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Quote Sheet: Arena and Moore Following 7-0 U.S. Win Over Barbados

FOXBORO, Mass. (Wednesday, August 16, 2000) -

BRUCE ARENA, U.S. Men's National Team head coach

General comments on the record-setting 7-0 victory: "Obviously we're pleased with the three points. We wouldn't have guessed a score of 7-0 by any means. But it was a crazy game. I thought the referee did a good job in the first half. There were some bad fouls there and Barbados was punished for them. Obviously we were a team that was desperate to get three points tonight, so our guys were very hungry and they went after the game.

"The game was pretty fair from the first 15-20 minutes and I think it brought us into the game. We created some chances and I think it tired down Barbados a little bit and frustrated them. It was a little friendlier here than the last two venues anyway, and we knew that obviously the games look a little different at home than they do away."

On the Foxboro Stadium crowd (18,334): "It was great. On a Wednesday night to have more than 18,000 people here is terrific. I think as we continue to move forward, the excitement and the support will build. D.C. is going to come close to having a sellout and I think Columbus will as well, so the support by the American fans is great."

On the forward tandem of Brian McBride and Joe-Max Moore: "They are two very alert forwards. They work very well together. They are guys that know what their jobs are. They get in front of the goal and when we get good service in the flank they can certainly bang good shots to finish off points."

On the Barbados team: "Believe me, before this is all said and done, Barbados is going to have good days. They're going to get a chance to get some more points on the board."

On Chris Armas' left MCL sprain: "I'm no doctor, but we are hopeful that it's a slight sprain and hopefully he can be back in three weeks. That would be the conservative estimate. It could be six weeks, nine weeks or 12 weeks. We're hoping that it's certainly the three week prediction."

On the USA's substitutions: "All the substitutions were made because of injuries. Claudio had a slight little groin pull and Eddie Pope was kneed in the thigh in the first half as well so it was obviously a game in which we could afford to take those players out. Going into the game I obviously would have liked to see Tab get some time in, Eddie Lewis again, certainly John O'Brien. And Ante Razov was probably the player that got the short end tonight. It was a game where I was perhaps looking for him to come in for McBride at some point."

On the play of Joe-Max Moore: "It's the first time he's played here in a while for the National Team, but he kind of thinks of it as a little bit of a second home for him. He's excited about being back. He's a hard-working, blue collar type of center forward. He probably had five or six good looks at the goal so that's the job of a forward."

On the state of the team in World Cup qualifying: "Coming into today, where we were, and walking off the field 7-0, I'm not ranting and raving about good or bad performances right now. We've got this game behind us. We felt it was important to get the three points. It was also important to put ourselves in better position in terms of goal differential and now all the focus will be on preparing our team for Guatemala. Certainly, despite some of the poor reviews we've received from the first two games, we can be in pretty good shape if we're able to get three points against Guatemala.

"The frustrating part is that we were literally minutes away from bringing home four points. Instead we came back with one and had our backs against the wall a little bit. So tonight's a big plus for us in terms of the win column, the points column and also for our confidence. So let's hope that when we gather again in D.C. in a couple of weeks we're going to have a little momentum going into that game.

"This is the first time this year I've been able to put McBride and Moore together so obviously it's going to take some time. It's the first time we've been able to play Berhalter and Pope together, which has been a goal of mine for about a year. And it's the first time we've really had John O'Brien into camp, which we've been trying desperately for a year and a half to get John here on a consistent basis. So if we continue to have good fortune with injuries then we can start bringing a better collection of players."

JOE-MAX MOORE, U.S. Men's National Team forward

On the match and his Chevrolet Man of the Match performance: "Tonight, we obviously had a lot of chances, and honestly we could have scored quite a few more goals. I could have had three in the first five minutes I think. I thought it might be one of those nights, but we stayed on them and got the result we needed. At the beginning I felt it was important to get the first goal and we got that pretty quickly. The first one is always the most important one. Once we got that I felt confident."

On Foxboro Stadium and the atmosphere at the match: "This is my favorite place to play in the U.S. It's a great stadium. They support the team and that's why we play so well here."
NOTE: The U.S. Men are 5-0-3 in full internationals at Foxboro Stadium.

On training only two days with the team prior to the match: "I felt all right tonight. I've been here for three days now, but two weeks from now we will all come in five days before the game, so I think we'll be better adjusted."

On Barbados first red card: "I saw Cobi trying to make a run into the near post. I think Cobi bumped the first guy, and I saw him (Augustus Hurdle) throw a punch at Cobi."