueRFK Stadium; Washington, D.C.
  • Kickoff8:00 PM
  • Attendance26,243

Quotesheet: U-20 MNT Seeks to Improve Upon Opening Win vs. Myanmar

U-20 MNT head coach TAB RAMOS

On his assessment of the match:
"Obviously we didn’t play the way we wanted to play, that’s for sure. But at the same time, winning games at the World Cup is always very difficult. I think we found in front of us a very inspired team that came to the World Cup almost like a newcomer. They fought hard and they made us play ugly, and it was difficult for us. So I’m happy with the win and I know that we have to improve a lot if we’re going to do well in the tournament.”

On what he told the team at halftime as they came out after the break focused:
"I can’t really tell you what I said at halftime (laughing). No, at halftime I mentioned to the team that we have to be more focused; we have to keep the ball better and be patient. I think we got desperate a lot in the first half. Myanmar did a good job on pressuring the ball and getting behind the ball. And until we were able to find spaces in between lines, it was a difficult game for us. That’s one of the things that at halftime we tried to correct – finding spaces between lines, because otherwise we just were not breaking them down. And I think it worked a little bit better in the second half.”

On the influence of Maki Tall in the first half:
“Maki, I thought, had a very good game, he had a very good half, a very good game.”

On what he sees as the areas to build on in preparing to face New Zealand:
“There’s so much right now because I think there’s so many things we have to correct from today’s game for us. We were in general disappointed because we had been playing better coming in to the tournament. At the same time, we have to say, today’s lineup is the first time they’ve every played together. It’s the nature of Under-20 football. And so it was a learning experience, and, you know, at this point I’m just happy the boys got a win and we’re in first place in Group A and we look forward to the next game.”

On Emerson Hyndman’s impact on the game:
“This is pretty much what we expect. He’s a good player, he’s running the show there for us, he’s wearing the captain’s band leading the team, and today he did a good job.”

On his thoughts on the local atmosphere:
“It’s great that you asked that question because obviously I was the coach in the last World Cup, and there was such little support for the World Cup. And to see all the local people come out and support, it was amazing. I think it was a great atmosphere, a great learning experience for the players to play in front of the crowd. I know they were excited and we were excited to be part of it because it was truly an amazing event today.”

On how far he thinks the team was today from their best (TRANSLATED FROM SPANISH):
“I hope that in today’s game we were very far from our best level. We know that our opponents are all going to be difficult, and that it will be impossible to play the best soccer that we have in us. But we have a lot to improve on still.”

U.S. U-20 MNT forward RUBIO RUBIN

On what he takes away from the match:
"We got three points at the end of the day, so that’s all that matters. There’s a lot to work on, so we’re already looking forward to the next match. We have to keep our heads high because we got the win. We didn’t play our best game and got the three points, so we’re happy with that.”

On what he thinks was the biggest challenge to overcome:
“I think nerves. I think a lot of players were nervous today for the first game of the World Cup. We’ve prepared for two years for this moment – some of us for five years, going through with the 17s and we didn’t qualify for this moment. So I think a lot of it had to be nerves and just being confident on the ball. But at the end of the day it’s our first game and we got the three points playing the way we did.”

On how much more the team has to show:
“I feel confident that we can win our group. I think we can play better football. We have a lot to process and learn from today, but we’re looking forward to our next match already.”

U.S. U-20 MNT defender MATT MIAZGA

On Myanmar putting the USA under pressure early on:
"I think the first 10 minutes of a World Cup game is going to be hectic – they’re trying to come at us, we’re trying to go at them. But yea, they came out kind of flying in the first few minutes and they had some dangerous set pieces. But we’re a strong unit and we withstood it pretty well. We’re a little unhappy on how they score on us. We have to learn from it. But the most important part is that we got the three points.”

On we he takes away from the match:
“We got the three points and we’re in control of the group now. Obviously there’s a lot of things we can improve on. We’re all not very happy with the way we played; we know we can reach another level and play better. But it’s the first game of the World Cup so there’s going to be some nerves, some things we can improve on. Now there’s another game against New Zealand on Tuesday, and we’ll be preparing for them tonight so we can go out and try to get the three points against New Zealand.”

