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2005 State Referee Registration Update, November

CHICAGO (Tuesday, November 9, 2004) - Last year, a State Registration Report was sent to you at the beginning of every month.  We have now begun to process forms in earnest and attached is the first report of this year detailing the progress of 2005 registrations.  One additional piece of information included in the report this year is the number of forms in progress at U.S. Soccer.  To date, we have mailed a total of 28,828 forms and are processing 3,231 at the office.  Therefore, 89.9% of all forms turned in year to date have been finished and mailed out.

To further keep you informed of the status of forms, all SRA's will receive a confirmation email and spreadsheet from our office upon receipt of batches of new forms.  This spreadsheet will detail the total number of forms received on that day, total dollar amount received and account for any discrepancies in counts, etc.  Please review these emails carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

In order to assure the fastest possible turn-around time, please submit any forms that you have as soon as possible.  This will allow us to process the forms prior to the heavy influx of forms in the coming months.

As always, feel free to contact Adrian Garibay,  Director of Registration, at any time with questions or comments at (312) 528-1275 or via e-mail at