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w/ Under-23 MNT midfielder Logan Pause

What’s it going to be? Door number one, door number two, or door number THREE?!? Okay, so this section has less to do with “Let’s Make A Deal” and more to do with the Multiple Choice section of an SAT test. “In Threes” peeks inside the head of a select National Team player as they pick one of three choices for 25 questions about personal tastes and pop culture.

This month we give the rapid fire treatment to U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team midfielder Logan Pause, who recently returned from the U-23 camp in Guadalajara, where he played 90 minutes at right midfield and helped the U.S. to a 3-1 win over Mexico on May 14. The Hillsborough, N.C., native also appeared in the team’s two other internationals this year and will likely be in action when the U.S. begins qualifying for the 2004 Olympics in the fall. After a standout career at the University of North Carolina, the 21-year-old midfielder was drafted in the third round of the 2003 MLS SuperDraft (24th overall pick) in January by the Chicago Fire. Although just a Project-40 player, he’s earned three starts in the team’s first five games and is quickly emerging as a 2003 MLS Rookie of the Year candidate.

Personal Taste/Style:

Best U.S. big city: LA, NYC or Chicago?
“Chicago. I think it’s the most exciting. But then again, I haven’t been to the other two (laughs).”

Most macho vehicle: sports car, SUV or big ol’ truck?
“Truck. That’s what it’s like in the South. You can imagine.”

Best date activity: movie, theatre, or comedy club?
“Comedy club.”

Undergarment of choice: Boxers, boxer-briefs or tighty-whiteys?
“Boxers, because they’re less restricting.”


Favorite type of movie: action, comedy or drama?
“Comedy. I like to laugh.”

Funniest standup comic-turned-actor: Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence or Chris Rock?
Eddie Murphy. He’s more traditional.”

Best Sci-Fi/Adventure series: “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” or “Lord of the Rings”?
“‘Lord of the Rings.’ I like the books and the movies.”

Funniest female actress: Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock?
“Reese Witherspoon, but she’s hotter than she is funny.”

Best rapper-turned-actor: DMX, Eminem or Ice Cube?
“Ice Cube, because he’s old school.”

Best Caucasian martial arts master: Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris or Jean-Claude Van Damme?
“Steven Seagal, but all of his stuff is the same.”


Best late night talk show: Tonight Show, Late Show or Daily Show?

Best late, late night talk show host: Conan, Kilborn or Carson (Daly)?
“Kilborn, because he used to be on ‘SportsCenter.’”

Funniest animated series: “Simpsons,” “South Park” or “King of the Hill”?
“‘Simpsons,’ because it’s been around the longest.” 

Best Thursday night NBC sitcom in re-runs: “Cheers,” “Seinfeld” or “Friends”?
“‘Friends,’ because I’m a yuppie (laughs).”

Best “SportsCenter” anchor: Kenny Mayne, Dan Patrick or Stuart Scott?
“Stuart Scott, because he’s an N.C. boy.”


Most Talented Latin Bombshell: Christina Aguilera, Paulina Rubio or Shakira?
“Shakira, because she can dance.”

Hottest country girl-turned-pop star: the Dixie Chix, Faith Hill or Shania Twain?
“Faith Hill. She’s smokin’.”

Best rap style: West coast (Dre, Snoop), Midwest (Nelly, Eminem) or East Coast (Jay-Z, DMX)?
“Probably Midwest. But I don’t listen to much of that crap.”

Sports & Leisure:

Favorite non-soccer sport: Baseball, Basketball or Football?
“Ice hockey, for sure.”

Next Jordan: Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady?
“There is no next Jordan.”

Best guy mag: Maxim, FHM or Details?
“They’re all the same.”

Favorite leisure activity: watch TV, play video games or read a book/mag?
“Read or watch TV. It depends on how intellectual I’m feeling.”


Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Chinese/Asian?
“Italian. My mom makes a mean lasagna.”

Best late-night food: burrito, slice or hot dog?
“Definitely burrito. I used to get those all the time in college.”

Best burger-and-fry fast food: McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s?
“Wendy’s. It just tastes like it’s better for you.”

Best American-invented condiment: ketchup, ranch dressing or spray butter?
“Easy. Ranch dressing. You can eat it on anything.”


Table of Contents
1) At the Movies (w/ WNT midfielder Aly Wagner)
In Threes (w/ Under-23 MNT midfielder Logan Pause)
Queries and Anecdotes (w/ MNT midfielder Claudio Reyna)
Mark That Calendar (MNT vs. Wales – May 26 / MNT vs. N.Z. – June 8)
5) FAN Point/Counterpoint (Who will be the 2003 MLS Rookie of the Year?)
"You Don't Know Jack (Marshall)" (WUSA Firsts)

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