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Think you know your U.S. Soccer trivia? Well... try us. We'll see how far back your knowledge of Team USA and U.S. Soccer extends. And who the heck is Jack Marshall? Even the trivia buffs in the U.S. Soccer Communications Department would be hard pressed to tell you that one Jack Marshall received his one and only cap way back in 1926. Okay, that was pretty much impossible. They get easier. We give you four questions each month, 1 to 4, easy to hard.

Answer #1 correctly, and it's safe to assume you have read at least part of this month's issue.
Answer #2 correctly, and you have proven that you've watched your fair share of Men's National Team games.
Answer #3 correctly, and you're probably think you're some kind of Scotty McSmartpants. Don't be. Try Question #4.
If you answered #4 correctly, you are either one of the three players who serve as the answers or you own a U.S. Soccer Media Guide.

This month's trivia has to do with the U.S. MNT's World Cup Qualifying history.

Q1 (Difficulty level 1 of 4): When (which World Cup campaign) and in what stadium did the U.S. MNT last qualify for a World Cup on American soil?
Q2 (2 of 4): Who is the USA's all-time leading scorer in World Cup qualifying matches?
Q3 (3 of 4): How many times has the U.S. MNT qualified for the World Cup finals?
Q4 (4 of 4): Who are the only three players in U.S. Men's National Team history to play in four different World Cup campaigns (meaning, they've played in either World Cup qualifying or the World Cup finals during a World Cup cycle)?

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A1: The 2002 campaign (the actual date being Oct. 7, 2001), after a 2-1 win over Jamaica at Foxboro Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. If you didn't get this one right, you obviously haven't read any part of this month's issue.
A2: Current MNT midfielder Earnie Stewart (with nine goals in 26 total qualifying matches, including the 1998 and 2002 World Cup qualifying campaigns)
A3: Seven. The U.S. MNT qualified for Uruguay 1930, Italy 1934, Brazil 1950, Italy 1990, USA 1994 (automatically, as host), France 1998, and Korea/Japan 2002.
A4: Paul Caligiuri (1986 Q; 1990 F; 1994 F; 1998 Q), Ed Murphy (1958 Q; 1962 Q; 1966 Q; 1970 Q) and Tab Ramos (1990 QF; 1994 F; 1998 QF; 2002 Q). [Q=Qualifying; F=Finals; QF=Qualifying & Finals]


Table of Contents
1) Armchair Midfielder (USA's World Cup Qualifying)
2) Word Association (w/ WNT midfielder Shannon MacMillan)
3) Cobi's Book Club (w/ MNT midfielder Cobi Jones)
4) Queries and Anecdotes (w/ U-23 MNT goalkeeper D.J. Countess)
5) DJ for a Day (w/ WNT midfielder Lorrie Fair)
6) Superstar!!! (w/ MNT midfielder John O'Brien)
7) Mark That Calendar (2002 World Cup final draw -- Dec. 1)
8) Point-Counterpoint (w/ commentators Andres Cantor and Jack Edwards)
9) From the Bleachers (w/ U.S. Soccer fans Keiran Downie & Jeniffer Huie)
10) "You Don't Know Jack (Marshall)" (U.S. WCQ history)

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