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The Confederations Cup: Its Past and Future Importance to the USMNT

Beyond the joys a U.S. win against Mexico brings or the chance to lift a trophy, the biggest prize in Saturday’s CONCACAF Cup match is claiming the region’s berth at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

Having morphed over the years from a four-team competition to one that moved around the world, since 2005 the Confederations Cup has found its home as a World Cup curtain raiser played the year before in the host nation. It has become an important piece of the international soccer calendar, with the nations that play in it getting a better all-around view towards the country they’re hoping to return to the following year.

“It’s a dry run for the World Cup,” said MNT captain Michael Bradley. “You get to spend time in the country a year before, you play in the stadiums, you stay in the hotels, you get a feel for what the weather is like and the way things work.”

Bradley’s experience came with the MNT at the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa, where the team’s mettle was put to the test after opening losses to Italy and Brazil. Looking like they’d head home early, the U.S. defeated Egypt 3-0 in their final group match and Brazil did the same to Italy; an unlikely combination of results that advanced the United States to the semifinals. From there, the team pulled off a stunning 2-0 upset against world No. 1-ranked and defending European champions Spain in the semifinal, and even went up 2-0 on Brazil before losing 3-2 in the final.

USMNT striker Clint Dempsey scores the opening goal against Brazil in the 2009 Confederations Cup final.

“The biggest thing about the Confederations Cup is the competition you get to play against,” said forward Jozy Altidore, who scored the game-winning goal against Spain. “Those teams you play against are usually the ones in the World Cup.”

“I think it gives you confidence,” said Dempsey, who scored in the semifinal and final. “You get used to the facilities, you get used to the environment, the atmosphere. We were able to advance from our group that year, and we were in a tough group.”

In fact, during the tournament’s three-week span, the MNT played five matches – four of which came against teams ranked in the Top 10 in the world – all in a competitive environment.

“Given the region we play in, the opportunity to play games against the best teams in the world typically only comes in the form of friendlies,” added Bradley. “Obviously they are important moments for us, but friendlies aren’t the same as real games. They’re not the same as tournament games where teams are trying to advance and win. For us, the chance to play in a mini-World Cup against the best teams in the world is a huge thing for us to keep pushing ourselves forward.”

Jozy Altidore and strike partner Charlie Davies celebrate Altidore's game winning goal against Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup semifinal.

Ultimately, 15 of the 23 players that were on the 2009 Confederations Cup roster were part of the 2010 World Cup team which won its group for the first time since 1930.

“In South Africa we arrived for the World Cup feeling like we had been there before and we knew what to expect,” added Bradley. “You can’t understate how important that feeling is.”

#USMNT Builds Up to CONCACAF Cup

Go behind the scenes with the U.S. Men's National Team as they prepare for the CONCACAF Cup clash with Mexico. Watch #USAvMEX on Saturday, Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. PT on Fox Sports 1, Univision and Univision Deportes Network.

Revenge at the Rose Bowl

Site of Saturday’s CONCACAF Cup, The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Califrnia, has been host to some of American soccer’s biggest triumphs.

It held the U.S. MNT’s first World Cup victory in 44 years – an unforgettable 2-1 win against Colombia in 1994, the WNT’s 1999 World Cup Final win against China and the men’s repatriation of the 2002 CONCACAF Gold Cup thanks to a 2-0 win in the final against Costa Rica.

While it’s seen great moments, it also played host to a match most U.S. fans would rather forget. Nine years on from the 2002 win against Costa Rica, the MNT returned to Pasadena to play for the same Gold Cup trophy against heated rivals Mexico.

While the game was in the United States, the vast majority of the 93,420 in attendance were behind El Tri. Despite the disadvantage in support, the U.S. ran out to a dream start as Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan scored to give the team a 2-0 lead inside the first 23 minutes.

Micheal Bradley celebrates with Landon Donovan after the pair had put the MNT up 2-0 in the first half of the 2011 Gold Cup final. 