U.S. U-20 MNT midfielder EMERSON HYNDMAN

On his thoughts on the opening match:
"It was our first game. We’ve waited a long time as a group and to finally get playing, it took us a while. But we showed that we could come back from a setback and we did well to get the victory in the end.”

On the message at half time:
“(Tab) told us to keep going. He said it’s going to be difficult in any World Cup game, but it was one we needed to win. We had to work harder together and really shut them down. And I think we did that better in the second half.”

On what he thought were the challenges in the match:
“It was a tough game. They played a good game, they worked their butt off and we couldn’t really solve it in the first half. They shut us down a little bit, but we gathered as a group and put our chances away.”

On if he anticipated the goal was coming when he scored:
“I sprinted a long way, I remember that. I saw him cut in and I was kind of open, and I was hoping he’d pass when he did. And I was just happy to finish it off.”

On his reaction to the goal:
“At that point it was good to get the lead because we’d been struggling throughout the game. So to know that we were in front was definitely a relief in a certain way. But we felt like we needed another one and tried to, but hey, we’ll take the victory in the end.”

U.S. U-20 MNT defender KELLYN ACOSTA

On the start of the match:
"I think we came out a little flat. On my part, I think I gave away the in the first minute and that put us under pressure. At the end of the day we got a result, so we’re happy with that. But we’re going to go back to the film and work on the things that we need to improve on.”

On what he takes away that the team needs to improve on:
“I think coming out flying – we need more energy off the start. We have to have more chances going forward. They scored on a set piece, so that’s kind of a negative aspect of the game. We have bigger guys but they somehow put the ball in the back of the net. So we need to mark up better, clear the ball better.”

On if the team ever had doubt they could overcome the early deficit:
“No doubt. I think we knew we had to keep pushing and things would come together, which it did. (Hyndman) scored a great goal. I think we could have scored more after, but it is what it is. At the end of the day we got the result.”

WNT Welcomes Special Guests to Training

The United States Women’s National Team had special guests attend Friday’s training session at Red Bull Arena. Members of the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force and Army were each paired with a #USWNT player or member of the coaching staff.

Each player and coach was then recognized for his or her commitment to service and gifted a personalized dog tag. Each personalized dog tag was coupled with the ID tag of a member of the Armed Forces to show the mutual support and respect between these two groups of inspiring individuals.

Selección Masculina Sub-20 Empieza Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA Con Victoria de 2-1 Contra Myanmar

WHANGAREI, Nueva Zelanda (30 de mayo, 2015) - La Selección Masculina Sub-20 de EE.UU. abrió su paso por el Grupo A de la Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA 2015 con una victoria de 2-1 contra Myanmar en el Northland Events Center en Whangarei.

Maki Tall puso a EE.UU. en el marcador en el primer tiempo al igualar el partido después de un gol temprano de Myanmar. El capitán de EE.UU. Emerson Hyndman lo siguió con el gol de la victoria en el segundo tiempo para garantizar los tres puntos en su primer partido del torneo.

La victoria pone a EE.UU. (1-0-0) en la cima del Grupo A con tres puntos, seguidos por Nueva Zelanda (0-0-1) y Ucrania (0-0-1), quienes empataron 0-0 en el primer partido del día para el grupo. Myanmar (0-1-0) está en el último lugar del grupo con cero puntos después de la derrota.

Con su gol en el primer tiempo, Tall ahora lleva tres goles con la Sub-20 EE.UU. en el 2015, más que ningún otro jugador en la nómina mundialista.

Próximamente, EE.UU. continúa su paso por el Grupo A contra el anfitrión Nueva Zelanda el 2 de junio en QBE Stadium en Auckland, Nueva Zelanda. El inicio está programado para las 3 a.m. ET en vivo por FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports Go y NBC Universo. Los aficionados pueden seguir el partido por Twitter @ussoccer_ynt y @ussoccer_esp.

