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U.S. Soccer Continuing Education Program

As part of our continuing effort to service and educate our membership, each Thursday U.S. Soccer will provide an informative article from one of its departments. Each Thursday will bring a new article, from the Referee Department (first Thursday of each month), Sports Medicine Department (second Thursday of each month), Coaching Department (third Thursday of each month) or Membership Services (fourth Thursday).

This week, you can learn more about U.S. Soccer's Continuing Education Program and the process coaches go through to maintain their "A" Licenses.  Also, be sure to enter the trivia contest for your chance to win a National Coaching School t-shirt.

The U.S. Soccer Coaching Department maintains a Continuing Education Program that is designed to keep coaches of all levels current with the latest national and international developments involving coaching trends, methodology, and the growth of the game.

Just as important, the purpose of the Continuing Education Program is to provide meaningful educational opportunities for coaches wishing to maintain their “A” License.

Currently, only the “A” License is a license requiring maintenance through the Continuing Education Program (CEP). The current Continuing Education (CE) requirements were changed in 2000 to the following policy:

Coaches currently holding an “A” License must accumulate eight (8) credits within every four-year cycle in order to maintain the status of their “A” License.  If the credits are not maintained the “A” License will revert into a “B” License.

Awarding of CE Credit

CE credits can only be awarded for events or activities that are directed, sponsored or co-administrated by U.S. Soccer. Credits will only be awarded to coaches who participate for the full duration of the event or activity. Credit amounts vary pending duration and/or level of programming.

At the conclusion of the event or activity each “A” Licensed Coach will present a CE Accreditation Card provided by U.S. Soccer to the U.S. Soccer representative for authorization. A copy of the card will be given to each coach for his or her record keeping and the original will be sent to U.S. Soccer for recording.

Recognized CE Events

“A” Licensed coaches may earn CE credits through the following events:

  1. Attendance at a regional coaching or player development workshop or in-service program (2-4 credits).
  2. Attendance at a U.S. Soccer coaching symposium (2-4 credits).
  3. Attendance at a U.S. Soccer National Coaching School to audit the “A” License course (8 credits).
  4. Successful completion of the NSCAA Premiere Course (8 credits).

Exemptions to CEP Requirements

“A” License coaches currently holding one of the following positions are granted an exemption from U.S. Soccer and do not need to maintain their CE credits during the time they are actively serving in these capacities.

  1. Former or current U.S. National Team Head Coach
  2. Current USSF National Staff Coach
  3. Current Member of the USSF National Instructional Staff
  4. Current MLS, A-League or WUSA Head Coach

Prior to 1977, holders of the National “B” License were also required to renew their license through a similar program. However, a determination was made that the “B” License would be a lifetime license. The “C” License is and always has been a lifetime license.

U.S. Soccer may conduct or accredit additional activities or events that will provide other opportunities to earn CE credits. These activities or events will be publicized via the U.S. Soccer web site at All activities or events are open to coaches of all levels.

If you have any questions regarding the Continuing Education Program, please contact Helen Lacy at 312-528-1265 or email the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department at


Despite the enormous response, there were no winners of the October 18th trivia contest.  So, here’s a second chance to win a National Coaching School t-shirt.

  1. From the first coaching school held in 1970, who holds “A” License number 1 issued by U.S. Soccer?
  2. What year did U.S. Men's National Team head coach Bruce Arena receive his “A” License?
  3. Which state has the fewest USSF Nationally Licensed coaches?

Please send your responses to All entries received by noon on Wednesday, December 12th will be accepted. The person with the most correct responses will win a stylish gray National Coaching School t-shirt from the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department. In the event of a tie, those with the most correct answers will be entered into a random drawing for the t-shirt.