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Format for Submitting Bylaw Amendments

In accordance with the United States Soccer Federation Bylaws 801 and 802, any proposed amendment to the Federation’s articles of incorporation or bylaws must be submitted to the Secretary General of the Federation at least 120 days in advance of the National Council meeting.  The deadline for submitting amendments to be considered at this year’s National Council meeting is November 13, 2004.

Section 1 of Bylaw 801 provides that any of the following may propose amendments:
(1)         an Associate.
(2)         a State Association.
(3)         an Indoor Professional League.
(4)         a National Affiliate.
(5)         a National Association.
(6)         a National Member.
(7)         an Other Affiliate.
(8)         a Professional League.
(9)         a Member of the Board of Directors.
(10)      the Adult, Youth, Professional, or Athlete’s Advisory Council.
(11)      a committee of the Federation.

In submitting a proposed amendment, please use the attached format. A submission not conforming to this format, or not submitted by the deadline, will be returned to the sender.  Note:  Please check before submitting a proposed amendment whether the amendment, if adopted, would conflict with another provision or would require a conforming amendment.   If so, then please submit an amendment to resolve the conflict or to provide conformity.

Copies of proposed amendments are to be submitted as follow:

(1)   Mr. Dan Flynn, Secretary General
United States Soccer Federation
1801 South Prairie Ave.
Chicago, IL  60616
Fax: 312-801-1301

(2)   Ms. Marypat Bell, Chairman
Federation Rules Committee
2417 E. 55th Place, Apt. 28
Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone and Fax: 918-742-7854

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Marypat Bell at the phone number given above or Alison Kocoras at 312-528-1296.

PROPOSED BY __________________

Cite the bylaw (or subsection thereof) that you wish to change, and write the bylaw as it would appear with your proposed revisions.

Write the bylaw tracking your proposed changes.  Underline new language and strike out language that you wish to delete.

Explain the rationale for your proposal and the intended effect of the change.