Resumen de Goles:

MYA - Yan Naing Oo, minuto 9: Después de un tiro libre de Myanmar, el balón entró al área y varios jugadores de ambos equipos se abalanzarón sobre él. El portero de EE.UU. Zack Steffen dejó su línea para intentar asegurar el balón, sin embargo no lo pudo controlar, dejando la red abierta. Naing OO aprovechó para encontrar el balón y picarlo con la punta del pie adentro del primer poste para abrir el marcador. USA 0, MYA 1

USA - Maki Tall (Cameron Carter-Vickers), minuto 17: Después de que Myanmar desviara una pelota fuera del terreno de juego, el capitán de EE.UU. Emerson Hyndman tomó el tiro de esquina para Estados Unidos. Hyndman envió un balón al centro del área, en donde Cameron Carter-Vickers la tocó con la cabeza lo suficiente para dirigirla al lado derecho del área. Maki Tall estaba en la posición perfecta por el lado derecho y recibió el pase de Carter-Vickers, enviando un disparo con la zurda a la esquina de la portería para igualar el marcador. USA 1, MYA 1

USA - Emerson Hyndman (Rubio Rubín), minuto 56: Rubio Rubín obtuvo posesión del balón en el medio campo y se lo llevó al borde del área en donde encontró a Emerson Hyndman. Rubín envió un pase a la esquina derecha del área grande en donde Hyndman se había abierto espacio. Hyndman recibió el balón, se metió al área y no perdioó tiempo en colocar un disparo perfecto al segundo poste para darle la ventaja a EE.UU. USA 2, MYA 1 (FINAL)

Atajadas Claves y Paradas Defensivas:

MYA - Myo Min Latt, minuto 30: Emerson Hyndman se perfiló para tomar un tiro libre de 18 metro de distancia afuera del lado derecho del área grande. Su disparo rebotó en la pared de jugadores y le cayó de nuevo a los pies. Emerson tomó su propio remate y mandó un disparo al centro de la portería, en donde Myo Min Latt reaccionó con rapidez y protegió el balón antes de que pudiera causar más peligro.

MYA - Myo Min Latt, minuto 35: De nuevo, Emerson Hyndman tomó un tiro libre. Su balón voló al otro lado del campo al lado izquierdo de la pared en donde esperaba Matt Miazga. El estadounidense brincó y bajó el balón con la cabeza para Rubio Rubín quien intentó voltear y disparar con la zurda. El intento de Rubín fue inutil ya que Latt estaba alerta y salió para desviar el balón con los puños. 

- Resumen de Juego de la Selección Masculina Sub-20 de Estados Unidos -

Encuentro: Selección Masculina Sub-20 de Estados Unidos vs. Myanmar
Fecha: 30 de mayo, 2015
Torneo: Copa Mundial Sub-20 de la FIFA 2015 en Nueva Zelanda
Sede: Northland Events Center; Whangarei, Nueva Zelanda
Inicio: 12 a.m. ET
Asistencia: 5,816
Clima: 60 grados, nublado 

Resumen de anotaciones:      1    2          F

USA                             1    1    2
MYA                            1    0    1

MYA - Yan Naing Oo                              minuto 9
USA - Maki Tall (Cameron Carter-Vickers)  17
USA - Emerson Hyndman (Rubio Rubín)    56 


USA:  1-Zack Steffen, 2-Shaquell Moore, 4-Cameron Carter-Vickers, 5-Matt Miazga; 6-Kellyn Acosta, 15-Marky Delgado, 10-Joel Soñora (19-Gedion Zelalem, 55), 20-Jordan Allen (13-Tommy Thompson, 72), 8-Emerson Hyndman, 9-Rubio Rubin, 14-Maki Tall (11-Bradford Jamieson IV, 49).
Suplentes no utilizados: 12-Thomas Olsen, 21-Jeff Caldwell, 3-John Requejo, 7-Paul Arriola, 16-Conor Donovan
Director Técnico: Tab Ramos 

MYA: 1-Myo Min Latt, 3-Htike Htike Aung, 5- Nanda Kyaw (c), 6-Kyaw Min Oo, 8-Maung Maung Soe, 9-Aung Thu, 10-Than Paing, 11-Mg Mg Lwin, 15-Yan Naing Oo, 16-Myo Ko Tun, 17-Thiha Htet Aung
Suplentes no utilizados: 2-Aung Moe Htwe, 4-Naing Lin, 7-Nyein Chan Aung, 12-Hlaing Myo Aung, 13-Yan Lin Aung, 14-Nan Wai Min, 18-Pyae Sone Chit, 19-Swan Htet Aung, 20-Myo Zaw Oo, 21-Wai Lin Aung
Director Técnico: Gerd Zeise