“We started that game off really well – you couldn’t ask for a better start up 2-0,” remembered MNT midfielder Alejandro Bedoya.

Just as the MNT made it look easy to go up two goals early on, Mexico made coming back to equalize look just as simple as Pablo Barrera and Andres Guardado pulled their side level by the 36thgminute. Locked 2-2 at the break, Mexico fed off the crowd as Barrera put El Tri ahead 3-2 in the 50th minute before Giovanni dos Santos’ 76th minute chip confirmed the result for Mexico.

“We just bottled it,” continued Bedoya. “If we could have that start again, I would take it in a heartbeat. It’s just about finishing the game off.”

No stranger to big matches, MNT captain Michael Bradley said even though four years have passed since the match, the game and El Tri’s celebration afterwards still sticks in his memory.

“Any time you lose a final, you don’t forget that quickly,” Bradley told “I think while it was a great game that day – both teams went at it – in the end, they were able to make a few more plays than we did and when you have to watch your big rival lift a trophy, that stays with you.”

“That was tough,” agreed Bedoya. “It was tough to just be a player and having to wait on the field at The Rose Bowl, standing there and seeing them walking across that stage, celebrating on our home soil… it left us all with a bitter taste in our mouths.”

Alejandro Bedoya challenges Gerardo Torrado in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup final.

While the memory of 2011 still stings, with a ticket to Russia on the line, Bedoya said he’ll use the memory as motivation for Saturday’s CONCACAF Cup.

And with the way the U.S. fan base has grown with groups like the American Outlaws leading the charge, Bedoya expects a different atmosphere Saturday.

“I remember there were a lot of Mexican fans in attendance,” Bedoya said. “In four years, I think a lot has changed in terms of soccer in this country. I don’t think we’ll be seeing those same numbers at The Rose Bowl this year. I think our fans will come out in full support and that’s all we can hope for. The rest just comes down to us playing and doing whatever it takes to win, going all out and knowing that this result means a lot to so many people everywhere.”

The game certainly means a lot to Bradley. In the buildup to the match last week, the U.S. captain chose a message about the Mexico match to debut the public setting on his previously private Instagram account.

With CONCACAF announcing tickets for the match sold out on Monday, fans have certainly recognized the magnitude of the occasion and according to Bradley, outside of the World Cup, there are few international matches that will compare to Saturday’s game.

“Games against Mexico don’t come around every day,” he said of the post. “Games against Mexico that have so much on the line don’t either. You can play friendlies, you can play games where nothing matters, but in a game like this, with the way everything has been built up, it means everything. The atmosphere is going to be amazing. It’s two good teams who want to win, who want to go at each other and I think it’s set up to be a great night.”

#USAvBRA Postgame Quote Sheet

U.S. Men's National Team vs. Brazil
International Friendly
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough, Mass.
Post-Game Quote Sheet


On the match:
“In all aspects it’s definitely a lot to take in. The players get a sense for the tempo, their speed of play, their speed of thought and execution. It was very impressive what Brazil did tonight and for us it was a huge learning curve, a huge learning moment for all the players that were on the field and experienced that. I’m not mad at anybody. It was a completely different tempo they set and we couldn’t go that tempo. I thought after halftime we got into a good moment for five minutes there and then comes this penalty. Overall, a huge compliment to Dunga and his team – it was impressive.”

On starting Alejandro Bedoya at holding midfielder and thought process on the substitution:
“Obviously playing Ale in the center there with Jermaine and Michael in front of it is a very good option. He showed that in a couple of other games after the World Cup that he could play inside. He just never caught up with the game. He was literally running after the ball and trying to get involved somehow, but he never connected. You see it and you wait a little bit and then you say maybe it’s better to make a switch there. You explain it to him and you just cross it off then.”

On how the defeat affects the team:
“I’m not concerned, but I want them to watch that game again. We’re going to cut together all sequences of all players and we’ll send it to them so they can watch it on their phones, iPads, whatever. It’s a learning moment, and I think if they understand when to adjust to a higher tempo then there is good stuff we can take out of that lesson. It’s obviously disappointing. It’s a result you don’t want, but you have to swallow that pill.”

