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U.S. Soccer To Host Six National Coaching Schools This Summer

As part of our continuing effort to service and educate our membership, each Thursday U.S. Soccer will provide an informative article from one of its departments. Once a week, we will bring you an article/paper/essay that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of the game of soccer - on and off the field.

This week, you can learn more about U.S. Soccer’s National Coaching Programs, and the six National Coaching Schools the Coaching Department will be hosting this summer.

U.S. Soccer To Host Six National Coaching Schools This Summer

U.S. Soccer will host six National Coaching Schools this summer for coaches across the nation looking to earn one of the top licenses in the country.  The only FIFA Licensed School in the United States, U.S. Soccer’s National Coaching School programs are taught by a compliment of full-time educators, U.S. Soccer’s National Staff Coaches.

U.S. Soccer’s coaching schools have been providing quality education for coaches in the United States since the 1970s, helping expand U.S. Soccer’s coaching program license to more than 11,400 coaches.

“At these National Coaching Schools, coaches have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game and learn about current trends and international developments in the game from some of the best coaches in the country,” said John Ellinger, U.S. Soccer’s Director of Youth Development. “As soccer in this country continues to move forward, it is important that we are doing all we can to assure that young players today have knowledgeable and qualified coaches instructing them.”

This June and July, U.S. Soccer is offering six schools across the United States.  The courses will take place from May 31-June 8 (Virginia Beach, VA and Austin, TX), June 21-29 (Deerfield, MA and Rohnert Park, CA) and July 19-27 (Bowling Green, OH and Ogden, UT).  Courses include sessions in the classroom as well as on the playing field.

Enrollment in the U.S. Soccer Coaching Schools also includes a free one-year membership to the U.S. Soccer Coaches Organization (new members only).  The U.S. Soccer Coaches Organization is the official coaching organization of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

As a member you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free U.S. Soccer Coaches Organization shirt 
  • Reduced rates for National Coaching Schools ($50 value) 
  • Liability insurance policy ($100 value) 
  • National coaching clinics & symposiums (savings of $10-$20 per clinic) 
  • National Teams Annual Technical Summary (reduced rate of purchase) 
  • Access to soccer videos and literature (savings of 10-15% 
  • U.S. Soccer Coaches Organization Membership card 
  • Reduced rate on “Success in Soccer” – soccer’s premier coaching magazine (20% off cover price) 
  • Current Soccer News from “Soccer Wire”, an official U.S. Soccer Publication (via e-mail only)

For more information or to obtain an application for the U.S. Soccer Coaches Organization, contact the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department at 312-528-1265 or  Coaches can register for the summer coaching courses now at under the “Coaches” section or by calling 312-528-1219.

A complete summer 2003 summer course schedule is listed below:


Dates                    Location                                                                       License
May 31-June 8      Virginia Wesleyan College (Virginia Beach, VA)             B-C
May 31-June 8      St. Stephen’s School (Austin, TX)                                  B-C
June 21-29            Deerfield Academy  (Deerfield, MA)                              A-B-C
June 21-29            Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA)                 A-B-C
July 19-27             Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)     A-B-C
July 19-27            Weber State University (Ogden, UT)                               B-C

Resident:   $875 (Member)     $925 (Non-Member)
Commuter:  $575 (Member)   $625 (Non-Member)
*Audit Course is $100 less course tuition 
For more information, please contact Kati Hope, U.S. Soccer’s Manager of Coaching Programs.  Kati can be reached at or (312) 528-1231.