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#USMNT Builds Up to CONCACAF Cup

Go behind the scenes with the U.S. Men's National Team as they prepare for the CONCACAF Cup clash with Mexico. Watch #USAvMEX on Saturday, Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. PT on Fox Sports 1, Univision and Univision Deportes Network.

#USAvBRA Postgame Quote Sheet

U.S. Men's National Team vs. Brazil
International Friendly
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough, Mass.
Post-Game Quote Sheet


On the match:
“In all aspects it’s definitely a lot to take in. The players get a sense for the tempo, their speed of play, their speed of thought and execution. It was very impressive what Brazil did tonight and for us it was a huge learning curve, a huge learning moment for all the players that were on the field and experienced that. I’m not mad at anybody. It was a completely different tempo they set and we couldn’t go that tempo. I thought after halftime we got into a good moment for five minutes there and then comes this penalty. Overall, a huge compliment to Dunga and his team – it was impressive.”

On starting Alejandro Bedoya at holding midfielder and thought process on the substitution:
“Obviously playing Ale in the center there with Jermaine and Michael in front of it is a very good option. He showed that in a couple of other games after the World Cup that he could play inside. He just never caught up with the game. He was literally running after the ball and trying to get involved somehow, but he never connected. You see it and you wait a little bit and then you say maybe it’s better to make a switch there. You explain it to him and you just cross it off then.”

On how the defeat affects the team:
“I’m not concerned, but I want them to watch that game again. We’re going to cut together all sequences of all players and we’ll send it to them so they can watch it on their phones, iPads, whatever. It’s a learning moment, and I think if they understand when to adjust to a higher tempo then there is good stuff we can take out of that lesson. It’s obviously disappointing. It’s a result you don’t want, but you have to swallow that pill.”

On what needs to improve for Mexico:
“We talked about it before the game that we want to step up, we want to close them down. Their movement off the ball is so brilliant. This is the level they play week-in and week-out in their clubs. That’s what we take with us. There’s definitely a lot of sequences that we’re going to show them, and then we have an entire week to prepare for that Mexico game when we get together there in Los Angeles and we will be sharp. By that time I think a couple of players will be in a better physical shape as well. We saw with Jozy it was difficult to repeat the Friday game. It was a heavy field, and he’s just building. Jermaine is building. We have a lot of turnovers that were not necessary. When you make turnovers against Brazil, with their counter break speak, you’re going to suffer. You’re going to suffer a lot.”

On the attack:
“We don’t have Clint Dempsey at 100 percent yet and that’s why we bring in the young players, because we need to give them a run and see where they are. Obviously Jozy in four weeks from now will hopefully be fitter, much fitter than he is now. If Clint is 100 percent, it’s a different thing all together. Then you have these two up front and they’re always a threat. I mentioned before that we desperately try to grow young forwards, but it is what it is. We help them, we give them confidence, we give them a run, but they’re not there yet. It’s definitely a sign: If Clint is not coming in, you get Jordan Morris coming from Stanford and playing Brazil. The kid is doing a wonderful job, but we’ve got to be realistic here as well.”

On his lineup for the Oct. 10 match against Mexico:
“We have a clear picture about the Mexico game. We have to hope that Clint is there, Jozy is on a different level and we have to hope that Fabian Johnson is there. There’s no doubt about it that we need Fabian Johnson as a right back. We have to hope that DaMarcus Beasley is available, even if I think Tim Ream played a very, very solid game on the left flank – a huge compliment to him – but we have a couple of key players that we need to get back on board. I’m optimistic, but I’m not in their training sessions. I follow all the games and they have four weeks time now to catch up whatever they need to catch up. The message is so far positive coming out of Monchengladbach with Fabian, but you never know.”

On why the match was so difficult for his players:
“They’re not used to that. It’s a tempo that’s played in the Champions League. It’s not only the technical tempo where they play one or two touches and then they dribble whenever they think it’s the right moment to dribble. It’s the speed of thought – they’re two thoughts ahead. It’s like you play chess and they’re two moves ahead. That’s that level. We try to catch up as much as we can, and if they turn it on and we make a couple of mistakes like we shouldn’t make, like the penalty, then you get punished.”