On what needs to improve for Mexico:
“We talked about it before the game that we want to step up, we want to close them down. Their movement off the ball is so brilliant. This is the level they play week-in and week-out in their clubs. That’s what we take with us. There’s definitely a lot of sequences that we’re going to show them, and then we have an entire week to prepare for that Mexico game when we get together there in Los Angeles and we will be sharp. By that time I think a couple of players will be in a better physical shape as well. We saw with Jozy it was difficult to repeat the Friday game. It was a heavy field, and he’s just building. Jermaine is building. We have a lot of turnovers that were not necessary. When you make turnovers against Brazil, with their counter break speak, you’re going to suffer. You’re going to suffer a lot.”

On the attack:
“We don’t have Clint Dempsey at 100 percent yet and that’s why we bring in the young players, because we need to give them a run and see where they are. Obviously Jozy in four weeks from now will hopefully be fitter, much fitter than he is now. If Clint is 100 percent, it’s a different thing all together. Then you have these two up front and they’re always a threat. I mentioned before that we desperately try to grow young forwards, but it is what it is. We help them, we give them confidence, we give them a run, but they’re not there yet. It’s definitely a sign: If Clint is not coming in, you get Jordan Morris coming from Stanford and playing Brazil. The kid is doing a wonderful job, but we’ve got to be realistic here as well.”

On his lineup for the Oct. 10 match against Mexico:
“We have a clear picture about the Mexico game. We have to hope that Clint is there, Jozy is on a different level and we have to hope that Fabian Johnson is there. There’s no doubt about it that we need Fabian Johnson as a right back. We have to hope that DaMarcus Beasley is available, even if I think Tim Ream played a very, very solid game on the left flank – a huge compliment to him – but we have a couple of key players that we need to get back on board. I’m optimistic, but I’m not in their training sessions. I follow all the games and they have four weeks time now to catch up whatever they need to catch up. The message is so far positive coming out of Monchengladbach with Fabian, but you never know.”

On why the match was so difficult for his players:
“They’re not used to that. It’s a tempo that’s played in the Champions League. It’s not only the technical tempo where they play one or two touches and then they dribble whenever they think it’s the right moment to dribble. It’s the speed of thought – they’re two thoughts ahead. It’s like you play chess and they’re two moves ahead. That’s that level. We try to catch up as much as we can, and if they turn it on and we make a couple of mistakes like we shouldn’t make, like the penalty, then you get punished.”

On Aron Johannsson and Geoff Cameron:
“Aron was a bit beaten up when he came into camp in Washington. It took him a couple days to catch up and that’s why he wasn’t on the field as much. With Geoff, we can all watch the game again, I think we have center backs that we really believe in. John Brooks couldn’t make it because suddenly he had a muscle issue there coming out of the Peru game. We didn’t want to risk anything, because that’s not the time to risk a guy getting injured again. I think Geoff had a very good second half against Peru and today he had a little bit of trouble.”


On the result:
“It’s disappointing, there’s no two ways about it. It wasn’t our best night by any means. Obviously when you play against a good team, they make you pay in all the little ways. We’ll look at it and obviously make sure we understand the ways it wasn’t good enough, but we have bigger things and bigger games to come. We’ll move on pretty quickly and get ourselves ready for a big game against Mexico and two big qualifiers.”

“We didn’t think we were the best team in the world when we beat the Netherlands and Germany this year, and we don’t think we’re the worst team in the world now. You always have to maintain a level head and be able to look at things in a reasonable way.”

On being back with the team after missing the Peru game:
“To represent the United States, to play for the National Team never gets old. I don’t ever take it for granted. To have the opportunity on a night like this to put on this jersey is special for sure.”

U.S. MNT goalkeeper BRAD GUZAN

On his thoughts on the match:
“Plain and simple we gave them way too much time on the ball. We never got close to them, we couldn’t close them down, and we couldn’t tackle. The second goal probably finished us, in that sense that when you play a team like Brazil you’ve got to make it hard for them and we never did that from minute one.”

