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Father's Day Gift - MNT Customized Jersey

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Remember all the gifts you gave your dad for Father’s Day when you were growing up?

There was that time you ventured to the mall with your mom, strolled up to the “Wild Ties” vendor and found the perfect necktie with the cool Tyrannosaurus Rex on the front. You thought the gigantic dinosaur with razor-sharp teeth blazing, chasing after his dinner was “totally awesome,” but the truth is your dad’s boss thought it was “totally inappropriate” to wear at work.

There was the year you decided to make him an ashtray in pottery class. After no one could decipher what it was, you proudly explained, leaving your dad perplexed, as he didn’t smoke. It eventually became a change collector.

How about the time in high school you figured you’d save money on a card by making up a booklet of coupons such as “I owe you one lawn mowing” or “I owe you one car wash,” as if you were doing him a favor by helping out with the chores around the house.

We’ve got news for you: those gifts were bad.

Yes, we understand they were from the heart (well, besides the coupon scam), but why don’t you actually get him something he’ll enjoy?

We’ve got you covered this year with the perfect present to wash away all the other shabby Father’s Day gifts you've given over the years – a customized Nike U.S. Men’s National Team jersey.

It’s just like the one Donovan, E.J and the rest of the guys wear and you can put any name and number on the back. The options are endless. You could go with Dad and No. 1 (kinda dorky). You could get creative by putting Beas, Los, Gooch for the name with their number. Or, how about getting him to relive his playing days with his name and old number on the back.

Any name/number combo you come up with, you can be certain you dad will be happy he doesn’t have to lean over and whisper into your mom’s ear, “What is this?”

U.S. Men’s National Team Custom Name and Number Jersey:
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