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My Best Halloween Costume Ever

The players on U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team are just a few years removed from getting excited to dress up for Halloween. Ok, check that. They still get excited to dress up for Halloween. But this year they will have to celebrate All Hallows Day “down under” as the bewitching event falls right at the beginning of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. To make them feel more at home, asked the players to tell us about the favorite Halloween costume they have ever worn.

Forward Vicki DiMartino
“I was a witch. It was no reflection on my real personality, I swear. I have a wig that I wear every Halloween even though it doesn’t quite go with my witch costume. I brought it to New Zealand and I’m going to bust it out on Halloween.”

Midfielder Kristie Mewis
“When I was 12, I was a pink cowgirl. It was ill. The pants had pink fringe with silver sequins all down the pants. I wanted to get pink cowboy boots but we couldn’t find them.”

Goalkeeper Alexa Gaul
“I was a scarecrow once in third grade. My mom made my costume. I had a crow on my shoulder and hay all over me. It was an awesome costume.”

Defender Amber Brooks
“I won the cutest costume contest when I was two. I was Tinker Bell. I had some sweet wings, although I looked like a little boy because I didn’t have much hair. I was also a Pink Power Ranger once. My mom spent weeks making that one for me.”

Defender Cloee Colohan
“I was a bumble-bee one year. I was a cheerleader one year. I really liked that. One year I was an angel, but it was cold out so my mom made me wear a jacket and I started to cry. So my mom put my angel costume over my jacket and I felt a lot better.”

Midfielder Olivia Klei
“I was a clown in second grade. I didn’t want to wear the wig because I thought people would make fun of me, so I took it off. My mom made me put it back on. It was a legit costume though. I had the full-on outfit including the big red nose.”

Midfielder Julia Roberts
“I was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. I had the whole Princess Jasmine costume, a black itchy wig and body glue to put the jewel on my belly button.”

Forward Courtney Verloo
“One year I was Pocahontas. I had the headband with the feathers and the dress with fringe and wore moccasins. I really looked like Pocahontas, except for my blond hair.”

Defender Rachel Quon
“I was a nerd once, so that was pretty cool. I had khakis that were way too short, argyle socks, suspenders, a button up Oxford shirt and a bow tie. Of course, I had glasses. I made a great nerd.”

Midfielder Elizabeth Eddy
“It would be either a pirate or a clown. My mom made the coolest clown suit. It was blue and had polka dots and had ruffles and poof balls on the wrists and ankles. My mom did a great job sewing it. We painted our faces white and had red noses. I loved it.”

Midfielder Mandy Laddish
“I was an Oompa-Loompa in seventh grade. I looked exactly like an Oompa-Loompa, except sort of a skinny one. I really looked like I had jumped out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My green hair and cotton ball eyebrows were my favorite part.

Midfielder Morgan Brian
“I always dress up as myself. I just go for the candy.”