On how the second goal affected the team:
“It’s hard enough when you’re fighting a team like Brazil and you’re playing against a team with their quality. When you go down 2-0, I think the natural reaction is to be disappointed. You have to find a way to carry on because there’s still soccer to be played. You have to find a way to finish the game strong.”

On how the result carries over to the Mexico game:
“I think you guys probably put more of an emphasis on that than we do. I think we’ll probably talk about it tonight, but we’ll move on rather quickly. We have to. It’s not about dwelling on this result. The good thing is it’s a so-called friendly, but it’s disappointing when you lose any game. We have to put this behind us, move on and get ready for October.”

On what the players need to do leading into the Mexico game:
“In terms of what we’re going to want to do in that game, making sure we’re on the same page, that’s going to be important. Understanding what that game means and how massive that is, so that for 90 minutes we can fight and compete and battle and after 90 minutes we can walk off the field and know that we’ve left everything out there. If it goes our way great, and if it doesn’t we can walk away with our heads held high in the sense that we fought until the end.”

On putting things together for October 10 vs. Mexico:
“We’re always confident. We’re confident in our abilities as a team. We have quality individuals. Tonight’s a tough night. You play one of the best teams in world football, and to a certain extent they taught us a lesson. It’s not what we wanted, but we’ll be ready for sure come October.”


On the 4-1 defeat to Brazil:
“It was a tough result tonight. I think we couldn’t match with the speed they had up front. We couldn’t deal with it so well. We knew about their players as individuals. They are world-class players. The problem for us is that we conceded a goal in the early stages after 10 minutes. It’s hard to play against a team like Brazil in that situation.”

On his goal in second-half stoppage time:
“I saw it open up and Tim Ream had the ball. I’m delighted to score, especially against Brazil and my first on U.S. soil, but the result I can’t be happy with. We have to analyze what went wrong today, but I think we can take some positives that I saw from the game. We just have to play with a bit more confidence. I think at times we had a bit too much respect for them as well and then you can’t win.”

On how players prepare for the Oct. 10 Mexico game over the next month:
“Everybody has to be professional. Recovery is going to be key, and we have to analyze the game on what we did wrong today and go from there. Mexico is a very similar team – they have very quick players that are technically gifted and we have to give them a tough game. I think there will be a sold-out crowd at The Rose Bowl, so I’m looking forward to that game. We have to be on top from the first minute, but we also have to do our homework with our clubs, because that’s the most important thing. We have to stay fit, we have to stay healthy and then we can look forward to Mexico.”

MNT Falls to Star-Studded Brazil 4-1 in Foxborough

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (Sept. 8, 2015) – The U.S. Men’s National team was defeated by Brazil, 4-1, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. on Tuesday. 

Brazil got off to a quick start, with Hulk converting the game’s first goal in the ninth minute. In the second half, a pair of Brazilian subs pushed the Selecao into another gear. First it was Neymar, who buried a penalty kick minutes after coming on, and moments later Rafinha did the same, burying a goal soon after entering. Neymar, would tally again to extend the Brazil lead to 4-0. 

In the game’s waning minutes, Danny Williams buried a rocket from long-range, and the MNT was finally rewarded for its persistence.

The next time the MNT takes the field it will clash with archrival Mexico in the CONCACAF Cup on Oct. 10 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The match pits the champions of the 2013 and 2015 Gold Cups in a winner-take-all showdown for the right to represent the region at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

While the MNT match was being played, St. Vincent & The Grenadines advanced to the Semifinal Round of CONCACAF Qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by a 3-2 aggregate score against Aruba and will face the United States in Group C. The USA opens its 2018 World Cup Qualifying campaign against the Caribbean nation on Nov. 13 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

