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Summary of Revisions in U.S. Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Policies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Thursday, June 7, 2001) -
The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is the independent anti-doping agency for Olympic, Pan American and Paralympic sports in the United States. Recently, some changes were made to the Out-of-Competition Missed Test Policy, as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Policies. Below is a summary of the revisions in the policies.

For the most updated information on USADA, please visit the USADA web site at The dedicated athlete section - - features forms and important information. The USADA Drug Reference Line (1-800-233-0393) is available for more information and clarification on any of the prohibited classes of substances or prohibited methods.

USOC Anti-Doping Policies

For a complete version of the USOC Anti-Doping Policies, please visit the USADA web site at

Out-of-Competition (OOC) Missed Test Info

The DCO is obligated under the Missed Test Policy to make a reasonable effort to locate you for OOC testing. The DCO is specifically required to visit all locations you have listed on your USADA Athlete Location Form within a 24-hour period. If the DCO cannot locate you, the DCO is required to fill out an Unavailable Athlete Form indicating that you were unavailable for testing.

Please review the adjudication process for missed tests on the USADA web site at

After three "missed tests" within a rolling 18-month period, you may be "ineligible" to receive the benefits (discussed below) for a period of two years from the last "missed test."

Failure to Provide USADA With The USADA Athlete Location Form

If your name is drawn by USADA for OOC testing and USADA does not have an updated USADA Athlete Location Form from you, you may face a "missed test" sanction. In the event your name is drawn and you do not have the USADA Location Form on file, USADA will confirm with the particular NGB that you are still in the OOC pool and that you were advised by the NGB of the requirement that you were to submit a USADA Athlete Location Form and provide quarterly updates.

Next, USADA will confirm that you are past the specified deadline for submitting a USADA Quarterly Athlete Location Form and that you had a reasonable time to submit the form. You will then be invited by letter to provide an explanation to USADA why you did not file or update a USADA Athlete Location Form.

Benefits Lost If You Are Declared "Ineligible" For 3 "Missed Tests" or a Refusal to Test

you are declared "ineligible" due to 3 "missed tests" or a refusal to test because retirement as discussed above, you may not be permitted to:

i) participate in Olympic trials, Pan American Games or Paralympics;
ii) be a member of an Olympic, Pan American Game, or Paralympic Game; or
iii) have access to the training facilities of an Olympic Training Center or other programs and activities of the USOC including, but not limited to grants, awards or employment.

In order to avoid loss of these benefits, it is important for you to submit and update your USADA Athlete Location Form; be at the locations specified on the form; and, if retiring from your sport, notify USADA and your NGB in writing of your retirement.

Change of Plan Forms can now be emailed

Effective May 5, 2001, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Change of Plan Form information can now be emailed to USADA at The USADA Change of Plan Form is used to change information on the submitted USADA Quarterly Athlete Location forms. The USADA Change of Plan Form cannot be used in place of the Athlete Location Form. The USADA Quarterly Athlete Location Form must be on file with USADA before the USADA Change of Plan Form can be accepted. Remember, each athlete must complete and return an athlete location form each quarter.

To utilize this service, you must have your email account registered with USADA through USADA Quarterly Athlete Location forms. In addition, the email must come from the account that is your email account of record with USADA.

If you wish to download the change of plan form, or other forms provided by USADA, please visit the USADA web site at There is a specific athlete section ( that includes all pertinent forms and information.

The change of plan form and quarterly athlete location forms can still be mailed (USADA, 1265 Lake Plaza Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80906) or faxed (719/785-2001) to USADA.

Check International Federation Lists

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) informed the United States Anti-Doping Agency that the international sports community is to use the 2000 list of Prohibited Classes of Substances and Prohibited Methods until Sept. 1, 2001 when the new list will be in effect. This list will be included in future mailings to athletes in the USADA Out-of-Competition pool and will be posted on the USADA web site.

Retirement Policy

If you are enrolled in the USADA OOC program and wish to be removed from the program on account of retirement, you must promptly notify USADA and your NGB in writing in order for retirement from the OOC program to be effective. If you do not provide advance written notice of retirement, you will be "ineligible" to receive the benefits (discussed below) for a period of two years following a refusal to test due to retirement.

If you have ever been enrolled in an OOC program of an IF, the USOC or USADA, and then retire and you wish to return to eligible status, you must enroll in the USADA OOC program at least six months in advance of regaining eligible status.

USADA will not suspend or terminate the prosecution of a doping offense related to a positive sample as a result of your subsequent retirement.

USADA Masters Testing Policy

USADA has limited resources with which to conduct doping controls on athletes. Consistent with the policies of the U.S. Olympic Committee, USADA's priority in allocating these resources is to test those athletes who have the potential to represent the United States in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Pan American Games, World Championships and other elite international competition. For this reason USADA has decided not to use its resources to conduct testing of Masters competition or to conduct out-of-competition testing on Masters athletes.