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Quote Sheet: USA 3, Canada 0

U.S. head coach TOM SERMANNI
On the match:
“When you play these kinds of derby games, you know for at least 45 minutes, it’s going to be very tough and very tight and that’s what we expected. Canada had a bit of a wind behind them and that made it a bit difficult for us to get into any kind of rhythm of play. We actually had a numerical advantage in the midfield that we didn’t really utilize in the first half, so we felt we could do that through Lauren Cheney and Carli Lloyd, and once we did, we started opening the game up. Once the game opened up, I thought we played very, very well.”

On the U.S. defense which didn’t allow Canada a shot on goal:
“I thought we defended very well today. Canada is a difficult team to play against. They play quickly, they play a tempo that upsets you and at times doing very well to catch teams on the break. I thought all of our defenders did very well today and limited Canada to not that many chances.”

On Sydney Leroux’s goal and the quartet of talented U.S. strikers:
“From her perspective, of all the international goals she scored so far, this far is probably the sweetest one for her and that’s probably a way to silence a crowd. But in fairness, whether she is starting or coming off the bench for us this year, she is scoring goals. The luxury that I have at this moment is that I’ve got at least four world class strikers that would walk into any other team in the world. So the challenge is trying to keep them all happy and give them playing time and hope that they keep scoring goals.”

On the speed of Leroux and Morgan:
“Having that pace up front, it’s an unbelievable asset. At times in the game, I thought the Canadians defended very, very well for long parts of that game, but at some stage in that game, (the U.S. strikers) are going to break free. And Syd and Alex are very good finishers, so when they get those chances, they tend to score. The chances Alex got today, she made them look easier than they were. Those weren’t easy chances, but they were terrific finishes. World class finishes.”

On Alex Morgan:
“With her reputation she gets a great deal of attention from defenders. Games are often really tight for long periods of time and particularly in the first half when Canada played five at the back and three center-backs. That made it difficult for Abby and Alex. But Alex is such a dynamic player, that at some stage in the game she always manages to get herself in positions to score goals. Her two finishes today were first class.”

On Sydney Leroux’s celebration after her goal:
“Her reaction was probably a reaction of the crowd to her coming on the field. To be honest, I think it’s terrific. It shows how far the women’s game has come. It’s really a soccer crowd out there who are passionate about their team and about their country and who bring that to the game. I think Syd’s response was appropriate because she kind of said, ‘well you gave me a bit of stick and I sorted you out by scoring a goal.’ So understandably, she was quite happy with that and it was obviously an emotional goal for her.”

U.S. forward ALEX MORGAN
On both the MNT and WNT winning on the day the Federation celebrated its Centennial:
“The last we heard was that they were up 2-0. We had just seen the own goal on our bus ride over to the stadium. So after the game was the first time I heard that they won. I think it’s great to know that this is the Centennial of U.S. Soccer and we both got wins. We never have a game on the same day so to both come out on top is great for the U.S. and great for the Centennial year.”

On the match:
“In the first half, Canada did really well to absorb us and not let us get our rhythm. When we went into the locker room, we needed to move for each other and needed to believe a little bit more. In the second half, we came out and attacked them, we played our style and that’s when the goals started coming. I’m really happy for the team and for Syd.”

On her two goals:
“The two passes I ran onto were quite similar. The second one was a little hard of an angle, but they were just great balls. That’s bread and butter for me. That’s what I love do to. I love to score with my left foot from that side of the box and I got played in both times.”

On how she felt after her goal and the crowd’s reaction to her:
“Amazing. I scored in the Olympics and it felt good but this one is up there, especially because of everything’s that happened and because of all the boos. But I think it’s so good for women’s soccer. I don’t care if I am not the fan favorite, it’s so great to have a sold out crowd like that.”

On her goal and why she rounded the ‘keeper instead of shooting earlier:
“It was a through ball from Abby and I had to be sure. My angle was kind of off, so I dribbled around her and scored and I was so happy. It’s obviously emotional for me being (in the country of her birth), but I am so proud to play for the USA and that was one of my favorite moments.”

On her mentality coming off the bench:
“Alex had two great goals so we had a little cushion there and I came in and just tried to do my job and score goals and luckily I did. Maybe I wasn’t the favorite here, but it was such a great atmosphere and I’m just so happy.”

On the USA getting three goals in the last 23 minutes:
“I always believe we will break through. We fight to the end and it showed today.”

On the match:
“We knew it would be an emotional game, especially for the first 45 minutes. We knew they would come out and play hard. We knew the crowd would be behind them, they were for the entire 90 minutes. The wind was a bit of a factor in the first half and I think we played that to our advantage in the second half and got our goals.”

On the USA-Canada rivalry:
“I’m proud that this is a rivalry. Not too long ago, it wasn’t a rivalry. Not too long ago, these were not games we looked forward to and now they are. Now they are getting sold-out crowds and I think that does nothing but push the women’s game forward.”

On Canada and the USA’s defense:
“They’ve got some special players. Christine Sinclair is in my opinion one of the best players in the world and for the defense to keep her at bay, that’s a win for us.”

On the first half:
“The first half was par for the course. We knew what they would throw at us so we just tried to weather that storm and play better soccer in the second half and score some goals.”

On Alex Morgan getting two goals:
“Alex puts herself in such awkward positions that I really think ‘keepers think they have it closed down, but she is so powerful and her shot is so powerful from such random spots. I think she catches the ‘keepers by surprise. I’m not surprised. I see her do that day in and day out in practice so I am really proud of her.”

On the match:
“We braved the elements today, whether it was the rain in pre-game, the wind, the crowd. I think it shows the kind of team that we are, we know that we will create enough chances to win games, it’s a matter of who is going to step up and be the person to do it and today it was Alex and Syd.”