Goal Scoring Rundown:
BRA– Hulk, 9th minute: Willian got past a pair of defenders and into the USA box on the right side. He lofted a cross towards a breaking striker on the left, but the ball bounced off the cross bar. The deflection rolled in front of the goal where it settled at the feet of Hulk, who evaded a tackle and promptly tapped in to give Brazil the early lead. USA 0, BRA 1

BRA- Neymar (penalty kick) 51st minute: David Luiz played a beautiful ball nearly 65 yards ahead to Neymar, who controlled it with a simple touch and moved in on the left-hand side of the USA box. Geoff Cameron hustled to catch up from behind as Neymar cut back, and the result was a foul that set that set Brazil up with a penalty kick. Neymar took it himself and buried his into the left corner of the goal off of the fingertips of a diving Guzan. USA 0, BRA 2

BRA– Rafinha (Lucas), 64th minute: After the U.S. threatened with an attack, Brazil responded with a counter of its own. The Selecao quickly advanced the ball up field and eventually found Rafinha on the left-hand side of the box. The Barcelona midfielder, who had just come on as a sub, took a nifty touch bouncing the ball behind his back and buried it to give Brazil a three-goal lead. USA 0, BRA 3

BRA- Neymar (Lucas), 67th minute: Just mutes after scoring the game’s third goal, Brazil rattled off another. Midfielder Lucas cut a diagonal ball through the USA box to Neymar, who dribbled through a group of defenders and then shot into the upper right corner. USA 0, BRA 4

USA- Danny Williams (Tim Ream) 91st minute: The U.S. found the net on a 28-yard blast from Danny Williams. U.S. defender Tim Ream played the ball out of the back to Williams who ran onto it and hammered home a picture-perfect shot. USA 1, BRA 4 FINAL (SEE GOAL) 

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Location: Rose Bowl – Pasadena, Calif.
Date: October 10, 2015
Opponent: Mexico (Winner advances to 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup) 

Milestone Watch:

  • Prior to the match, captain Michael Bradley was honored on the field in celebration of having earned 100 caps with the MNT. The captain earned No. 100 in the opening match of the Gold Cup, a game the MNT won 2-1 against Honduras.

Additional Notes:

  • The U.S. now holds a 1-17-0 record all-time against Brazil.
  • The U.S. has proven that it wants to compete against the world’s top teams, with tonight’s matchup against Brazil being the MNT’s sixth against an opponent ranked in the top 20 of FIFA’s world rankings this year. The meeting was also the third in 2015 against a team ranked in the top six in the World.
  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines has advanced to the Semifinal Round of CONCACAF Qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by a 3-2 aggregate score against Aruba and will face the United States in Group C. The USA opens its 2018 World Cup Qualifying campaign against St. Vincent on Nov. 13 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Jordan Morris returned for his first match since he was a part of the MNT’s win against Germany in June.

- U.S. Men’s National Team Match Report – 

Match: U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Brazil
Date: September 8, 2015
Competition: International Friendly
Venue: Gillette Stadium; Foxborough, Mass.
Kickoff: 8 p.m. ET
Attendance: 29,308
Weather: 80 degrees; Clear 

Scoring Summary:      1          2          F
USA                            0          1          1
BRA                            1          3          4 

BRA – Hulk                                         9th minute
BRA – Neymar (penalty kick)              51
BRA – Rafinha (Lucas)                         64
BRA – Neymar (Lucas)                        67
USA – Danny Williams (Tim Ream)      90+1 

USA: 1-Brad Guzan; 20-Geoff Cameron (16-Jonathan Spector, 73), 15-Michael Orozco, 19-Ventura Alvarado, 23-Tim Ream; 13-Jermaine Jones (10-Mix Diskerud, 72), 11-Alejandro Bedoya (14-Danny Williams, 36); 2-DeAndre Yedlin, 4-Michael Bradley (capt.) (9-Aron Johannsson, 79), 21-Gyasi Zardes (18-Bobby Wood, 46); 17-Jozy Altidore (8-Jordan Morris, 57)
Subs Not Used: 3-Omar Gonzalez, 7-Alfredo Morales, 12-Tim Howard, 24-Joe Corona, 25-Greg Garza
Head Coach: Jurgen Klinsmann 

