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2003 Pre-Printed Registration Forms

From: Julie Ilacqua (Managing Director of Federation Services)

It is time to begin gathering data for the 2003 Pre-Printed Referee Registration Forms. Please take the time to fill out these forms and send them back to our office. We need the information sheets back in our office by April 15, 2002.

These are the changes you can expect for 2003:

  1. Registration forms that are mailed directly to the referee will be sent via 1st class mail. The Federation is no longer using 3rd class, non-profit service. This means that everyone should get their form in a timely manner this year, as long as they have registered for 2002 and have kept their address current with our office or with the post office.
  2. We will have just two distribution dates this year. One in June (the second week) and one the third week of August. Both printings will be global, so almost every state will get the forms in two batches. The exceptions will be states that have completed all registrations before May 15th – the printing for those states will be completed in the first run. You will have two options this year:
    1. Both print runs can be mailed directly to the referee.
    2. Both print runs can be boxed and shipped to the SRA or a designee.
  3. The form we will be sending out has changed to accommodate our new scanning equipment. A sample form with directions will be posted on our web-site next month and the new forms and instructions will be distributed to the states to use at new clinics as soon as they are ready. Please notify all of your instructors to discontinue using the current form beginning with 2003 registrations.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. We would appreciate getting the attached information sheets back as soon as possible. Information for advanced shipments will be requested in the near future.

Reminder: Registration for referees registering in 2002 ends on June 30, 2002. You are asked to have all 2002 registrations in the mail by that date. We will continue to process 2002 registrations that are post marked on or before June 30 before we close off for the final print run. Forms postmarked after that date will be registered for the following year, and those individuals will not receive a pre-printed form in August.