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Assignment of Game Officials - Registration Required of Referee Assignors

CHICAGO (Wednesday, October 24, 2001) - Beginning September 1, 2001, all referee assignors must be certified and registered with the United States Soccer Federation.

No one shall assign or appoint a referee, assistant referee or fourth official in any match under the sanction or jurisdiction (direct or indirect) of the United States Soccer Federation who is not registered as a Referee Assignor with the Federation for the current year.

A State Association, league or tournament may appoint an unregistered assignor in an emergency, who may not serve that league past the end of the current soccer year without becoming registered (the soccer year is Sept 1 to Aug. 31).

This policy does not apply to the assignment of referees for any youth recreational and/or house leagues.

Effective September 1, 2002, all other matches must be assigned by registered United States Soccer Federation Referee Assignors. (See Policy 531-8, Section 7 - Approved by the National Council 7/01).

A list of instructors who are qualified to teach the Assignor Course can be found below.

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Name Grade State Region
Alex Lucas Trainer CT 1
Steven Wollins Instructor CT 1
Richard Ceonzo Instructor ENY 1
Jose Vargas Instructor ENY 1
Consalvo Turchi Instructor ENY 1
Robert Ong Trainer EPA 1
Roger Schott Instructor EPA 1
Richard Gordon Instructor EPA 1
Julio Salas Instructor EPA 1
Jeff De Luca Instructor EPA 1
Frank Giancroce Instructor EPA 1
Pasquale Puleo Trainer MA 1
Jim Livingston Trainer MA 1
Wayne Wray Trainer MD 1
Michael Soto Trainer MD 1
Michael Park Instructor MD 1
Jim McGoldrick Instructor MD 1
James Allen Instructor MD 1
Tony Cullen Instructor NJ 1
Tara Gertz Instructor NJ 1
Peter Etz Instructor NJ 1
Jerry Canella Instructor NJ 1
Bill Towbin Instructor NJ 1
Adam Mangino Instructor NJ 1
Dick Reif Instructor NYW 1
Dave Wolgast Instructor NYW 1
Bill Pasnak Instructor NYW 1
John Paine Instructor PA 1
Peggy Neason Trainer PAW 1
Larry Solomon Trainer PAW 1
Jackie Able Trainer PAW 1
Don Brown Trainer PAW 1
Robert Kuhnle Trainer VA 1
Mike Caswell Instructor VA 1
Gil McCallister Instructor VA 1
Brian Ahearn Instructor VA 1
Michael O'Flaherty Trainer IL 2
Tim Deters Instructor IL 2
Joe Heyden Instructor IL 2
Gerald Hundt Instructor IL 2
George Dirksen Instructor IL 2
Joh Denkmann Instructor IN 2
Chris DeMaree Instructor IN 2
Bruce Unland Trainer KY 2
Doug Harris Trainer MI 2
Robert Daily Instructor MI 2
Peter Morrissey Instructor MI 2
Marie Smith Instructor MI 2
Larry Gagna Instructor MI 2
Gerald Potter Instructor MI 2
Carlos Folino Instructor MI 2
William Allen Instructor MN 2
Mary Kosowski Instructor MN 2
Jeff Kollmeyer Trainer MO 2
Holly Hollingsworth Trainer MO 2
Easel Roberts Trainer MO 2
Ron Paul Instructor MO 2
Russell Tice Instructor NE 2
Mary Wepfer Instructor NE 2
Charles Hagen Instructor NE 2
Vito Testa Trainer OHN 2
Joe Gavin Instructor OHN 2
Chuck Mehozonek Instructor OHN 2
Bob Hobart Instructor OHN 2
Blaz Pesorda Instructor OHN 2
Rene Durand Trainer OHS 2
Mike Layton Trainer OHS 2
John Cummings Trainer OHS 2
Jeff Knoop Trainer OHS 2
Charlie Keaney Trainer OHS 2
Steve Gabbard Instructor OHS 2