Resumen estadístico: USA / MYA
Tiros: 14 / 11
Tiros al arco: 8 / 4
Atajadas: 3 / 6
Tiros de esquina: 4 / 3
Faltas: 17 / 20
Fueras de lugar: 4 / 0 

Resumen de penalidades:
MYA - Nanda Kyaw (amonestación)           minuto 5
USA - Shaquelle Moore (amonestación)       67

Árbitro: Bernard Camille (SEY)
Árbitro Asistente 1: Zakhele Siwela (RSA)
Árbitro Asistente 2: Marius Tan (CIV)
Cuarto Oficial: Aleg Atrokhov (RUS)

Jugador del Partido Por anunciarse

U-20 MNT Kicks Off 2015 U-20 WORLD CUP with 2-1 Win Over Myanmar

WHANGAREI, New Zealand (May 30, 2015) – The U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team opened up Group A play of the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup with a 2-1 win over Myanmar at the Northland Events Center in Whangarei.

Maki Tall got the USA on the board in the first half after an early Myanmar lead, and U.S. captain Emerson Hyndman followed with the game-winner in the second half to guarantee the USA three points in its opening game of the tournament.

With the win, the USA (1-0-0) sits atop Group A standings with three points, followed by New Zealand (0-0-1) and Ukraine (0-0-1), who tied 0-0 earlier in the day. Myanmar (0-1-0) is last in the group with zero points following the loss.

With his goal in the first half, Tall now has three goals for the USA in 2015, a leading mark among players on the World Cup roster.

Next, the U.S. continues Group A play against host New Zealand on June 2 at QBE Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. Kickoff is set for 3 a.m. ET on FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports Go and NBC Universo. Fans can also follow the action on Twitter @ussoccer_ynt and @ussoccer_esp.

Goal Scoring Rundown:
MYA – Yan Naing Oo, 9th minute: Following a corner kick from Myanmar, the ball went into the box and various players from both teams scrambled to get ahold of it. U.S. goalkeeper Zack Steffen came out of the net to try and secure the ball; however, he was unable to control it, leaving an empty net for Naing Oo to find the ball and tap it inside the near post for the first score of the match. USA 0, MYA 1  

USA – Maki Tall (Cameron Carter-Vickers), 17th minute: After Myanmar deflected a U.S. ball out of the playing field, U.S. captain Emerson Hyndman stepped up to take the corner for the USA. Hyndman sent a high, curved ball to the middle of the box, where Cameron Carter-Vickers got a light touch to redirect it to the right side of the box. Maki Tall was in position on the right to coral the ball and sent a right-footed kick to the back left corner of the goal to even up the game. USA 1, MYA 1

USA – Emerson Hyndman (Rubio Rubin), 56th minute: Rubio Rubin gained possession of the ball in the midfield and ran with it up to the outside of the Myanmar box where he found Emerson Hyndman making a long follow up run. Rubin sent a pass to the right side of the box where Hyndman had positioned himself. Hyndman got inside the box and wasted no time sending a perfect shot from about 12 yards out to the far post to put the USA ahead for good. USA 2, MYA 1 (FINAL)

Key Saves and Defensive Stops:
MYA – Myo Min Latt, 30th minute: Emerson Hyndman set up to take a free kick from about 20 yards out on the right side of the box. His shot went straight to the barrier and rebounded right back at him. With his second effort, Hyndman sent a bullet right to the center of the net, where Myo Min Latt reacted quickly and jumped on the ball before Hyndman’s perfectly directed ball could cause any damage.

MYA – Myo Min Latt, 35th minute: Once again, Emerson Hyndman set up a set-piece play with another free kick. His ball flew over to the opposite side of the field onto the left side of the barrier where Matt Miazga awaited. The lanky defender jumped and downed the ball with a header towards Rubio Rubin who tried to turn and kick it with his left foot. Rubin’s attempt however was futile as Latt was alert and came out to punch the ball out of play.

MYA – Myo Min Latt, 50th minute: A pass from the left side by Jordan Allen led to chaos in the box as the ball seemed to disappear from everyone’s sights and slowly began rolling towards the back of the net. Hyndman finally caught a glimpse of it and attempted to give it a tap, however Latt saw it as well and covered it at the last second before it crossed the goal line.