BRA: 12-Marcelo Grohe; 2-Fabinho, 3-Miranda (capt.) (13-Marquinhos, 22), 4-David Luiz, 6-Marcelo; 17-Luis Gustavo (5-Fernandinho, 65), 24-Lucas Lima (22-Lucas, 63), 8-Elias; 19-Willian (10-Neymar, 46), 21-Hulk (9-Firmino, 46), 7-Douglas Costa (18-Rafinha, 63)
Subs Not Used: 1-Jefferson, 11-Philippe Coutinho, 14-Gabriel Paulista, 15-Danilo, 16-Douglas Santos, 20-Kaká, 23-Alisson
Head coach: Dunga 

Stats Summary: USA / BRA
Shots: 6 / 15
Shots on Goal: 4 / 7
Saves: 3 / 3
Corner Kicks: 3 / 2
Fouls: 11 / 12
Offside: 0 / 2 

Misconduct Summary:
USA – Michael Orozco (caution)          53rd minute
USA – Danny Williams (caution)           55 

Referee: Joel Aguilar (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1: William Torres (SLV)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas Bermudez (SLV)
4th Official: Elmer Bonilla (SLV) 

Budweiser Man of the Match: TBD


A tactician as well as a dogged competitor, Bradley patrols the center of the field with energy, savvy and skill, and is one of the USA’s most consistent performers. He has continued to elevate his game with precision passing skills and a wicked shot. He is one of two U.S. players to play every minute of the last two FIFA World Cups. Bradley has represented the United States at the World Cup level for both the full team and the U-20s, as well as at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. He enjoyed an impressive professional career in Europe that began at Heerenveen in Holland and continued its ascension, with more than two seasons at Borussia Mönchengladbach in the German Bundesliga that included a loan spell with Aston Villa of the English Premier League. After becoming the second modern-era American to play in Italy’s Serie A, he earned the nickname “General Bradley” for his stellar season with Chievo Verona before making the jump to storied club AS Roma where he earned an important role as a game-day regular. Just reaching his peak as a player, Bradley returned to Major League Soccer in 2013 with Canadian club Toronto FC after beginning his professional career in MLS in 2004 with the then-named New York/New Jersey MetroStars.

  • One of two U.S. players to play every minute of the last two FIFA World Cups
  • A finalist for 2012 U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year
  • Started every game in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup and added a goal and two assists
  • Game-tying goal against Slovenia in the World Cup kept the USA’s chances of advancing alive, helping him earn both Man of the Match honors and a nomination for Best Goal of 2010
  • A finalist for the 2010 U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year, he is the fourth youngest U.S. player in history to reach 50 caps
  • Featured as a starter in the first two group games of the 2008 Olympics, going 90 minutes against Japan and the Netherlands
  • Named U.S. Soccer’s 2007 Young Male Athlete of the Year for his efforts for both club and country, including a part in the USA’s Gold Cup winning run as well as a run through the FIFA U-20 World Cup
  • His final year at Heerenveen was a career year by any count as he scored 21 goals in all competitions

