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Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

In accordance with the United States Soccer Federation Bylaw 801 and 802, any proposed amendment to the Federation's articles of incorporation or bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Secretary General of the Federation at least 120 days in advance of the National Council. The deadline for submitting amendments to be considered at this year's National Council Annual General Meeting is April 12, 2002.

Section 1 of Bylaw 801 provides that any of the following may propose amendments:

  1. An Associate
  2. A State Association
  3. A Professional League
  4. A National Affiliate
  5. A National Association
  6. A National Member
  7. An Other Affiliate
  8. A Member of the Board of Directors
  9. The Adult, Youth, Professional, or Athlete Council
  10. A committee of the Federation

In submitting a proposed amendment, use the format provided in the attached explanation and form.