Ken Baldeosingh Instructor OHS 2
Karl Kronberg Instructor OHS 2
Michael Mitchell Trainer WI 2
Jonathan Meersman Trainer WI 2
Carl P. Schwartz Trainer WI 2
William Vanasse Instructor WI 2
William Riche Instructor WI 2
Will Peters Instructor WI 2
Milan Nikolic Instructor WI 2
Joe Podaba Instructor WI 2
Andrew Riedmaier Instructor WI 2
Rodney Kenney Trainer FL 3
Robert Breaux Trainer FL 3
Mike Pombier Trainer FL 3
Mack Alarcon Trainer FL 3
Jack Holland Trainer FL 3
Bill Wagner Trainer FL 3
Bill Shelton Trainer FL 3
Scott Hopkins Instructor FL 3
Paul Larson Instructor FL 3
Ken Miller Instructor FL 3
Jim Boyle Instructor FL 3
Tom Frazee Trainer GA 3
Kris Baily Trainer GA 3
Jose Vivanco Trainer GA 3
Jack Trover Trainer GA 3
Wayne Harrison Instructor GA 3
Mary Manley Instructor GA 3
John Johnson Trainer LA 3
David Busekist Trainer LA 3
Robert Sanders Instructor LA 3
Everett Lueck Instructor LA 3
Bill Rushing Instructor LA 3
Chuck Tate Trainer MS 3
Paul James Instructor NC 3
Douglas Cardwell Instructor NC 3
John Partlow Trainer NTX 3
Jim Finger Trainer NTX 3
Fred Hiller Trainer NTX 3
Charles Kellog Trainer NTX 3
Dale Watts Trainer OK 3
Mike Sheriff Instructor OK 3
Gary Poulsen Instructor OK 3
Dale Watts Instructor OK 3
Maurio Ponce Instructor SC 3
Steven Kravitz Instructor TN 3
Ron Gordon Trainer TXS 3
Raymond Lalgee Trainer TXS 3
Michael Lett-Brown Trainer TXS 3
Josef Zeevi Trainer TXS 3
Ed Czerwinski Trainer TXS 3
Jerry Moore Instructor TXS 3
Javier Matamoros Instructor TXS 3
George Drugovich Instructor TXS 3
Dick Triche Instructor TXS 3
Dave Bollinger Instructor TXS 3
Chuck Brady Instructor TXS 3
Bryce Seaman Instructor AZ 4
Tom Starr Instructor CAN 4
Stacy Kalstrom Instructor CAN 4
Sal Crispi Instructor CAN 4
Norm Jolicoear Instructor CAN 4
Leo Rivera Instructor CAN 4
John Murillo Instructor CAN 4
Johm Murphy Instructor CAN 4
Jerry Gebhardt Instructor CAN 4
Jack Northrup Instructor CAN 4
Jack Montgomery Instructor CAN 4
Duncan Way Instructor CAN 4
David Jones Instructor CAN 4
Bill Miller Instructor CAN 4
Bill Heinlein Instructor CAN 4
Abraham Ramirez Instructor CAN 4
Nasser Sarfaraz Trainer CAS 4
Lee Popejoy Trainer CAS 4
Wilbur Salazar Instructor CAS 4
Tom Bobadilla Instructor CAS 4
Stan Eastwood Instructor CAS 4
Melville Drown Instructor CAS 4
Malcom Brazelton Instructor CAS 4
John Eyre Instructor CAS 4
Jim Zerkle Instructor CAS 4
Harvey Grody Instructor CAS 4
George Faragallah Instructor CAS 4
Chuck Acocello Instructor CAS 4
Chester Easter Instructor CAS 4
Amin Shakill Instructor CAS 4
Christel Nicholson Instructor CO 4
Charley Ice Trainer HI 4
Roger Blachek Trainer HI 4
Sal Guerrero Trainer ID 4
Sandra Massie Instructor MT 4
David McNeil Instructor NM 4
Graham Biles Instructor NV 4
Eric Beck Instructor OR 4
William Marsh Trainer UT 4
Wally Beaumont Trainer WA 4
Linda Velie Trainer WA 4
Kenneth Fowler Trainer WA 4
George Eastman Trainer WA 4
Betty Schmeck Trainer WA 4
Errol Nelson Instructor WA 4
Chris Berry Instructor WA 4
Chris Barnes Instructor WA 4
Instructor - Registered Grade 8 Instructor or higher
Trainer - Registered Grade 6 Instructor or higher
Both must have passed required training conducted by an Assignor Trainer.

Corrections or additions should be emailed by the State Director of Instruction to Holly Hollingsworth,