USA – Shaquelle Moore, 74th minute: Despite giving up the early goal to Myanmar, the U.S. defense found its footing for the remainder of the match and made key plays throughout. After pushing for several minutes late in the game, Myanmar eventually got into U.S. territory and started threatening in the box. That’s when Moore made a key save while covering his player by heading a ball out of play that appeared to be headed straight to the net.

Additional Notes:

  • The USA and Myanmar faced each other for the first time in the nations’ histories.
  • Midfielder Emerson Hyndman wore the captain’s armband for only the second time. He made his debut as captain against Australia during a friendly on May 19.
  • Hyndman’s goal was only his second international goal with the U-20s. He last scored during the USA’s 8-0 win over Aruba on Jan. 14 at the 2015 CONCACAF U-20 Championship in Jamaica.
  • Maki Tall has scored in three of the five career games he has played with the U-20 MNT.
  • The USA’s three substitutions of the game were: Gedion Zelalem for Joel Soñora, Tommy Thompson for Jordan Allen and Bradford Jamieson IV for Maki Tall, all coming in the second half.
  • The defense was anchored by Shaquell Moore, Matt Miazga, Cameron Carter-Vickers and Kellyn Acosta, who all played the entirety of the match. 

-U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team Match Report-

Match: U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team vs. Myanmar U-20 Men’s National Team
Date: May 30, 2015
Competition: 2015 FIFA Under-20 World Cup New Zealand
Venue: Northland Events Center; Whangarei, New Zealand
Kickoff: 12:00 a.m. ET
Attendance: 5,816
Weather: 60 degrees, cloudy

Scoring Summary:   1    2    F
USA                            1    1    2
MYA                            1    0    1

MYA – Yan Naing Oo                                                9th minute
USA – Maki Tall (Cameron Carter-Vickers)              17
USA – Emerson Hyndman (Rubio Rubin)                 56

USA: 1-Zack Steffen, 2-Shaquell Moore, 4-Cameron Carter-Vickers, 5-Matt Miazga; 6-Kellyn Acosta, 15-Marky Delgado, 10-Joel Soñora (19-Gedion Zelalem, 55), 20-Jordan Allen (13-Tommy Thompson, 72), 8-Emerson Hyndman, 9-Rubio Rubin, 14-Maki Tall (11-Bradford Jamieson IV, 49).
Substitutions Not Used: 12-Thomas Olsen, 21-Jeff Caldwell, 3-John Requejo, 7-Paul Arriola, 16-Conor Donovan, 17-Desevio Payne, 18-Eric Palmer-Brown
Head coach: Tab Ramos

MYA: 1-Myo Min Latt, 3-Htike Htike Aung, 5- Nanda Kyaw (c), 6-Kyaw Min Oo, 8-Maung Maung Soe, 9-Aung Thu, 10-Than Paing, 11-Mg Mg Lwin, 15-Yan Naing Oo, 16-Myo Ko Tun, 17-Thiha Htet Aung
Substitutions Not Used: 2-Aung Moe Htwe, 4-Naing Lin, 7-Nyein Chan Aung, 12-Hlaing Myo Aung, 13-Yan Lin Aung, 14-Nan Wai Min, 18-Pyae Sone Chit, 19-Swan Htet Aung, 20-Myo Zaw Oo, 21-Wai Lin Aung
Head coach: Gerd Zeise

Stats Summary: USA / MYA
Shots: 14 / 11
Shots on Goal: 8 / 4
Saves: 3 / 6
Corner Kicks: 4 / 3
Fouls: 17 / 20
Offside: 4 / 0

Misconduct Summary:
MYA – Nanda Kyaw (caution)            5th minute
USA – Shaquelle Moore (caution)      67

Referee: Bernard Camille (SEY)
Assistant Referee 1: Zakhele Siwela (RSA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marius Tan (CIV)
Fourth Official: Aleg Atrokhov (RUS) Man of the Match: TBA

U-16 and U-15 Girl's National Teams Gather for Portland Camp

CHICAGO (May 30, 2015)The United States Under-16 and Under-15 Girls’ National Teams will hold a combined training camp from May 30-June 6 as 48 players born in 2000, 2001 and 2002 gather in Portland, Oregon.

