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Post Match Quotes: USA 3, Sweden 0

U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach PIA SUNDHAGE
On the match:
“We scored three and didn’t concede any goals so I think overall the performance was really good. Again, Sweden is a really good team but I think we controlled the game pretty much from the very beginning.”

On the lineup changes in the second game of the series:
“In the first half we tried two new outside backs. And I have to say regardless of who is playing I think we did a pretty good job attacking and defending. Megan Rapinoe had another good game and we decided before the game that she’s just going to play 45 minutes. Next time she might play a little bit more because she played well.”

On Rachel Buehler getting forward as a left back:
“Rachel Buehler, she comes and then she goes. You can trust her and she never lets you down if you tell her to get up and down that flank she does. What is good with the whole team here, if you look at Kate Margraf, Christie Rampone and Rachel Buehler we have different options. We can play any of them pretty much anywhere so that is comfortable going forward.”

On selecting Rachel Buehler as a captain:
“The same reason I chose Christie Rampone, they lead by example … She has a big heart, she has the best attitude and she is as professional as can be and she will be a good role model. Right now I am very, very happy that I have Christie Rampone and Buehler as captains because they will lead by example.”

On having Rampone, Lilly and Markgraf back:
“It’s amazing. It’s absolutely unique. Three mothers out there, and all three of them I admire. (Rampone) had a baby not long ago, but she knows the game and plays like a leader. Then you have Kristine Lilly who is almost older than I am, and then you have Kate Markgraf with three kids. I’m happy as a Swede to be around this fantastic team.”

On the result after tying Sweden in Omaha:
“When you win games it’s a different feel, but I think we played a better game tonight. I do have to say that Sweden is a fantastic team. They play with five in midfield which poses a bit of an issue for our midfield, and you have to give them credit it could have been a lot more if they weren’t nearly as good.”

On where the team is at after these two games:
“We have great leadership with Pia because she’s not going to freak out if we tie games right now. Qualifying and World Cup time. Maybe, we’ve worked out all of those kinks that we went through on Tuesday and we don’t experience those again. I’m thrilled with our total team performance. Do I think we still have room to get better? Yeah. I do think that we made some mistakes. We have things that we want to work on because we want to be the best in the world and to be the best in the world you have to be the best in every category and area.”

On her role with the team:
“Right now it’s a new area for me in general, but it’s been nice to come off the bench and have some fresh legs, organize the team a bit and give them a lift. It was fun coming off today. Granted, I’ll always fight for a starting job. I’ll never give up that fight, but whatever my role may be or whatever [Pia] wants it to be, if it works and fits and makes the team better, then that will work for me.”

On being in the mix for the 2011 FIFA World Cup:
“I never thought I’d be at another World Cup and this one is a year out still and I still have a long way to get there. Right now it’s been fun having the opportunity to play at the highest level. The pro league is helping because I am playing there. And we have qualifiers coming up, so that really is the most important thing for this team right now, to qualify for the World Cup. Hopefully I can be a part of that.”