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Post Game Quote Sheet: USA vs. South Korea

Head Coach Thomas Rongen
On getting a point out of the opening game:
Well we are not happy with the way we played tonight, but we’re happy with the result. Quite frankly, we are lucky to have come away with a draw against a very good Korean squad. Korea was strong and fast and quite frankly we didn’t do our part to match up with them tonight.

On the performance of goalkeeper Chris Seitz:
Chris Seitz was outstanding today. I can’t put the blame for the goal on him, and he probably made about three saves that Korea could have put away and changed the game completely.

On why Danny Szetela was subbed for in the second half:
We felt that we weren’t getting enough possession through the midfield, and Dax has proven in Major League Soccer that he is very capable of keeping possession and making good passes. We had a difficult decision to make about who to bring him in for, and since Danny was holding a yellow card we decided to go ahead and take him off.

On the play of Josmer Altidore and Freddy Adu:
Jozy and Freddy didn’t seem to be on the same page tonight. We shifted to almost a 4-4-2 in the second half but we just weren’t creating enough opportunities for ourselves, and they weren't the only ones out there who didn't play their best games.

Midfielder Michael Bradley
On preparing for Poland:
Obviously with today’s result against Brazil, Poland is in the driver’s seat in this group. They’re a tough, physical team, but we are ready to mentally move past today’s game and on to prepare for them.