The U-16s, under the direction of Women’s Development Coach Mark Carr, have called in 24 players almost all of whom were born in 2000, with two born in 2001. The U-15s, under the direction of Women’s Development Coach Tricia Taliaferro, features 24 players born in 2001 and four in 2002.

The players born in 2000 are age-eligible for the next FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup, which has an age-cut off of birthdays on or after Jan, 1, 1999. The players born in 2001 and 2002 are age-eligible for the 2018 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup, which will feature an age cut-off of players born on or after Jan. 1, 2001.

U-16 Girls’ National Team Roster By Position:
GOALKEEPERS (3): Kat Asman (Concord Fire; Roswell, Ga.), Hensley Hancuff (OFC; Edmond, Okla.), Katie Meyer (Eagles; Newbury Park, Calif.)
DEFENDERS (6): Maycee Bell (Sporting Blue Valley; Wichita, Ks.), Cameron Brooks (Lonestar; Round Rock, Texas), Brianna Martinez (New Mexico Rush; Albuquerque, N.M.), Kylie Minamishin (Honolulu Bulls; Mililani, Hawaii), Kennedy Wesley (So Cal Blues; Rossmoor, Calif.), Julietta Thorn (Albertson Fury; Caldwell, N.J.)
MIDFIELDERS (7): Croix Bethune (Concord Fire; Alpharetta, Ga.), Cori Dyke (Colorado Rush; Littleton, Colo.), Kaya Frazier (Michigan Hawks; Rochester Hills, Mich.), Nohemi Mendoza (Heat FC; Las Vegas, Nev.), Allison Schlegel (Colorado Storm; Parker, Colo.), Summer Yates (Pacific NW; Pasco, Wash.), Kali Trevithick (San Diego Surf; Temecula, Calif.)
FORWARDS (8): Sierra Enge (Carlsbad Elite; Cardiff, Calif.), Sophie Hirst (Crossfire Premier; Seattle, Wash.), Cat Lychywek (Solar Chelsea; Plano, Texas), Rae Perez (Arsenal West; Diamond Bar, Calif.), Ashlynn Serepca (Charlotte Soccer Academy; Cornelius, N.C.), Sophia Smith (Real Colorado; Fort Collins, Colo.), Audrey Weiss (Colorado Rush; Greenwood Village, Colo.), Olivia Wingate (FC Stars of Massachusetts; Wilmington, Mass.)

U.S. U-15 Girls’ National Team Roster By Position:
GOALKEEPERS (3):  Ryan Campbell (So Cal Blues; Dana Point, Calif.), Julia Dohle (NY Soccer Club; Scarsdale, N.Y.), Lindsey Romig (Richmond United; Midlothian, Va.)
DEFENDERS (8): Jennifer Bartlett (Albertson SC; Albany, N.Y.), Brooke Berdan (Colorado Rush; Superior, Colo.), Julia Hannon (HBC Impact; Massapequa, N.Y.), Tori Hansen (CASL; Raleigh, N.C.), Makenna Morris (Bethesda Tempo; Germantown, Md.), Leah Scarpelli (Match Fit Academy; Brick, N.J.), Natalia Staude (Tophat; Marietta, Ga.), Kate Wiesner (Slammers FC; Monrovia, Calif.)
MIDFIELDERS (8): Julia Burnell (Penn Fusion; Glen Mills, Pa.), Jordan Canniff (Richmond United; California, Md.), Mia Fishel (San Diego Surf; San Diego, Calif.), Samantha Kroeger (Matchfit; West Milford, N.J.), Julianne Leskauskas (PDA Storm; Wyckoff, N.J.), Jullian Martinez (Lonestar SC; San Antonio, Texas), Jane Olcott (Bethesda Tempo; Potomac, Md.), Hollyn Torres (FC Dallas; Frisco, Texas)
FORWARDS (5): Naomi Ferguson (St. Louis Scott Gallagher; Florissant, Mo.), Lia Godfrey (Clay County Soccer Club; Fleming Island, Fla.), Samantha Meza (Dallas Kicks; Balch Springs, Texas), Gabrielle Robinson (BRYSC; Springfield, Va.), Kalyssa Van Zanten (Chicago Magic; Buffalo Grove, Ill.)