On Aron Johannsson and Geoff Cameron:
“Aron was a bit beaten up when he came into camp in Washington. It took him a couple days to catch up and that’s why he wasn’t on the field as much. With Geoff, we can all watch the game again, I think we have center backs that we really believe in. John Brooks couldn’t make it because suddenly he had a muscle issue there coming out of the Peru game. We didn’t want to risk anything, because that’s not the time to risk a guy getting injured again. I think Geoff had a very good second half against Peru and today he had a little bit of trouble.”


On the result:
“It’s disappointing, there’s no two ways about it. It wasn’t our best night by any means. Obviously when you play against a good team, they make you pay in all the little ways. We’ll look at it and obviously make sure we understand the ways it wasn’t good enough, but we have bigger things and bigger games to come. We’ll move on pretty quickly and get ourselves ready for a big game against Mexico and two big qualifiers.”

“We didn’t think we were the best team in the world when we beat the Netherlands and Germany this year, and we don’t think we’re the worst team in the world now. You always have to maintain a level head and be able to look at things in a reasonable way.”

On being back with the team after missing the Peru game:
“To represent the United States, to play for the National Team never gets old. I don’t ever take it for granted. To have the opportunity on a night like this to put on this jersey is special for sure.”

U.S. MNT goalkeeper BRAD GUZAN

On his thoughts on the match:
“Plain and simple we gave them way too much time on the ball. We never got close to them, we couldn’t close them down, and we couldn’t tackle. The second goal probably finished us, in that sense that when you play a team like Brazil you’ve got to make it hard for them and we never did that from minute one.”

On how the second goal affected the team:
“It’s hard enough when you’re fighting a team like Brazil and you’re playing against a team with their quality. When you go down 2-0, I think the natural reaction is to be disappointed. You have to find a way to carry on because there’s still soccer to be played. You have to find a way to finish the game strong.”

On how the result carries over to the Mexico game:
“I think you guys probably put more of an emphasis on that than we do. I think we’ll probably talk about it tonight, but we’ll move on rather quickly. We have to. It’s not about dwelling on this result. The good thing is it’s a so-called friendly, but it’s disappointing when you lose any game. We have to put this behind us, move on and get ready for October.”

On what the players need to do leading into the Mexico game:
“In terms of what we’re going to want to do in that game, making sure we’re on the same page, that’s going to be important. Understanding what that game means and how massive that is, so that for 90 minutes we can fight and compete and battle and after 90 minutes we can walk off the field and know that we’ve left everything out there. If it goes our way great, and if it doesn’t we can walk away with our heads held high in the sense that we fought until the end.”

On putting things together for October 10 vs. Mexico:
“We’re always confident. We’re confident in our abilities as a team. We have quality individuals. Tonight’s a tough night. You play one of the best teams in world football, and to a certain extent they taught us a lesson. It’s not what we wanted, but we’ll be ready for sure come October.”


On the 4-1 defeat to Brazil:
“It was a tough result tonight. I think we couldn’t match with the speed they had up front. We couldn’t deal with it so well. We knew about their players as individuals. They are world-class players. The problem for us is that we conceded a goal in the early stages after 10 minutes. It’s hard to play against a team like Brazil in that situation.”

On his goal in second-half stoppage time:
“I saw it open up and Tim Ream had the ball. I’m delighted to score, especially against Brazil and my first on U.S. soil, but the result I can’t be happy with. We have to analyze what went wrong today, but I think we can take some positives that I saw from the game. We just have to play with a bit more confidence. I think at times we had a bit too much respect for them as well and then you can’t win.”

