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Mia, Joy and Julie Matchup

Think you know your soccer trivia? We’ll be the judge of that. Pop quiz: who the heck is Jack Marshall? Even the trivia buffs in the U.S. Soccer Communications Department would be hard-pressed to tell you that one Jack Marshall received his one and only cap way back in 1926. Okay, that was pretty much impossible. They get easier.

Usually we throw four questions at you, but that wouldn’t really do our three retiring superstars justice. So this month, we've got ten multiple choice items for you to match with Mia, Julie and Joy.  Before you choke up like you did before your SAT's, keep in mind that as always, our test comes with an answer key. Write down your answers and then scroll down to see how you did.

1. High school daze:
a. Was honored as the Player of the Year for Southern California for three consecutive years.
b. Played at Notre Dame High School in Wichita Falls, Texas.
c. Led her high school team to four straight league championships.

2. Collegiate scoring marks:
a. Led her team in scoring with 23 goals in 1987.
b. Was named the team’s MVP for three consecutive years from 1989-91.
c. Won four NCAA championships.

3. Career collegiate goals:
a. 103
b. 56
c. 52

4. College jersey number:
a. 5
b. 11
c. 19

5. U.S. WNT jersey number:
a. 9
b. 11
c. 14

6. First National Team appearance:
a. 8/3/87 vs. China (two players)
b. 7/29/88 vs. France

7. First National Team goal:
a. 4/3/91 vs. Hungary
b. 12/16/87 vs. Australia
c. 7/25/90 vs. Norway

8. Career U.S. National Team goals (as of 10/3/04):
a. 156
b. 44
c. 27

9. 2003 Women’s World Cup facts:
a. Started every World Cup Game
b. Scored two goals for the U.S.
c. Wore the captain's armband in the Third Place Match

10. Said this about their Olympic Gold Medal-winning team:
a. "This is a great family and I'm so proud of everyone."
b. “We always thought about leaving a legacy and leaving a better place for all the young girls that are in the stands."
c. "There was never a doubt in our minds that we could pull this off."

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Answer Key:
1. a. Julie; b. Mia; c. Joy.
2. a. Joy; b. Julie; c. Mia.
3. a. Mia; b. Joy; c. Julie.
4. a. Joy; b. Julie; c. Mia.
5. a. Mia, b. Julie; c. Joy.
6. a. Joy and Mia; b. Julie.
7. a. Julie; b. Joy; c. Mia.
8. a. Mia; b. Julie; c. Joy.
9. a. Julie; b. Mia; c. Joy.
10. a. Joy; b. Mia; c. Julie