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Post Match Quote Sheet: U.S. 5, Nigeria 0


On the team’s current standing, with six points from two games:
“Coming out of two games with six points is exactly what our goals were. We spent a lot of time staying in the present. We spent a lot of time talking about Nigeria
in the last three days. Five goals, with four of them on set pieces, which has been a focus we have had for the last year-and-a-half. We felt that our service had been
inconsistent. To score five goals against a team whose number one strength is heading is a great achievement for us. It is a great position for us to be in.”

On the play of Mia Hamm:
“She is very competitive. She is find ways to compete. She competed as a forward. She competed as a midfielder. She’s using her brain. You saw how
sophisticated she was when we dropped her into the midfield, and played her at the point. You saw that she can play-make from there. I think certainly there is an
urgency in her play. I would describe it as her competitiveness and her desire to win. I think what you see I Mia Hamm is a woman who wants to find ways to win.
And she knows that the way to win is to get everyone around playing quicker, playing smarter and playing together.”

On the strength of Group A:
“It is a tribute to the group that we are in and to the parity in the women’s game that the teams in our group are very competitive. I wasn’t surprised with the
Sweden and North Korea game. My respect for Sweden continues to grow.”


On the importance of the win and performance tonight:
“I think it is important for our team and important for our goal which was to get three points tonight against a Nigeria team that goes out there and plays hard for 90
minutes.  We needed those two goals. When we went into the lockerroom, in no way were we overconfident. Nigeria could have had a goal in the first half that was
called back on offside. I think that our focus and what the coaching staff instilled in us was it wasn’t over. To get that goal early on in the second half really helped
us in regards to settling down and trying to possess it, because for us that was the only way we felt we could break Nigeria’s spirit.”

On Nigeria:
“Nigeria comes out with a tremendous amount of pride. One of their great strengths is their athleticism. They close fast and they commit to every tackle. They are
courageous that way. They are willing to do that for a victory and to that for each other as a team. It is frightening to play against, I’ll tell you that.”

On the play of Parlow and Wambach:
“CP (Cindy Parlow) and Abby (Wambach) were tremendous in the first game and tremendous in the second game. Basically what we asked them to was to hold
the ball and take some abuse in the process and when you have the size and strength that those guys have, it is a weapon. CP and Abby were tremendous for us


On the play of Mia Hamm:
“I just feel where she is at a stage where she knows she can take over games. Maybe that is experience. Maybe that is confidence. She knows that she can come
into this type of arena and really dominate.”

On Nigeria:
“You know that they like to come hard, they like to be aggressive and to come in with hard tackles. Knowing that if we can match that then we can play. We are
probably more organized. They did a good job of not letting us possess. We didn’t have a great game of possession but we finished of our chances well. They are a
good team.”


On the play of Mia Hamm:
“Mia is playing out of her skin right now. She deserved to be player of the match because she did so much for us, whether she is scoring or assisting, she is a leader
out there. She leads by example. She wants the ball. When you have someone on your team who is so dynamic, she changes the course of a game.”

On getting into the game against Nigeria:
“It was great. I feel fortunate to have gotten the chance to play today because in a physical battle against a team like Nigeria, that is my game. I salivate when I see
team’s like that. That is the team I want to go out and play against. I don’t want to see my teammates get pushed around. I feel like I can back them up.”


On playing in front of the big crowd:
“You are out on a stage with over 31,000 people watching and more watching at home. It is a fun stage to be on but there is definite pressure. It wasn’t too
difficult. I enjoyed it.”

On starting her first FIFA Women’s World Cup match:
“I was very excited to be a starter. You want to be on the field and help the team. You want to do whatever it takes to help the team to win. To play and start, you
get very excited and a little nervous and anxious and you want the game to begin to get the first touch and get that under your belt.  And then you just play to have