On how players prepare for the Oct. 10 Mexico game over the next month:
“Everybody has to be professional. Recovery is going to be key, and we have to analyze the game on what we did wrong today and go from there. Mexico is a very similar team – they have very quick players that are technically gifted and we have to give them a tough game. I think there will be a sold-out crowd at The Rose Bowl, so I’m looking forward to that game. We have to be on top from the first minute, but we also have to do our homework with our clubs, because that’s the most important thing. We have to stay fit, we have to stay healthy and then we can look forward to Mexico.”

MNT Players Relish Prospect of Test against Five-Time World Cup Champion Brazil

Coming off a 2-1 win against Peru, the U.S. Men’s National Team will test itself against five-time World Cup champion Brazil, Presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Tuesday in its final tune-up ahead of the CONCACAF Cup against Mexico on Oct. 10 at the Rose Bowl. Kickoff against Brazil is set for 8 p.m. ET and the game will be broadcast live on ESPN2, UniMás and the Univision Deportes Network.

Highlights: MNT Delivers 2-1 Comeback Win Against Peru at RFK Stadium

The #USMNT came back from a halftime deficit behind a two goals from Jozy Altidore to defeat Peru 2-1 in Washington D.C.

Quotesheet:"It was important to get a result. It does a lot for the group."


On his thoughts on the match:
“Obviously we saw why Peru finished third in the Copa America. It’s a very good team. I think the work that Coach Gareca is doing there is outstanding and I gave him a huge compliment after the game. It’s a very disciplined, very organized team that you can see is used to playing together. It’s always the same 11, which is kind of a pleasure we don’t have with all the things that go on our end. I’m very pleased with how the team came back. Obviously, I think we had a very good start in the first 15 minutes and then they took over. A deflected shot put us down a goal, and then I think the last 10-12 minutes before the break we had our chances and there was a lot of energy there. They pushed it higher up the field. That was the message at halftime. We had the same approach like we finished the first half and we got rewarded with two goals. Obviously we’re very pleased for Jozy Altidore. Coming back and scoring two goals is the best medicine for any striker. There’s no doubt about it.”

On the answers he got about his team from the match against Peru:
“For us coaches it’s the most interesting time – obviously you see every training session, but mostly you see it in the games – players just kind of throwing themselves in there and what type of influence they have on the game. I think we saw a lot of positives. We don’t need to talk to individuals, but I think they got the message. Like the energy tonight, they had it in every training session. They were very serious about it. We already talked about the Mexico clash coming up and so the response throughout the entire team was very positive. I was not upset at all at halftime being a goal down. I said, ‘It was a deflected chance, it happens. Guys, we’re going to go back into this game and turn it around,’ and that was really fun to watch.”

On how the team adjusted to having Tim Ream, Michael Orozco and Geoff Cameron play fullback:
“It is kind of the way things are with us. We never really get the same group together. We always have to make adjustments, we always have to move pieces around and you try to do that the best way possible. That’s why I made three switches at halftime, because I want to get them time on the field.  I want them to prove a point, independent of the result in that moment. I think all of them did fine. That’s good. There’s good energy there, also there’s support for each other in the locker room, even in competition for those spots. It’s very respectful, but it is very dynamic as well. I thought Tim Ream played a very solid game. He won many one against one situations, played really simple out of the back – that’s what we asked him to do, which he’s known for. I think also both for Michael Orozco and Geoff Cameron, they did their jobs. Geoff came in there, he was hungry for that game and definitely had very good moments. We feel good about our defenders that they can get the job done.”

On the importance of playing well and getting a result:
“It’s just important that the guys understand the moment and pull out a lot of energy and try to do well. We saw that in the training sessions – there was a lot of good work there and they were eager to play Peru. They’re even more eager to play Brazil, because when do you get to play Brazil? They also know who they played. I think it was a great benchmark there tonight with that team, because of what they achieved in the Copa America, but also how they played football. They have smart players. For 10-15 minutes in the first half, they moved the ball around and we had to run a little. Then we kind of got the majority of the possession again. It’s a very positive takeaway.”

