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The U.S. Soccer National Goalkeeping License is targeted towards the more experienced team coach who has never played the goalkeeper position. The license will develop their goalkeeping knowledge at the youth, collegiate, senior, and professional levels. It will cover the principles and the components that go into developing goalkeepers and it will encourage the team coach to prepare and plan for the goalkeepers development needs not just daily but over an entire season.

Designed as a compliment to the U.S. Soccer National “A”, “B” License courses, the eight-day course includes field and classroom sessions and concludes with intensive testing on
theoretical and practical applications of the game. The course also includes valuable instruction in coaching methodology, team management and fitness.

The National Goalkeeping License course will instruct coaches how to plan and manage their goalkeeper’s development over the season at a high level. The course features in-depth coverage of the Principles of Goalkeeping: technical, tactical, psychological and fitness components of the goalkeeper. Featuring lectures and field sessions, combined with audio and visual technology, the course is a comprehensive, interactive learning experience.


Applicants must hold the following pre-requisites to apply:

  1. U.S. Soccer National “A” License or,
  2. U.S. Soccer National “B” License
  3. A foreign goalkeeping license of equivalence; to be reviewed by the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department.

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Upon completion, National "A" License coaches will receive eight (8) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attendance at the eight-day course.



  • The National Goalkeeping License course is an eight-day program and the physical and mental demands of the course are great. Candidates are encouraged to participate in the sessions in order to maximize learning. Therefore, attention should be given by each candidate to arrive at the course in good physical condition.
  • Each candidate is required to complete a homework assignment prior to the start of the course. This assignment is an integral part of the course and must be successfully completed to pass the National Goalkeeping License.

During the Course:

  • The Goalkeeping License course consists of approximately 30 classroom session hours and 40 field sessions hours.
  • Lectures rely heavily on the use of video analysis of game situations and footage. Candidates spend time breaking down the principles of play and the various systems by watching and playing in games.
  • Great attention is given to the candidate’s ability to read and understand the game accurately and to be able to transfer that understanding to their players.
  • U.S. National Instructional Staff conduct realistic training sessions throughout the course using methodology recognized and used by U.S. Soccer.
  • Candidates will be given opportunities to run practice coaching sessions and provided feedback from U.S. National Instructional Staff.
  • Candidates will learn how to properly step in at the right time to make coaching points during training sessions and in 11v11 game situations.
  • Candidates are tested on their ability to articulate their ideas effectively and affect positive change on those people who they are managing.
  • Candidates are responsible for reading the FIFA Laws of the Game Booklet and completing the corresponding written examination.


  • Candidates are encouraged to be an ambassador for the game, to treat the game, and those involved with the game with respect and dignity.

Recommendations Prior to Attending:

  • Spend time watching and analyzing high level senior games (ex: Advanced Under-17 teams and higher).
  • Observe training sessions put on by coaches of high level college programs and professional teams.


The course curriculum for the National Goalkeeping License course is based on modern methods of coaching soccer and providing candidates with an understanding of the goalkeeper position. The curriculum is divided into Theoretical and Practical areas of coaching.


  • Laws of the Game
  • Seminar
  • Goalkeeper Psychology
  • Methods of Coaching
  • Set Plays
  • Fitness
  • Video Analysis
  • Integration of the Goalkeeper into the team
  • Tutorial


  • Shot Stopping
  • Distribution
  • Crossing
  • Through Balls
  • Set Plays
  • Fitness
  • Integration of the Goalkeeper into the team


Candidates undergo a challenging series of written, oral and practical examinations on a variety of subjects in the National Goalkeeping License course.

  • FIFA Laws of the Game Examination
  • Oral Examination
  • Field Examination

Grading Policies
The National Goalkeeping License is a non-expiring license. Candidates are graded on a scale of 1 (outstanding) to 5 (fail), candidates must receive passing grades in all test areas in order to receive a license. A single failing score in a theoretical subject qualifies for a retest in that subject, which may be conducted at the end of the respective course. A single failing score in either a methodology subject will result in a failing grade. There is no retesting for practical field sessions. Candidates are not graded upon playing ability, but are required to fully participate