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Clint Dempsey

Quote Sheet: U.S. MNT vs. Paraguay

On Tuesday's 1-0 loss against Paraguay:
"Overall, I think the team had some good periods in terms of moving the ball and having ideas but we gave up a bad goal on a set piece, both in terms of responsibility and dealing with the play. Paraguay is a strong team defensively and they close down fast but we hurt ourselves because when we got into good positions we didn't come away with many good chances. Part of it is a credit to Paraguay's defending, but those would be the areas that let us down and we ended up with a tough 1-0 loss."

On the experience of playing Argentina and Paraguay:
"Both are really good games. They were hard teams for us to play against and we learn from these games. Hopefully we take a lot away from them in terms of team stuff and also individual performances. When you get good games it's important that you get good types of games and in that respect this was very different from Saturday. But this was good for us."

On the team's visit to Nashville, where a record crowd attended Tuesday's game:
"It's great. We played Trinidad here in a qualifier. We talked at that time about the pro-USA crowd and what a great stadium and field we have here. To come back was great. We can tell even around the hotel there was a buzz and people were excited by the game. We've seen a lot of that since the World Cup. We continue to build on the good things and it's great when we can be a part of it."

On Tim Ream's defensive play against Paraguay:
"Ream certainly again showed that coming out of the back his composure and passing on the ball is a big plus. His ability to play the ball forward and mix up passes is all good. He continues to learn defensively in these games but I thought he handled most situations pretty well tonight."

On Juan Agudelo's first start for the U.S. Men's National Team:
"This was Agudelo's first start and it's a harder game so I think we see the learning side there. He came on as a sub in a few games and scored timely goals but this is a hard game for a forward. This is where experience counts and where you show what you're all about. We'll talk to him because this is where good forwards earn their money.”

On Paraguay:
“They are a very good team defensively and their objective was pretty clear: to come in and defend well and try to counter. We were at fault for allowing them to score a goal relatively early and it let them execute their game plan the way they wanted.”

On what the U.S. has to improve:
“Actually, I’m not disappointed with the effort, the willingness to try to pass and go forward and create things, all that was good. I think we’re at fault, clearly, on the set piece that we gave up the goal. Our final pass wasn’t good. And give their goalie credit; he made a couple really good saves.”

On having a several opportunities to tie the game at the end:
“We all had a few chances. On another day those go in or the goalie doesn’t save them. It’s unfortunate but sometimes that’s the way soccer is.”

On Timmy Chandler:
“I think he’s done very well. It’s still going to take him a little time to adapt to the way we play. There are certain times where we want him to something and he’s not quite there yet but his pure willingness to attack is good. Defensively, he’s been pretty good. I think with more time and more games, he’s going to progress really well.”

On Paraguay:
“They’re a good team. They’re organized and they got that goal early and then they were able to defend. Our final pass wasn’t so great tonight and I think that let us down.”

On the expectations for the CONCACAF Gold Cup based on the last two games:
“Still to win it. That has nothing to do with these two games. These are preparation against two really good teams from South America. Anytime we get these games it prepares us for big games in the Gold Cup in the later stages.”

On the new players:
“[Agudelo] is a good player. I think a lot of the guys that came in did well. I thought Timmy Chandler had some good games and a lot of energy on the right hand side. Everybody that came in tries to give energy and I think the young crop that’s coming up is going to be good.”

On his scoring chances:
“We had some chances. I would’ve liked to have done better on the one that [Eric] Lichaj put though. It took a deflection at the last second, and I tried to get over it but wasn’t able to. I would like to have that one back, but the keeper made some good saves on Michael [Bradley] and on Jermaine Jones on their shots. We played some good football at times. We took the game to them, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get the ball to bounce our way.”

On what the team can take away from this game:
“We have some things to work on and there are some positives from the game. The main objective is to see what the best line-up is going to be and what kind of squad [Bob Bradley] going to bring in for the Gold Cup. That’s the most important thing, to make sure we do well in the competition.”

On tonight’s attendance which was the largest for a soccer game in the state of Tennessee:
“I think the game is growing and will continue to grow. I think it’s great to see so many fans out there tonight. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to win the game for them, but I thought we played good football.”

On playing together after so much time apart:
“That’s the difficulty that a lot of national teams face. It doesn’t really give you a lot of time to work on things, so you try to cram as much as you can in the short amount of time that you’re together. Some people are in different parts of the season depending on what league they’re in. You just try to find the right mix of guys and the right line-up that you think is going to win games. You know, it’s a chance for the manager to get a look at a lot of different players. We’ll have another camp right before the Gold Cup. It’s a difficult thing to do to be a national team coach, but we’re making sure that we get things right and continue to build on each camp.”

On playing against Paraguay:
“They defend well. They clog up the middle. They’re not afraid to foul. They definitely frustrated us at times, but I thought we played good football. We created chances, but we just can’t concede on corners.”

On Paraguay’s goal:
“On the corner, the ball just went through and hit off my leg. Jay [DeMerit] ran into me at the same time. It just happened to fall perfectly for the guy who was able to get the shot off. After that, I felt that we just kind of took the game to them. It was unfortunate that we didn’t really get the right bounces tonight.”

On playing with new players:
“It’s good. It’s another step in the right direction. You know, it’s new faces, new guys that come in, and new characters. They’ve settled in well. It was another good performance by Timmy Chandler tonight.”

On Juan Agudelo:
“Juan [Agudelo], he’s coming on very strong. He’s getting more confidence as he continues to be a part of this group. Those are all positives for this program. If we continue to get those guys and they can continue to be consistent with their performances, it only makes us better. That’s what it’s all about.”