On what the team’s identity is:
“What we always want to see is that they are very, very proud to represent their nation. That they go out there and know that this is special when they get on the field. We want them to melt together and become a stronger group. Players come in from different backgrounds, with different agendas, with different personal issues, it will always take time to get everybody on the same page and this is part of our job as coaches, to quickly as possible think about who they represent and what they’re there for. We try to do that and I think the process is going well. We want them to enjoy that moment when they go out on the field, but also to feel a responsibility and to do well.”

On the team’s outlook on possession:
“It’s definitely a good thing that even if you have less possession that you find a way to win a game. You can ask the players – you’d rather have the ball than run after the ball. It’s as simple as that. Especially with those 15 minutes in the first half where they moved the ball around and we couldn’t kind of grab them, this is tiring. At the end of the day we’re losing an awful lot of energy chasing the ball and that’s why I’m saying it’s better to keep it, and if you keep it you let the ball do the work and you don’t have to run that much. Some guys, I don’t know how much ground they cover. I think it’s important to always emphasize that process that we want to have more possession, that we want to have the ball run, that we want to make the other team do more of the work than we do to chase the ball. We still have a ways to go. We emphasize it in training sessions. We play only one or two touches, and actually when they do that in training after a time when they get into it they look really good. In the moment when you have so many touches – maybe four, five, six times – that’s when you get in trouble. That’s when you start to lose a lot of energy. “

On the decision to make Jozy Altidore captain:
“Jozy has already been captain several times in the last year and he also has the most caps. When he has that honor, when he has that privilege, he’s full of pride. It gives him something very special – he’s proud of that moment. He’s coming from a difficult couple months with the Gold Cup, getting back into rhythm with Toronto and coming off the bench here and there. The hope in that game was for him to really enjoy the maximum he has and we’ll see how long that goes. I was actually surprised that he went all the way. I timed it more the way that a certain player would come on for Jozy, but I saw he was good. That’s a real good sign, so it’s just great to have him back.”

On the team’s resilience to come back and win:
“I think the first kind of signs came towards the end of the first half where we pushed and really created some chances and they were on their toes. We didn’t put the ball in the net there, but every team will have problems when you’re able to push them back, move around quickly and have crosses flying in, because with crosses anything can happen at any moment. That’s what we told them at halftime: be confident, bring the back line up almost to the half way line, and be attentive to the long balls in case they’re coming. We tried it and got rewarded.”

On Gyasi Zardes’ role in the team:
“He’s an endless worker. He’s giving everything he has and he has very surprising moments in his game. He has speed. With his dribbling he can take people on. He gives us a new element that we didn’t have in the World Cup last year because of that speed and flank play and also with his tremendous work going back and helping out, we suddenly have another option there that we can play out a bit. Something we missed in the World Cup was speed, and now we him on one flank and on the other DeAndre Yedlin, who makes it not that easy for opponents. We all know Gyasi can also play up front and it’s something he likes even more, but he always says ‘No matter where you put me, I’ll give everything I have’ and that’s what you saw tonight. We have to recover him quickly for Brazil.”

On how Gyasi Zardes has improved the past year:
“I think Gyasi’s game has become a lot more consistent and obviously Bruce Arena is doing a fantastic job with him at the Galaxy. He really grew him. He gives him different variations to his game. Sometimes he’s up with Robbie Keane, sometimes he goes on the flank, and so he gave him different cards to play out, which helps us as well. Am I comfortable with him for the Mexico game? Absolutely. He’s growing and has such a fast speed, he’s a highly intelligent kid and you know that he’ll give you everything he has. I always tell him not to worry about mistakes. As long as you try and help out, it’s all good. I think that’s how he is with the Galaxy and you can see that in his game.”


On bouncing back from the Gold Cup with two goals against Peru:
“It wasn’t really that difficult a summer. I was coming off an injury and so I look at it as a setback. To come back in the group and be part of a great night at RFK was special. To wear the armband was also very memorable for me.”

