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Brek Shea Fan Q & A: ‘I Just Don’t Like Normal Haircuts’

723FBallFilms : How did he feel when he was asked to move to Centerback?
Brek Shea : “I had to do what the team needed me to do and what the coach asked. It gave me a different perspective for playing as an attacker. I had to learn how to deal with people attacking me.”

ElDuque2444: What do you listen to before games to get pumped? @ussoccer
BS: “Mostly rap and hip hop. Right now it's Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" and the new Jay-Z and Kanye West album.”

tproctor27: With the 3 1/2 games in 9 days, how's his fitness holding up for the game tomorrow?
BS: “Fitness is good. I've got some sore legs but we have good trainers here who can help with that. They'll take care of it for the game.”

eldersanabria: Where does the name Brek come from!?
BS: “It's from my mom's maiden name - Breken.”

therealspilz : What does the tattoo on your left forearm say?
BS: “It means 'Freebird' in Hindi. I do what I enjoy and don't really think about it. I was just going to put Freebird in English, but I saw my mom and she sent me 'Freebird' in a bunch of different languages. She liked that one the best, so that's what I did.”

thecurseofchris: If you could play on the opposite of any winger, who would it be?
BS: If I could play with any player it would be Ibrahimovic, but if I have to say a winger I would say Arjen Robben. I just like the way he plays and has a dominant left-foot. Ibrahimovic has been my favorite player since I was a kid. He's massive and good with his feet. He's a lot of fun to watch.”

thathoo: Whats the most important top 3 skills a midfielder must possess?
BS: “First touch, passing ability and crossing.”

galengt: For Brek: Who is toughest defender in MLS (not on Dallas). #usmnt
BS: “Kimura [with the Colorado Rapids]. He gets it in his head before a game that his opponent won't beat him. He takes it very personally. He's always there, no matter where I go. He’s so feisty and can run all day. He's definitely a good player and my least favorite to play against.”

Kyliethesmiley: Is he an aggie or longhorn?
BS: “I'm an Aggie. It's where I grew up.”

Ed. Note – We received an inordinate amount of tweets about Brek Shea’s hair – thanks to all of you wrote in. Instead of having him answer 100 questions about it, we asked him to give a short statement about it:

BS: “People have named it a 'faux-hawk' type thing but I don't know. I guess it's a version of a Mohawk, but it doesn't really stick up because it's so long. I just don't like normal haircuts. Since I was a kid I've always done stuff a little different. I'm not really sure why, but I just like to do whatever I'm feeling. There's not much thinking involved.”