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U.S. Soccer's Coaches Net Offers New Installment of Premier International Tours Coaches Corner

CHICAGO (Aug. 25, 2009) – In an effort to continue to provide diverse and unique educational opportunities, U.S. Soccer’s CoachesNet, through a partnership with Premier International Tours (formerly Euro-Sportring), is pleased to provide the seventh installment of Premier International Tours Coaches Corner.

Premier International Tours, in conjunction with The Royal Netherlands Soccer Federation (KNVB), highlights different topics from youth development, training sessions and coaching styles that the KNVB use to train youth players. In this installment called "The Style of Play Under A Magnifying Glass," the KNVB looks at the various factors a coach must weigh when choosing a certain style of play.

The previous edition of Coaches Corner, called “Defining Your Own Style of Play,” is still available on The full archive of all six prior editions of Coaches Corner are listed below for coaches to review and reassess. Past topics include: “How Can I Make my Players Play Better Soccer,” “The “Real Game’ is the Foundation for the Practice,” “A ‘Real' Coach Reacts to What He Sees,” “Better Offense, Defense or Transition,” and “Defining Your Own Style of Play.”

As an official partner of U.S. Soccer, Premier International Tours organizes international soccer trips for all levels of teams across the U.S., providing a unique experience to learn about and experience soccer internationally for players and coaches.  For more information about Premier International Tours and it's programs visit

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