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Post-Match Quote Sheet: Wambach Gets Career Goal No. 100

U.S. WNT Head Coach Pia Sundhage

On Wambach getting her 100th goal:
“I’m happy to be here right now, sitting on the bench to see that goal happen; Cheney coming off the bench playing that great ball through and you just hear the sound of it and it’s fantastic. This is awesome.”

On Wambach getting the ‘monkey off her back’ with the goal:
“She’s been playing better and better. You have to remember, she’s coming off an injury. She’s picking up her game from one game to another and she’s improved her game tremendously. She will be important to our team in 2011, I’m telling you that.”

U.S. WNT Forward Abby Wambach

On scoring the goal:
“I think it’s pretty fitting that Lauren Cheney, the girl that replaced me going to the Olympics after my leg breaking, played me an amazing ball. I took a great first touch, and just hit it far post. Thankfully, it didn’t go wide. I was peeling out, truckin’ to the sideline because I thought it was going in. I can’t really describe the emotion. I don’t think it’s really set in quite yet. It’s been a long year and to come home to score the 100th goal here in Rochester couldn’t be more of a picture perfect ending. I would give any Olympic gold to do that. I think it’s pretty fitting to give back to my community where I grew up that gave me everything. Rochester has given me so much. I’m very proud to do it here to give the fans something to scream about and my family is pretty proud, I’m sure.”

On the chants of her name in the second half:
“Once the chants started I was trying to rev myself up. These people are here to see some good action and I had a couple of really close chances in the second half. The diving header I was so close on, and my hat goes off to my teammates. I don’t think they were passing it to anyone else and every time I shot they were saying ‘good job, keep shooting.’ My teammates really made it happen for me today.”

On Cheney, who replaced her on the Olympic roster, assisting on the goal:
“I don’t believe in coincidences, it was meant to happen that way.”

On if she’s relieved to score No. 100:
“I don’t know if you’ve seen my face for the past 30 minutes after the game ended, but thank God it’s over, and thank God I did it here. Everyone who came to this game, including myself, was expecting me to do it here, putting the ball on a platter for me. It’s on ESPN, all these different factors involved, and I have 100 friends and family sitting in that section. Some might call it pressure, I just call it another added incentive, a bonus if you will, if I do score.”

On her place in WNT history:
“I don’t think about my place because if you start thinking about your place, then you are on the down side of your career. And I don’t ever want to start thinking about that until my career is actually, in fact over. I’m proud to be among the 100 club. Those other women who are in that club are women I’ve looked up to. Obviously, Mia (Hamm), Michelle (Akers), Kristine Lilly and Tiffeny Milbrett are all women of whom I had pictures on my wall growing up, so I think for me it’s come full circle in that I’ve been able to score this goal to put me in that club and hopefully the thousands of fans who were watching here today and thousands more on TV have something to aspire to as well, whether it be becoming a doctor or scoring their 100th goal.”

On her left leg:
“My leg is great. At this moment I’m not feeling too much pain. After this year I’ve had, the heartbreak of not going to the Olympics, not being involved with the gold medal, all of that pain is worth it because this moment is special. There’s nothing more that you can ask for than playing in front of your home crowd and coming through with a milestone like I did today.”

On Mia Hamm also scoring her 100th goal in Rochester:
“Apparently Rochester is the place to come if you want to score your 100th goal.”

U.S. WNT Forward Lauren Cheney

On assisting on Wambach's 100th goal:
“Everyone wanted to get Abby a goal. She’s worked so hard for this team and she’s a sick goal scorer – let’s be honest – so I think it was on everybody’s mind and we really focused on that, and winning at the same time. When I came in I just did what Pia had asked me to do and turn with the ball. Abby made a great run and I was able to slip it through.”

On her assist:
“I saw that Abby was in. I saw that she had taken a touch past a defender and I knew it was a goal right away. It was exciting to celebrate with her here in Rochester.”