U.S. Soccer

HI-POD Dallas  2011 Showcase Overview

  • All games will be available for purchase at www.HIPODTOURNAMENTS.com
  • All Showcase & Playoff games are filmed in HD with Panasonic cameras
  • HI-POD will offer game footage in three different formats:
    •     DVD – buy & own  for $15 + $5 handling fee  (plus any rush fees)
      • For the Playoffs and Showcase event, we will offer DVDs in one format that will play on all devices
      • DVDs will be available next day IF client pays a $10 rush fee – otherwise DVDs will be shipped after event
    •     HD MP4 – buy & own  $50
      • §  HI-POD MP4 game files will be available.  Orders are delivered within 24 hrs of checkout once files go live.  These will initially be available as Silverlight stream files.  Once purchased, these files will be viewable within 24 hours.  Two weeks post event, clients will have full editing control over the file and can cut-up or re-organize for use in recruiting videos or highlights. 
    • V.O.D. Streaming (Video On Demand) – 48 hour rental for $9.99
      • V.O.D.  Streaming will allow clients to rent Showcase or Playoff games for a 48 hourr timeframe.  Games will play through our Silverlight enabled system, and will be delivered instantly at purchase.
  • HI-POD will take pre-orders on all items.
  • Not all games will be available immediately through the HD MP4 and VOD Streaming systems.  We hope to have all games available throughout the event and some of the games will only be available after the event finishes. 
  • Please visit www.hipodtournaments.com for more information on services available.  There will be a representative available in the Athletes’ Lounge during the event to answer any questions you may have.