2015: Named to the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup roster... Earned his 100th cap for the U.S. MNT against Honduras on July 7, becoming the fourth youngest MNT player to do so... Recorded an assist on his 100th cap... Only player on the roster to have played in and started all nine games for the MNT this year, captaining six... Has recorded the most minutes played on the team with 810... Made his first start as captain for the USA on March 25 against Denmark...  2014: Played all 390 minutes in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, including the extra time against Belgium in the Round of 16 … His deft chip into the path of Julian Green set up the USA’s goal in that match … Finished the year with one goal and five assists … Scored in the 2-2 draw against Mexico on April 2 in a performance regarded as one of the finest in his National Team career … 2013: Started all 10 matches in which he played for the USA, including six FIFA World Cup Qualifiers … Claimed sole possession of 15th-place on the U.S. MNT’s all-time World Cup Qualifiers appearance list with 24 …Helped the U.S. to a dramatic 4-3 win over Germany, then ranked No. 2 in the world by FIFA, only the third time the MNT has beat a team ranked first or second in FIFA’s world rankings … 2012: His 30-yard rocket against Scotland on May 26 earned him a nomination for 2012 Best Goal of the Year … Hit a cracker against Russia on Nov. 14 in Krasnodar that leveled the game at 1-1 … Collected Budweiser Man of the Match honors that day … Started in four of six Semifinal Round qualifiers, missing two through injury … …  Finished with 810 minutes played, third most amongst field players … 2011: Helped the U.S. to its 3-2 win against Slovenia, tallying an assist on Clint Dempsey’s strike … Started every game for the U.S. in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, adding a goal and two assists … Set up Clarence Goodson’s goal in the 2-1 defeat against Panama and registered an assist on Jozy Altidore’s strike from distance that won the U.S. its game against Guadeloupe … Scored the opening goal in the 4-2 loss against Mexico in the final with a perfect header from a Freddy Adu corner … 2010: Led the team in 2010 in both games played (10) and minutes played (930) … Scored the game-tying goal in the 82nd minute of the 2-2 draw with Slovenia on June 18 in Johannesburg, earning Man of the Match honors … Covered more than 22 miles during group play per FIFA’s player tracking, the third most of any player in the tournament … Played every minute of every game in the 2010 FIFA World Cup … Named Man of the Match in the 2-1 loss to eventual World Cup runners up the Netherlands on March 3 in Amsterdam … Reached the 50 cap plateau when he started in the 0-0 draw on Oct. 12 against Colombia … 2009: Tied for the team lead in starts (15) with Landon Donovan, finishing second in minutes played (1,315) … Started nine of 10 final round qualifiers, missing the June 6 match against Honduras for yellow card accumulation … Netted both goals in the USA’s 2-0 victory against Mexico on Feb. 11 in Columbus to kick off the final round of World Cup qualifying … Started four of five matches in the FIFA Confederations Cup, scoring the second goal in the 3-0 win against Egypt on June 21 that lifted the U.S. into the semifinals against Spain … Awareness and positioning led to his goal on Oct. 14 against Costa Rica, as he knocked home a rebound that cut the Costa Rica lead in half … Earned Man of the Match honors in that game, as well as in the 1-0 victory against Trinidad & Tobago on Sept. 10 in Port of Spain … 2008: Tied for the team lead with 11 starts in 2008 and finished second on the team in minutes played (893) … His performance earned him a nomination for U.S. Soccer's Male Athlete of the Year … Scored his first World Cup qualifying goal against Barbados at The Home Depot Center in June … Tallied the game-winner with a deft outside of the foot flick against Trinidad & Tobago on Sept. 10 in Washington, D.C. … Earned Man of the Match honors for that performance and received a nomination for U.S. Soccer’s Best Goal of 2008 … 2007: Scored his first goal for the U.S. in the final moments of a 1-0 U.S. win against Switzerland on Oct. 17 in Basel … Appeared as a halftime sub in a 3-1 victory against Ecuador in March before getting his first start for the senior team against Guatemala three days later … Was a member of the 2007 Gold Cup squad and featured as center midfielder in five games leading up to the semifinals … Was red carded against Canada in the semifinals of the Gold Cup and suspended for the final against Mexico … 2006: Earned his first two caps in the buildup to the 2006 FIFA World Cup, where he was a member of the pre-tournament training camp and friendlies … Made his debut as a sub in the 89th minute against Venezuela on May 26, 2006 … Under-23s: Featured in two games during the Olympics in Beijing … Started against Japan and the Netherlands but earned two yellow cards and was suspended for the final group game against Nigeria ... Under-20s: A member of the 2007 U-20 World Cup team which advanced to the quarterfinals in Canada … Added experience and professionalism to the promising U-20 side that was eliminated in the end by Austria … Appeared in all five matches in Canada, scoring the game-winning goal in overtime against Uruguay in the second round … Under-17s: Part of the Residency Program from the fall of 2002 to the spring of 2004 … First Appearance: May 26, 2006, vs. Venezuela … First Goal: Oct. 17, 2007, vs. Switzerland 

