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Think you know your soccer trivia? We’ll be the judge of that. Pop quiz: who the heck is Jack Marshall? Even the trivia buffs in the U.S. Soccer Communications Department would be hard-pressed to tell you that one Jack Marshall received his one and only cap way back in 1926. Okay, that was pretty much impossible. They get easier.

The 10th MLS season is just around the corner, so we figured we’d test you on your knowledge of the past nine seasons. We’re not going to be just going back the past couple years, so to get the answers right to these questions you better hope you’ve been paying attention since 1996. And no excuses like, “I’m only 15, when the league started, I was only six.” Sorry youngster. Now get cracking!

1. When Youri Djorkaeff suits up for the MetroStars this season, he will be the third World Cup winner to play in the league. Who are the other two players in MLS history who have been on World Cup winning sides?

2. From Friedel to Hartman, Howard to Meola, there have been some world-class goalkeepers in MLS. Which of these lucky bunch have the dubious honor of surrendering the most total goals in All-Star games?

a. Jorge Campos
b. Tony Meola
c. Zach Thornton
d. Tim Howard
e. Kevin Hartman

3. There are 15 players on MLS rosters that are nine-year league veterans, having played every year of the league's existence. Of those, 13 have suited up for the U.S. MNT. Who are the two players that have not?

4. Since the league opened play in 1996, there have been four players who have been in the Top 5 on the Budweiser Scoring Leaders chart a record three times. Who are these four players? Hint: Two are still active to go for a record fourth in 2005.

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1. Lothar Matthaeus, Branco
2. c. Zach Thornton
3. Brian Kamler, Jaime Moreno
4. Raul Diaz Arce, Roy Lassiter, Preki, Ante Razov