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Thanks For Being the 12th Man!

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U.S. fans came out to support the United States in another 2-0 win against Mexico. © John Todd/

Thank You, Fans!

You came. You sang. You screamed. We conquered.

Soccer fans from Columbus and across the country added a magnificent chapter to U.S. Soccer’s history Wednesday night, demonstrating once again that your passion and commitment are unrivaled across the globe.

Braving harsh conditions hours before kickoff, you filled Columbus Crew Stadium with waving flags, colorful banners, and the type of emotion and support that can mean the difference between winning and losing. You defined what it means to have a home field advantage, and for that you made every single player and coach both extremely grateful and extraordinarily proud.

As we collect the memories of the evening, we want your contributions to be a part of it. Go to U.S. Soccer’s Facebook page and post your stories, photos, videos, and whatever else you would like to add to the scrap book. And remember, while the foundation of our growth on the field is strong, the rise of the U.S. National Team to the heights of the soccer summit will be achieved as a result of nights like Feb. 11, and you will always be a major part of our success.