2014: Started and played in 25 games for Toronto FC, scoring two goals and contributing four assists …  2013: Transferred to Toronto FC after making 35 starts for AS Roma in all competitions after one and a half seasons with the Serie A club … Scored his second goal for the Giallorossi on Oct. 27 to help the club claim its ninth win out of nine matches and maintain its remarkable season-opening run …  2012: Moved to Italian giants AS Roma  … Made his debut in the opening match of the season, a 2-2 draw on Aug. 26 against Catania … After recovering from a muscle injury, he started in 11 of the next 12 matches … Opened his scoring account with the insurance goal in the 2-0 win against Atalanta on Oct. 7 …  2011-12: After appearing in his first match as a reserve, he snatched a starting role that led to 34 league appearances and several Man of the Match honors … Anchored the Chievo midfield to a solid 10th place finish in Serie A … Scored his lone goal of the season in the 3-2 win against Catania on April 7 … Joined Chievo Verona on a two year contract on Aug. 30, 2011 … Made his debut as a substitute in the 2-1 loss against Parma in the Serie A … Provided an assist in the 2-1 win against Genoa on Sept. 25 when his corner kick led to the equalizer … 2010-11: Moved to Aston Villa of the English Premier League on loan for the second half of the 2010-11 season … Made three appearances for Aston Villa in the regular season and played one game in the FA Cup … Finished the first half of the Bundesliga campaign with three goals in 19 appearances … 2009-10: After an uneven early start, Bradley earned his place in the starting XI and didn’t let go, starting the final 10 matches of the first half of the campaign … Had two goals in 13 matches, including a laser in the 5-3 win on Dec. 12 against Hannover … Finished with five goals in 28 appearances in his first season at ‘Gladbach, the club narrowly avoiding relegation with a hearty effort to close out the campaign that included a draw against Dortmund on the final matchday … 2008-09: Signed a four-year deal with Borussia Mönchengladbach at the end of the transfer window in August … Debuted for the club on Sept. 20 against Hertha Berlin in a Bundesliga match … Scored his first goal for 'Gladbach when he grabbed a late equalizer for his club in a 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich on Nov. 15 ... 2007-08: Finished the season with 21 goals in all competitions … Ended his Heerenveen career with more than 50 league appearances for the Dutch club ... Helped Heereveen to a fifth place finish in the Eredivisie and qualification for the UEFA Cup ... Tallied a hat trick in the 4-2 win against FC Groningen on Dec. 9 in Heerenveen … Scored his first goal for Heerenveen in a 5-2 rout of Excelsior on September 15, 2007 … Spent the month of September in sparkling form for Heerenveen, scoring four goals in all competitions for his club, including two against Helsingborg in the UEFA Cup … 2006-07: In his first full season at Heerenveen, he established himself as an important part of the first team, making 21 Eredivisie appearances for the club as they finished fifth … Also featured in the UEFA Cup for Heerenveen, making three appearances for the side in the first round and group stage … Ended the season with 25 appearances in all competitions … Helped Heerenveen clinch a UEFA Cup berth for the 2006-07 campaign by starting all four playoff games … 2005-06: Moved to Heerenveen in January 2006 and became the youngest player in league history to be sold by MLS … Made his first appearance for his new club, and only appearance of the season, in April 2006 … 2005: Flourished in his second year in MLS, making 30 starts for the MetroStars …Played under his father, Bob Bradley, who was at the time the head coach of the MetroStars … Scored his first professional goal with the MetroStars in a playoff-clinching win against Chivas USA in 2005, finishing with one goal and four assists ... 2004: Drafted 36th overall by the MetroStars … Made no appearances in his first year with the team, his season severely limited by a foot injury.