On his second goal:
“I got the ball from Bobby and saw DeAndre make that run. I just tried to reach DeAndre and he’s so fast, he can turn so many plays upside down with his speed and he did real well to get to the line, cross it back and it was a great team goal.”

On what was said at halftime:
“We had to be more aggressive. We had to press more. I thought the second half we made it so much harder for Peru to play the way they wanted to play and I think that was the difference.”

On the importance of getting a win after the Gold Cup:
“Obviously, yeah. Especially going into the next two games, it was important to get a result. It does a lot for the group and now we have another tough test on Tuesday against Brazil. These games help prepare you for what’s to come against Mexico.”

On the team gaining confidence heading into the Mexico game:
“Wins give confidence, they boost morale. We go up against Brazil again, we try to get something out of that game and we look for that match against Mexico.”

U.S. MNT goalkeeper BRAD GUZAN

On bouncing back from the Gold Cup with a win against Peru:
“It’s great. First of all it’s always an honor and a privilege to be in with this group and also it’s exciting for us to get back together. Obviously for us knowing what’s on the horizon in October, these two games have that much more importance.”

On the deflection on Peru’s goal:
“It was a bit unlucky, a bit unfortunate. In those instances, I think we could still do a little bit better. In that period of the game, I think we were giving them a little too much respect and time on the ball. In the second half we came out and put them on the back foot. We put them under pressure, we didn’t allow them space and time on the ball and when we do that, we’re able to win the ball in dangerous areas, get forward and put the guys we know can get us goals into dangerous positions and tonight we did that.”

On his two-save sequence:
“It was a wide free kick and you’re just trying to keep the ball out of the back of the net for the first one. The second one, I just did enough to get my body behind it. At that point you’re just doing whatever you can to keep it from going behind you. Luckily I was able to do that.”

On the communication with a variety of defenders on the night:
“It was good. It’s never easy when you have different guys coming and going, making changes. Obviously the coaching staff needs to look at players, so you find a way to work with one another. We’re all in here for a reason, we all believe in each other, we all try to help each other and that’s important. At times it still could have been better. Overall I thought the guys worked really hard tonight and fair play to them, because I thought we were the better team and we deserved to win.”

U.S. MNT midfielder GYASI ZARDES

On the team’s performance:
“I felt like the team had a great performance tonight. There were a couple times in the first half where Peru controlled the game, but at halftime we got our act together and in the second half we performed extremely well.”

On his confidence playing on the wing:
“I felt very confident playing out wide. Not only that, but just receiving the ball at a wider position and having players overlap me. During training this week, Jurgen really touched on wingers getting the ball and creating opportunities and crossing the ball in. I feel like those training exercises really benefitted myself in this game.”

On becoming more comfortable on the wing:
“As time has gone by, I’m getting more comfortable. I’m still learning. I’m still constantly talking to Tim Ream throughout the whole game, just defensively on my positioning. Attacking wise, you’re like a striker. I love playing that position as well and learning as much as I can.”

On his partnership with Tim Ream on the left:
“I felt like it was great. They tried to overload our side a couple times, but I think we did a great job tonight.”

On his confidence to take players on:
“Taking guys on is something that’s always growing, as a striker and as a winger. I’m starting to see the game differently. They gave me space, so I tried to utilize it with my speed.“

On Jurgen’s push to have players make a point to be on the roster for the Mexico game:
“He made it a crucial point before this game, that this is what we’re working for and looking ahead to. Coming out for this game, my mentality is to give it my all. I know my opponent and I’m really just trying to play to my full potential. I think tonight was a great game, and I’m hopeful to keep progressing as a player and go into the next game.”


Guzan has exemplified the long lineage of quality U.S. goalkeepers, demonstrating an ability to rise to the occasion in big matches and looks comfortable as he seeks the No. 1 role. The Chicago-area native stepped up in 2013 for the MNT when he filled in for an injured Tim Howard and posted back-to-back shutouts during FIFA World Cup Qualifying, including the historic 0-0 draw in Mexico City. Guzan went abroad in 2008 when he transferred to the Premier League’s Aston Villa, where he was voted the 2012-13 Aston Villa Player of the Year by both the players and Aston Villa supporters.

