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U-15/16 Age Division Placement Games Quote Sheet

Post-Match Quotes
2010 Development Academy Finals Week
U-15/16 Age Division Placement Matches
July 16, 2010

Chicago Fire U-15/16 Head Coach LARRY SUNDERLAND
On tonight’s championship match:
“It was a very intense match when you get down to the finals like this. Cal Odyssey is a very dynamic team – more so than what I saw on video. They really get at you with a lot of pace up top. They’re hard and they battle. I thought our guys had a tough time dealing with it in segments of the game. When we found the ball and we’re good on it, our qualities came through, but Cal Odyssey are a very good side.”

On what made the difference tonight:
Obviously, there’s some luck involved. We had some good looks on goal that we were unfortunate to finish. They had some good looks on goal that our ‘keeper did well to save. Sometimes it just comes down to luck. We had two good sides and very well matched teams, although different styles. Then, you get to the penalties and fortunately we had worked on it a little bit. I think it paid off in the end.”

On how it feels to win a Finals Week championship:
“It feels great. It’s a great experience for the kids. I’m really happy for them and I’m happy for the Fire organization and the ownership who have put so much time into this. Also, for the rest of the staff and coaches who have worked so hard for the past year – it’s a really good feeling.”

Chicago Fire U-15/16 Defender and Captain PETER BEASLEY
On tonight’s match:
“It was intense. It was a very competitive game. Both teams had chances. I don’t even know how to describe it – it was a lot of fun and we deserved to win and we got it.”

On what he was thinking when the match went to penalties:
“We were confident. The day before we had practiced so we knew we could win. To be honest, all the guys at the line were all smiling and having a good time.”

On if it has sunk in that they have just won a national championship:
“No, not completely. Initially, it’s great but I don’t think it has sunk in yet. It’s going to hit us later tonight. I think the coaches have something planned but we’ll see when we get back to the hotel.”

Chicago Fire U-15/16 Goalkeeper ROBERT EULER
On the feeling of winning tonight’s match:
“Right now I can’t even describe it. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. We’ve got to go back to the hotel and get rested up to really realize what just happened. I’ve had a similar experience before but lost and it didn’t feel good. I don’t have words right now for how good this feels.”

On how he felt as the goalkeeper heading into penalties:
“Nervous. I was nervous beyond belief because we had done penalties throughout the year and I was never any good at them. I got a hand on the first one and it went in and then I thought they were going to score every one. It was just such a relief to save that one and give my team a chance to win.”

On what he was thinking when the fifth penalty went in:
“Run to Drew. I really didn’t know what to do. I was screaming so loud. I heard all our fans screaming and I just wanted to give Drew the biggest hug I’ve ever given anyone. It was the greatest feeling of my life.”

Baltimore Bays Chelsea U-15/16 Head Coach STEVE NICHOLS
On the performance of the team today:
“I actually thought the first half was the worst half of soccer we’ve played in our four games here. It wasn’t terrible but we were sleepwalking a little bit and feeling sorry for ourselves for not playing in the 7 o’clock game tonight. We regrouped at halftime after tying it up just before half and then went down a man just two minutes into the second half after red card. But after that, we played our best soccer. We scored two goals, won 3-1 and I think we deserved to win.”

On the performance of the team over the course of the week:
“We came in as the no. 1 seed and I think we were the best team. In the games we played, we missed a penalty and scored a goal that was called back, so we started feeling sorry for ourselves that we hadn’t scored a goal. In the third game we won 2-0 but we should’ve won 4 or 5-0. We had a little bit a scoring drought in those first two games. You’ve got to have a little bit of luck and stay healthy. We had three starters out and didn’t get that luck in the first two games.”

On the team’s experience at Finals Week:
“It’s been great. This is the real deal here. Not only is the competition top-notch here, it’s the way they treat you, the way you eat, the way things are handled, the seminars, the education – it’s all first class.”

Internationals U-15/16 Head Coach JARED EMBICK

On the team’s experience at Finals Week:
“They enjoyed it. Obviously, we were going for the title with a business-like approach. In the second game, we were knocked out (of contention for the championship) but we came back with two good victories. We got better with each game, which I think is as important as winning.”

On preparing for Finals Week:
“You get about a week and a half of training so you go through your normal routine of getting the guys sharp. Also, you want to go over tactics for the first match.”

On the team’s attitude after finishing strong:
“It’s optimistic. The belief that we got from this and experience that we got from this will carry over, help us along and help us to get better. Obviously, there’s a little bit of disappointment so we’ll have that hunger to hopefully make it back next year.”

CASL Chelsea FC Academy U-15/16 Head Coach CARLOS SOMOANO
On the performance of the team today:
“I’m very proud of our guys. We came out with great energy and we worked our tails off. It wasn’t our greatest performance by any means but it showed what we’ve been trying to do all year, which is trying to take advantage of every opportunity that we have in the Academy to work hard and get better.”

On the experience of 2010 Finals Week:
“We going to do everything we can to get back next year. It’s been a wonderful experience. U.S. Soccer has done a great job.”

On the overall performance of the team:
“Everybody came out and gave their best effort. Certainly it wasn’t our week, but we’ve had a great season. In our first game, we tripped a little bit and it set us in a hole that we couldn’t quite get out of. But, it’s all part of the growth experience and I’m really proud of all the guys.”