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Updated National Referee Assessment Requirements

To:  Chair, State Referee Committee
State Referee Administrators
State Youth Referee Administrators
State Directors of Instruction
State Directors of Assessment
National Referees
National Referee Candidates

Paul Tamberino
Director of Referee Development

Brian Hall
Manager of Assessment and Training

Adrian Garibay
Director of Registration and Referee Administration

Re:  Announcement - Updated National Referee Assessment Requirements
Date: January 21 , 2010

Recently, U.S. Soccer introduced updated assessment requirements for Professional, National Referees and National Referee Candidates The criteria specifically modify the category of games that can be used for upgrade and the category of assessments needed. All referees certifying and recertifying at Grade 4 or higher must meet these requirements for recertification in 2011. Therefore, it is necessary to update the current Referee Administrative Handbook, specifically pages 22-25. This announcement provides notice of that update. These will be included in the next publication of the handbook this Spring.

Thank you