Career highlights:

  • Included on the 23-man roster for the 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • In 2013, earned back-to-back clean sheets in FIFA World Cup Qualifying – a 1-0 victory against Costa Rica on March 22 in the Snow Clasico, followed by a 0-0 draw on March 26 against Mexico at Estadio Azteca
  • Served as backup at the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Wore the captain’s armband and presided over the USA’s 1-0 victory against South Africa in the 2010 Nelson Mandela Challenge
  • Recorded a shutout in the 3-0 victory against Egypt that helped provide the U.S. the margin needed to advance to the semifinals of the 2009 Confederations Cup
  • Posted three shutouts at the 3-1-1 record in 2010 World Cup qualifying
  • Saved four penalties in one match on Oct. 27, 2009, for Aston Villa, one in regulation time and three more in a penalty shoot-out win against Sunderland in the Round of 16 of the League Cup
  • Named Aston Villa Player of the Year for the 2012-13 season
  • The 2007 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year and also a member of the year’s MLS Best XI, he was in the net for the majority of Chivas USA’s Western Conference championship season

2015: Named to the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup roster... Made Gold Cup debut during opening round in 2-1 win over Honduras on July 7...  Has played and started four games for the MNT this season... Earned his 10th career shutout against Guatemala on July 3, putting him in a tie with Arnie Mausser for fifth on the U.S. MNT's all-time list... 2014: Earned a spot on his second-consecutive World Cup roster … Made four appearances, including three as a starter … Played the second half of the USA’s 2-1 against Turkey in the second match of the Send-Off Series … Split the spoils of the 1-0 shutout against Czech Republic on Sept. 3 in Prague … 2013: Made four appearances and posted a 2-1-1 record and two clean sheets … Earned a 1-0 victory against Costa Rica in the infamous Snow Clasico World Cup qualifier on March 22 in Commerce City, Colo. … Was named Budweiser Man of the Match for his three-save performance as the USA earned a scoreless draw against Mexico on March 26 in World Cup qualifying at Estadio Azteca … 2012: Called into camp by Jurgen Klinsmann in February … Appeared in goal to preserve a 5-1 win against Scotland on May 26 … 2010: Served as Tim Howard’s deputy at the 2010 FIFA World Cup … He made the most of his three appearances, twice earning Man of the Match honors … The first came in his impressive 45 minutes in the 2-0 loss to Brazil on Aug. 10 … Guzan wore the captain’s armband for the first time and led a young U.S. squad to a 1-0 victory against South Africa on Nov. 17 in the Nelson Mandela Challenge … 2009: Made four starts … Played in the USA’s 2-2 draw in qualifying on March 28 in El Salvador … Faced nine shots in posting the shutout that earned the U.S. a 3-0 victory against Egypt on June 21 in Rustenburg and second place in Group B of the Confederations Cup … Started the USA’s final two matches of the year, the friendlies in Slovakia and Denmark … 2008: Featured in seven games, a career best … Started five games, with his substitute appearances coming against England at Wembley Stadium and Spain in Santander … Featured heavily in World Cup qualifying, posting clean sheets in both matches of the second round against Barbados as well as the final semifinal round group match, a 2-0 win against Guatemala on Nov. 19 in Commerce City, Colo. … Also started in the USA’s 2-1 loss in Trinidad & Tobago on Oct. 15 in Port of Spain ... 2007: Played the second half of both the USA’s 1-0 victories against Switzerland and South Africa in the fall … A member of the team which competed in the 2007 Copa America tournament … Made one appearance in Venezuela, starting the final group stage game against Colombia … Provided one of the highlights of the tournament when he saved a penalty kick during that game … Also a member of the 2007 Gold Cup winning team, though he didn’t make any appearances in the competition … 2006: Made his first appearance for the United States in goal during a friendly against Guatemala in February … Became the youngest to start in goal on his national team debut since Brad Friedel 14 years earlier … Earned a shutout en route to a 4-0 U.S. victory … Under-23s: Featured in all three games during the 2008 Olympics as an overage player, turning in a memorable effort against Nigeria and keeping a clean sheet in the opening match against Japan … First Appearance: Feb. 19, 2006, vs. Guatemala … First Shutout: June 15, 2008, vs. Barbados.

