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BOO! The U.S. WNT Gets Into the Spirit

Among those scary creatures will be a few U.S. Women’s National Team players, who as it turns out, won’t be so scary after all…unless you have a fear of almost-six-foot chipmunks!

We took a quick poll of the U.S. WNT players, and this is what a few are dressing up as tonight…

Abby Wambach aka Abby Zombach
She is going to be Alvin the Chipmunk, one of the three chipmunks. We’re thinking the other two will be Simon and Theodore.
Editor’s Note: It has to be demoralizing for any team to get scored on by a chipmunk. 

Meghan Klingenberg aka Meghoul Klingenberg
She is dressing up as a Scottish bagpiper.
Editor’s Note: She got almost all the parts of the costume when the USA was in Scotland in early April this year, so this is an authentic costume for sure. Now that’s some quality Halloween pre-planning!

Christie Rampone aka Christie Rampain
The U.S. captain doesn’t have time to get a costume as she is too busy getting her two kids – Rylie and Reece – ready for Halloween.
Editor’s Note: But she does report that Rylie will be Draculaura from Monster High and Reece will be a Bumble Bee.

Yael Averbuch aka Yael Averbutcher
She is going to be the Black Swan. She is going with a friend who will be a White Swan.
Editor’s Note: Yael is the tallest ballerina in New Jersey. 

Kelley O’Hara aka Kelley O’Scara
She is going to be an Angry Bird from the iPod game that has swept that nation and seems to be officially addicting.
Editor’s Note: Why do we think that Kelley would make a fantastic angry bird? Maybe it’s the way she runs all over the soccer field and crashes into things/people.

Rachel Buehler aka Rachel BOOhler
She is going to be Supergirl.
Editor’s Note: This is appropriate as we all know that Buehler, an All-American girl, does espouse the virtues of “truth, justice and the American way.” Also, her boyfriend is dressing up as Clark Kent, with the Superman logo peeking out from his shirt.