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Quote Sheet: U.S. MNT 8, Barbados 0

U.S. Head Coach Bob Bradley
On the match:
“It’s good to get the whole thing underway. We spent a lot of time thinking about just getting off on the right foot, and a goal early like that certainly is getting off on the right foot. From there, it’s just an exercise of staying sharp, trying to play the right ball, the right timing, and finish off some of plays so we could have a margin. We were able to do that, so in those ways it was a definite success.”

On how the team is playing over the past few weeks:
"I think we do a good job of always seeing the entire picture. We feel like in a year and a half there are good things. We’ve established good movement and good ideas. I still think our work in the final third can get better. We have a group of strikers that are still developing, some younger who are at points in their careers where hopefully we continue to see progress. Progress comes from playing regularly and scoring with your club team. An example would be Eddie Johnson. Even in the first three games against England, Spain, and Argentina, while he didn’t score there we still saw some good things. We were pleased with some of the good signs. It’s a work in progress still."

On the team’s urgency going into the second half:
“I think at that point in the game, the most important thing in the game is to be efficient with the ball, to keep the ball and take a team that is already down and tired and continue to make them run. If you do that well, then you will continue to get your chances. I thought that part was pretty good.”

On Barbados:
"Obviously the smaller countries in CONCACAF work hard to take the talent they have and make the most of it. We always respect those opponents. In the big picture, we’re further along as a team and it showed. It shows in the fact that when we start to move the ball, we get a big edge in the game, and at that point they are just hanging on. But I see individual efforts. A couple saves by Rouse, and certainly some players who one-on-one are a threat to go by people. So there is always respect to know how important it is those countries, and how important they consider the opportunity to be part of this process. That deserves great respect from all of us.”

U.S. Midfielder Landon Donovan
On his free kick goal:
“I told (the referee) we don’t want to wait for the whistle. He got the ball and made sure we were set and said we can play if we want. We talked all week about making the game fast, and that included on the restarts and corners. If you can do those things sometimes they turn off for a second and that was the case there.”

On the match:
“I think we felt confident that as the game wore on fitness was going to be an issue. With each goal it gets a little easier. We wanted to make sure we ended it here, we didn’t want to go there having any doubt, so that was good.”

U.S. Defender Heath Pearce
On the match:
“It was a great experience, and I think the team played well. We came into the match with a game plan and we stuck with it. We knew what to expect from Barbados, and we took our chances well. “

On playing at home for the first match:
“When you play a home-and-home series it is important to give yourself a cushion, especially when you're playing on your own field. You don't know what the atmosphere is going to be in the next leg and you don't know what the circumstances will be in the away game. In this first leg we just wanted to help ourselves as much as we could.”

On the assist to Eddie Johnson:
“I got the ball out wide and looked up and saw Eddie in the box. When I crossed it in I thought that the defender had a good step, but Eddie did a great job and bodied his way through to get on the end of it.”

On the next match against Barbados:
“We'll have the same approach for the game in Barbados - we come out to win. Though we do have a bit of padding, we have no reason to slack off. We still need to develop as a team and we still need to learn. The away game in Barbados is just another opportunity for us to grow as a team.”

On how the team played:
“There were a few segments of the game that we weren't as sharp as we should have been and that is just part of the process of getting better as a team. We still need to stay mentally strong regardless of the score of the game or the opponent who we're playing.”

U.S. Goalkeeper Brad Guzan
On not seeing much action:
“As a goalkeeper, you go in to these types of games knowing you're not going to have a whole lot to do, but that is part of the battle and you have to mentally focused for 90 minutes. Anytime you get to play with the national team and help the team to a shutout it feels good.”

On the Barbados goalkeeper’s performance:
“You have to tip your hat to him [the Barbados goalkeeper], and in a situation like that it is not easy for a goalkeeper. But to be able to make some of the saves that he did was impressive. It is tough for a goalkeeper but you deal with it and move on.”

On the next match against Barbados:
“It’s going to be tough when we go down to Barbados, and we're going to have be mentally ready to play 90 minutes. I think if we stay organized and stick to our game plan, like we did today, we'll be fine.”

U.S. Midfielder and Sierra Mist Man of the Match Clint Dempsey:
On the match:
“We were the better team today and we knew that our job was to go out and win decisively. The more goals that we can get the more of a cushion it gives us going to Barbados. You can never take a team too lightly and we just wanted to make sure we put ourselves in a good position for the next game. It is definitely a good feeling going into next week, and now we just have to make sure that we take care of business down in Barbados before we look forward to the next challenges.”

U.S. Forward Eddie Johnson
On his goal:
“The team had already taken care of the result, but Barbados was tired and I knew we could get more goals. As a player you just want to work hard and take your chances. It was a great ball by Heath (Pearce) and I just tried to get in position and redirect it like any forward would do. I had the same ball against Spain and I missed it, so I concentrated on this one and made sure I put it in the net.”