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We're a bit jealous. You see, so many Women's National Teams across the world have great nicknames. The Matildas of Australia, the Super Falcons of Nigeria, the Samba Queens of Brazil and the Steel Roses of China. We got nuthin'. Well, we do have two Women's World Cup titles, two Olympic gold medals, seven straight U-21 Nordic Cup titles, a U-19 Women's World Championship and some of the best players in the world...but still no nickname.

Can you help?

Now let's get this straight. This is not a contest. There is no winner. As a matter of fact, we likely won't adopt any nickname in any shape or form as nicknames are something that evolve over the years. But what we do want is your creativity and insight, and maybe, just maybe, years down the road, you can take credit for starting something really big. Remember, it has to be just one or two words that captures the essence of the U.S. Women's National Team, perhaps with a good dose of history and Americana thrown in.

Easy? No. But was it easy for Kristine Lilly to play 299 games for the USA? Was it easy for Mia Hamm to score 158 career goals? Was it easy to win the 2004 Olympic gold medal against a ridiculously talented Brazilian team? We think not. So put on those thinking caps and get crackin'.

To set the bar low (real low) we'll get you started with a few:

The Eaglettes
The Auntie Samanthas
The Abbycadabras

Email your suggestion to:
In the next issue, we'll highlight some of the best (and worst) of your suggestions.