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U.S. U-20 WNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago: Post-Match Quotes - Jan. 17, 2014

Post-Match Quote Sheet: U-20 WNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago
CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship – Semifinal
Jan. 17, 2014

Post-Match Quotes from U.S. Under-20 Women’s National Team head coach Michelle French, forward Savannah Jordan, midfielder Stephanie Amack, midfielder Rose Lavelle and defender Andi Sullivan following the team’s 6-0 victory against Trinidad & Tobago that qualified the USA for the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup while earning a berth in the tournament championship game against Mexico on Sunday, Jan. 19.

U.S. U-20 WNT head coach MICHELLE FRENCH
On putting together an excellent game in the semifinal:
“I think particularly in the first half there was a relentless attitude that the players displayed. We focused a ton on set pieces coming into this game, knowing it was going to be important, and they executed them amazingly well. So to put everything together, especially in that first 45 minutes, in the most important game of the tournament, is a true testament to these players.”

On the windy and rainy weather conditions and how it affected the field:
“After being able to watch the game prior to ours, we were able to see what the footing would be like, and we touched on some key things about how the conditions could affect the way we were going to play. It was a good opportunity to deal with a different kind of adversity, and I think we did well.”

On the entire roster contributing to four wins so far:
“It comes down to the preparation of these players and the coaching staff. Everyone has played a huge role in getting every single player ready to play, and for them to go out on the field without having logged as many minutes as other players, they stepped right in and made an impact and made a difference to help us be successful.”

On moving past the semifinal and looking toward the championship game:
“Our main goal was to qualify [for the U-20 World Cup], and the goal immediately after that was to win the tournament. We had goal 1A and goal 1B, which is to win this entire championship. It’s a great win, we’re excited, but we always know that in another day we play Mexico and it’s always a great rivalry between Mexico and the U.S., so we’ll get right back at preparations tomorrow.”

U.S. U-20 WNT midfielder STEPHANIE AMACK
On the match:
“It was a great game. We came out really pumped, and I had a great time tonight. It’s such an honor to be on the field and starting. We’ve qualified and now we want to win the whole thing.”

On facing Mexico in the championship game:
“Mexico is a great opponent and they’ve done really well in all their games, too, so we are really excited for the challenge.”

U.S. U-20 WNT defender ANDI SULLIVAN
On qualifying for the U-20 Women’s World Cup:
“Right after the game was over, it didn’t really hit me yet, and then after we shook hands with everybody, and I just ran over to (head coach Michelle French) and picked her up and hugged her because it’s a lot of pressure for her, too, and a lot for us, and that’s kind of alleviated. Our biggest goal here was to qualify, and now that we’ve done that I think there are bigger things to come from us.”

On the team’s performance:
“I was so impressed with our style of play. From the first time we touched the ball, we were combining and finding feet and it was so great to see us keep our style of play, not just in the group games, but in tougher games against tougher opponents and in tougher situations. So I’m really glad how much this team has grown over the past year and in this tournament.”

On qualifying for the U-20 Women’s World Cup:
“It’s exciting. The whole atmosphere tonight was great. We came out really strong in the first half and continued that in the second half and after the game it was a great feeling, with everyone hugging each other, to know that we qualified.”

On looking forward to the championship game:
“Our No. 1 goal coming in was to qualify. Now we’ve got that behind us and the focus is on winning the tournament. We’ll celebrate this tonight and then put it behind us and get ready for tomorrow’s regen and then Sunday’s game.”

U.S. U-20 WNT midfielder ROSE LAVELLE
On the emotions on qualifying for the U-20 Women’s World Cup:
“Pure happiness and excitement. We came here to qualify and we did that so now we move on to the next goal which is to win the whole thing.”

On the team coming together in this tournament:
“Our team chemistry has really grown. Coming in off college season, we hadn’t really played that much together. I think we really stepped it up and look at us now! We’re going to the World Cup!”