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2010 U.S. Soccer Referee Training Seminars

U.S. Soccer has scheduled ten (10) two-day Referee Training Seminars. A list of those clinics is attached
at the end of this document.

Participation is limited to National Referees, National Referee Candidates and referees working in USL,
PDL, WPS, W-2 and Development Academy games. State and National Instructors, State and National
Assessors, Assignors and others (when requested by U.S. Soccer) should also be invited to attend.

Notes for the Referee Training Seminar Administrators:

  • U.S. Soccer will be responsible for the instructor’s air and/or ground transportation to the hosting
    city, as well as the hotel, meals and per diem for the instructor.
  • The state will be responsible for meeting room facilities, audio/visual equipment and securing the
    running track.
  • Site Coordinators will be responsible for organizing transportation to and from the site for the
    instructional staff.
  • Referees from neighboring areas who wish to attend a clinic in another state should notify their
    State Referee Administrator.
  • Priority registration is given to National Referees and National Referee Candidates.
  • Referees participating will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the clinic.
  • The National Referee Physical Fitness Test will be administered at these clinics. A copy of the
    approved fitness standards is attached.

Physical Fitness Test
A physical fitness test is required for registration, annual renewal and upgrading for the referee classes
shown. The test can be administered by designated U.S. Soccer Federation Instructors. A document
signed by the individual conducting the test is required. Fitness tests must be taken within a six-month
period preceding the start of a new season or the date of registration.

National Referee Physical Fitness Test Requirements
Includes referees eligible for: Division 1 Women, Division 2 Men and Division 3 Men.
All Assistant Referees working Division 1 Women, Division 2 Men and Division 3 Men must pass the National Referee Physical Fitness Test. National Referee Candidates must also pass the National Referee Physical Fitness Test requirements.

Interval Testing
Time to run 150 meters
12 laps
Interval Testing
Time to walk 50 meters
12 laps
Sprint Test
40 meters - 6 times 
35 seconds 40 seconds 6.6 seconds

  • The referee must pass all of the events that are part of the test at the same testing session.
  • A reasonable rest period should be allowed between events.
  • The first test to be administered is the Sprint Test, followed by the Interval test.
  • The minimum number of laps to be met is 12.
  • The sprint test will be administered with electronic timing devices.
  • The National Referee Physical Fitness Test is a pass or fail test.
  • Referees failing the test will be given one opportunity to retake the test at a time and location
    determined by U.S. Soccer.
  • Requirements for referees who are unable to take the test due to illness or injury will be specified
    annually by U.S. Soccer.
  • Referees who must retake the test will be responsible for all costs incurred.

U.S. Soccer Interval Test Administration

  1. The referee must be at the next station before time is expired or the referee fails the fitness test.
  2. A lap is two (2) 150 meter runs and two (2) 50 meter recovery walks as follows: The test starts with
    the referee covering 150 meters in the prescribed time. This is then followed by walking 50 meters in
    the prescribed time. This is then repeated for one (1) lap.

Figure 1

Sprint Test Administration

  1. 6 x 40 meter sprint followed by maximum one and a half minute (1:30) recovery period after each
    sprint (while walking back to the start).
  2. Dynamic start with the front foot on a line that is 1.5 meters away from the electronic timing gates
    at the starting position.
  3. If a referee falls or trips, he is given another trial (one trial = 1 x 40 meters).
  4. If a referee or assistant referee fails one (1) trial out of the six (6), then he is given one (1) more trial
    (and one only) immediately after the sixth trial. If he fails two (2) trials, the match official has failed
    the test.
  5. If it is not possible to record the times electronically, one observer signals the moment the referee runs
    through the first gate using an accurate flag signal. The second observer is positioned in line with the
    second gate and stops the chronometer when the referee runs through it.
  6. The Sprint Test will be the first test administered, followed by the Interval Test.

Figure 2

2010 U.S. Soccer Referee Training Seminars
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