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Our brand new "Can You Haiku?" piece was so popular in the July issue of  that we're taking the "if it ain't broke..." approach and offered another forum for you to express your views and  zen-like thoughts about a given topic through some simple and beautiful haiku poetry.

As you might know from last month, the popular Japanese form is traditionally made up of three lines of separate thoughts that together tell about the same simple subject matter, with the number of syllables restricted to: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second line and 5 in the third line.

With the U.S. Men having opened the semifinal round of FIFA 2006 World Cup Qualifying against Jamaica on August 18, they are the topic of this month's "Can You Haiku?" Here are the top responses, some of which dealt directly with the USA’s semifinal opener and some of which dealt with qualifying as whole:

McBride rules up front
Landon owns the midfield
Yanks are Deutschland bound.
--Jacob Krall / 20 / Portland, Ore.

We begin the quest
At “The Office,” green and gold
Three points on the road.
--Daniel Moses / 25 / Arlington, Va.

Summer sun heats them
As cleats, sweat, pride pave the road
The road to '06.
--Ylana Beller / 33 / New York City

Goalkeepers stand tall
Donovan and mates hit net
On to Germany.
--Greg King / 43 / Miamisburg, Ohio

M.L.S. stars key
E.P.L. veterans lead
Ages mix to win.
--Ben Shell / Philadelphia, Pa.

Mastroeni's dreads
Heading past the Reggae Boyz
Be easy skankin'.
--Robert Netsa / Indiana, Pa.
[Editor’s Note: Mastroeni sheered off his dreads, unfortunately, and missed the match due to an injury.]