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U.S. vs. Canada Post-Match Quote Sheet

U.S. Women’s National Team Quote Sheet

U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage

On the game:
“It was an exciting game, you could hear it in the crowd’s reaction. The way we played in the second half was very good and we created a lot of chances. This is the environment that really matters when you have the word “final” attached to it and being pushed to penalty kicks it’s one of the best thing that could happen to the U.S. team in this tournament. You can’t match the feeling in practice of taking penalty kicks in a game like this, and it could happen in the Olympics. But I am very happy for the team as there were so many good things out there tonight.”

On the play of Angela Hucles:
“There were so many good things out there, but especially Angela Hucles, who came in and played a great game with her teammates.”

On starting Nicole Barnhart in goal in the final:
“We have three good goalkeepers. We have another one back home in L.A. in (Briana) Scurry. It’s important that in order to pick the best goalkeeper at the end of the day, they need good games. So, this game we put Barnie in goal and I think that was a good choice. She got the chance to feel the international level when it matters.”

On looking towards the Olympics:
“I’m not that far yet, because we have a lot of games before we got to the Olympics and we know what we have to work on. This environment and this game, with a big crowd and going to extra time was perfect. We had a chance to, I would say, practice PKs, and that was important. I think we did a good job picking the right players to take the PKs. We could probably face the same thing in the Olympics.”

On what the team needs to work on going forward:
“There are things in defending, especially dropping off too early, that we will adjust going into the games in front of us. The other thing is how to create even better chances. We created good chances but the angles and shots in the box could be better.”

On her thought as the Canadian goalkeeper made save after save:
“She had great saves and the reason why the team and myself kept confidence was that we still created chances and as long as you do that, there is always a chance to put away a goal. There were many times I was off the bench and thought it was a goal, but it wasn’t. That feeling is part of a soccer game, and it’s great. It’s wonderful, but congratulations to their goalkeeper.”

On bringing Abby Wambach off the bench:
“I think it’s good for Abby Wambach to sit on the bench and watch the forwards. It is dangerous I think if you rely on one player only. We have to rely on the team and I think the team responded very well to that and Abby as well. The fact that she came off the bench and changed the game a little bit, that’s good information and that’s something you can play with in the Olympics because there are so many games.”

On playing in front of some large and loud crowds:
“It’s a big difference if you have a crowd that is enthusiastic, regardless of which team they want to win, this is what will happen in the Olympics and it is good to deal with that. It is hard for us as coaches to communicate (from the bench) as well, so it is good practice. It’s been just fantastic.”

U.S. goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart

On the game-wining save:
“I had got my full hand on Sinclair’s shot, but wasn’t able to deflect it over the goal as I was going right and she hit it straight up the middle. I read a few of them wrong and went the wrong way, but on Timko’s I had a feeling she was going left, and kind of read her. She didn’t hit it that well so I was able to make the save.”

On playing in her first tournament championship game for the National Team:
“I haven’t really played in too many games, especially big games like that, so it’s great to get in there and make saves and pick off crosses and cut off balls behind my back line. It helps your confidence for sure when you get the opportunity to play in a game like that and do well. It was a lot of fun.”

On the opposing goalkeeper, Erin McLeod:
“She had a ridiculous game. From where I was standing, I don’t know how many balls I thought were going into the net and she picked them out of the corners. We were creating a lot of great chances, but she was making a lot of great saves.”

U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd:

On the match:
“It was tough. Canada is a strong, big physical team… I got a few knocks and I’m definitely looking forward to this break, but it was a tremendous win. We did it with everybody, it was great to practice PKs and it was just a lot of fun.”

On her free kick goal:
“Well, from the previous fee kicks I had in this tournament, they all went over. So I was just focusing on getting it on frame. I took a deep breath and shot it, it went in, and it’s probably the first goal I’ve ever gone completely nuts on. It was really exciting.”

On playing in a final:
“This is what you play for. You play for the big games. It was an exciting game to play in and I’m sure to watch.”

U.S. midfielder Angela Hucles

On coming off the bench late in regulation:
“I had some specific things from Pia going into the game, like turning, facing up and looking for the forwards and going at the Canadian defense. My teammates have been playing a lot of minutes and I definitely wanted to focus on bringing some energy and spark to try to create something.”

On the mentality after not scoring a goal for more than 100 minutes:
“You just have to keep going. At each break, at each huddle that we had, we just kept telling each other that (the goal) was coming. Just having that belief and knowing that we could do it together was a defining moment. In a final like this is what helps up prepare for the upcoming Olympic tournament.”

On her penalty kick:
“I was so nervous for my PK. But it’s great to have that practice and be in that environment. It’s just picking your spot before you get up there and having that confidence, then celebrating afterwards.”

U.S. midfielder Leslie Osborne

On pounding away at the goal, but not getting one:
“It can get frustrating, but I think I just have to do my job defensively and we’re going to get (a goal) sooner or later. The great thing is that we are creating all these opportunities, and so hopefully we can start to capitalize on more of them. It’s fun to watch and be a part of. We’re playing great soccer.”

On her emotions after Carli Lloyd’s goal:
“So freakin’ exciting. She can do that all the time (in practice) so it was great to see her do it in such a big game, a big moment.”

On her penalty kick:
“I don’t actually really remember it that much I was just really excited when it went in.”

On the value of playing a match like this for the future:
“You talk about how many different environments you want to be in going into the Olympics. I think went through a lot of them tonight and to come through at the end, it’s all you could want. For Pia, the staff and everyone on the bench it’s great to go through this now because it’s going to happen again.”

Canada head coach Even Pellerud

On the match:
“When the USA went ahead 1-0 it was well-deserved as at that time they had collect a lot more chances. But our goalkeeper McLeod played an extremely good game and kept us in the game. I like the moral of my team to come back and tie the game 1-1. That was good to see. I think it was an international game of very high quality and one of the best soccer games I have seen. They have a very strong team, especially with Wambach and Lloyd, and that is one of the best games we have ever played against, but I think the right team won.”

On if he felt good going into the shootout after the play of his goalkeeper:
“When it comes to a shootout, who feels good? It’s not much you can control. That is a situation where the coach controls almost nothing. You pick five good shooters and hope for best.”