2014: Finished the 2013-14 campaign as the starter of every Premier League match, playing 38 matches while recording nine shutouts … 2013: Was named the 2012-13 Aston Villa Player of the Year by both the players and team supporters … In July, signed a four-year contract extension with Aston Villa … Assisted the game-winning goal and made five saves during Aston Villa’s 3-2 victory against Manchester City on Sept. 28 … 2012: Notched a clean sheet and made five saves in Aston Villa’s first win of the season in the form of a 2-0 win against Swansea City on Sept. 15 …Picked up six saves and another clean sheet in a scoreless draw against Arsenal on Nov. 24 … 2011: Made 16 appearances while on loan to Hull City, helping the squad to finish in the middle of the table at 11th place … Guzan’s first match in goal for Hull City resulted in a 1-0 defeat to Leicester City on Jan. but Guzan helped his new club to a nine-match unbeaten streak with the American in goal ... Overall, Hull City posted a record of 7-4-5 in Guzan’s 16 appearances … 2010: Continued to serve as Brad Friedel’s deputy in league play … Started both of Villa’s matches against Rapid Vienna in Europa League qualifying on Aug. 19 and Aug. 26 … Started in the 3-1 victory against Blackburn on Sept. 22 in the third round of the Carling Cup … 2009-10: Finished the 2009-10 campaign with 10 appearances and a 1.20 goals against average in Cup competitions and Europa League action … Went the distance in both Europa League matches against Rapid Vienna, posting a 1-0 loss away and a 2-1 win in the return leg at Villa Park … Helped Villa to the Carling Cup final by posting a 1-0 shutout victory on Jan. 14 in the first leg of the semifinal and getting the win a wild 6-4 victory six days later ... Played in three other Carling Cup fixtures, collecting three victories and two shutouts, including a 4-2 win against Portsmouth on Nov. 30 in the quarterfinal … Saved four penalties in one match, one in normal time and three more in a penalty shootout win against Sunderland on Oct. 27 at the Stadium of Light in the fourth round of the Carling Cup … Led the team to the title in the 2009 Peace Cup, with victories against Atlante, Porto and in the final against Juventus … 2008-09: Moved to Aston Villa prior to the start of the season … Finished the season with eight appearances, including five in the UEFA Cup … His lone appearance in the EPL came when he entered in the 63rd minute of a 5-0 loss on March 27 at Liverpool, surrendering one goal … Backed up Brad Friedel for Premier League games and featured on the substitutes’ bench for the majority of Aston Villa games in the second half of the year … 2008: Featured in 15 matches with Chivas USA before signing for Aston Villa on July 11 for a fee of around $1.2 million ... 2007: Named MLS Goalkeeper of the Year after sporting a league-best 0.93 GAA over the course of the season … Made 27 appearances for Chivas, anchoring a backline that was the stingiest in the league … Helped the Los Angeles club to its first ever Western Conference Championship … 2006: In his second year minding the nets for Chivas, he struggled with injury and was scratched from the starting lineup for much of the season … Eventually, he regained his starting spot and went on to make 13 appearances for Chivas USA … Under Bob Bradley, he started for Chivas in both of the team’s Western Conference playoff games, marking the first time in history the franchise had competed in the MLS postseason … 2005: As a 20-year-old, he became Chivas’ first-ever draft pick and the highest goalkeeper ever selected in the MLS SuperDraft at the time … Went on to feature in 24 games for Chivas.


Played two years at South Carolina, captaining the team in his sophomore season and earning All-American honors … Was a starter as a freshman, and featured in every single match posting a .96 GAA …