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w/ MNT defender Pablo Mastroeni

Before a game, you need music that gets you pumped up. Something that everyone can get in to, something that elicits that much-needed BUZZ on your headphones or blaring in the locker room. But it’s a tough call on what to play. Rock? Rap? Pop? Techno?

This month, we call on U.S. Men’s National Team defender Pablo Mastroeni. Mastroeni, who has assumed the role of the ever-present "dreadlocked dude" on the men’s team after Cobi Jones passed the torch by going the Macy Gray way, is coming off a solid performance in central defense in the FC Gold Cup 2002 and earned a trip to Italy for the Feb. 13 friendly.

Without further ado, the new Colorado Rapid and one of the U.S. team’s many music gurus gives us his Top Five Desert Island Discs:

1) "Let Love Rule", Lenny Kravitz — Lenny Kravitz is my inspiration. The first dance with my wife at the wedding was to a Kravitz tune.

2) "Ten", Pearl Jam — A close second. Pearl Jam is everything that high school was for me. I have great memories associated with that album.

3) "Under the Table and Dreaming", Dave Matthews Band — The guy's an original. Unique voice, great beats. He came out with his own style in the mid-90's and everybody jumped on it.

4) "All Eyes on Me", Tupac Shakur — He reminds me of my roots. I didn’t come from the 'hood, but I felt what he was saying. He's like the Robin Hood of Rap. He tries to make sense of living in a world of poverty.

5) "Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?", The Cranberries — (Singer Dolores O’Riordan) is the female version of Dave Matthews -- unique voice, very melodic. It's very easy to listen to, and it's got a song for every emotion.


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In this second issue of 2002 of U.S. Soccer’s monthly fan newsletter / e-zine, you’ll find pieces on a pair of CyberRays, a pair of Gold Cup 2002 champions, a pair of MLS Drafts and a pair of Women’s National Team coaches in the eight items listed below. Some will return next month, others will be brand spankin’ new for March.

1) Armchair Midfielder (A Look at the MLS Allocation and Dispersal Drafts)
2) DJ for a Day (w/ MNT defender Pablo Mastroeni)
3) Queries and Anecdotes (w/ MNT forward Josh Wolff)
4) Making it in the Show (w/ WNT goalkeeper LaKeyshia Beene)
5) Superstar!!! (w/ WNT defender Brandi Chastain)
6) Mark That Calendar (MNT vs. Italy -- Feb. 13)
7) Point/Counterpoint (w/ current WNT coach April Heinrichs & former WNT coach Tony DiCicco)
8) "You Don’t Know Jack (Marshall)" (MLS Draft trivia)  

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