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What’s it going to be? Door number one, door number two, or door number THREE?!? Okay, so this section has less to do with “Let’s Make A Deal” and more to do with the Multiple Choice section of an SAT test. “In 3’s” peeks inside the head of a select National Team player as they pick one of three choices for 25 questions about personal tastes and pop culture.

U.S. Under-19 Women's National Team forward Kerri Hanks is fast developing into a star for the USA.  Coming off her nine-goal performance at the CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament in Canada, Hanks figures to be a key player in the USA's run for the world title in Thailand next November.  The Notre Dame-bound Hanks took a few moments to answer a few questions about the great state of Texas, her penchant for hip-hop and how ketchup just goes great with everything.

Favorite town/city in Texas: Allen, Dallas or Houston?
"Although Allen is my hometown, I can't say it's too exciting there, so I have to pick Dallas.  Houston is so humid and Allen is, to tell you the truth, pretty boring. So that only leaves Dallas.  There's more of a social scene and more energy there."

Best Texas rallying cry: "Remember the Alamo," "Don't Mess with Texas" or "Hook ‘Em Horns"?
"Everyone knows ‘Hook 'Em Horns.’  Texas lives and dies for football.  It is hardcore there.  Maybe that's one of the reasons I chose Notre Dame.  I guess you can take the girl out of Texas, but not the football out of the girl."

Best date activity: Dinner and a movie, sporting event or comedy club?
"Dinner and a movie because it's so relaxing and you can get dressed up.  I love dressing up.  There are no movie theatres in Allen, so we have to drive 20 minutes to Plano.  The big thing in Allen is that we have a Target."

Favorite leisure activity while on the road with the U-19 National Team: grab a movie, hit the mall or lay out?
"Lay out on the beach, if there is one nearby.  We don't have any nice beaches in Texas so I have to get out there when we have some down time.  I guess I like to do anything that lets me relax."

Soccer & Sports:
Best finisher of the U-19 "Triple-Edged Sword" back in 2002: Heather O'Reilly, Lindsay Tarpley or Kelly Wilson?
"I think I would say Tarp.  I put her as my favorite player in my U.S. Soccer bio.  She just knows where to place the ball, how much power to put on her shot and where the 'keeper is at all times."

Person shorter than former U-19 WNT head coach Tracey Leone, who stands at 4'11": Carla from "Cheers" (actress Rhea Perlman), pop star Prince or the actor that played R2D2 in the "Star Wars" films?
"I have never seen any of them, so I really can't comment, but Tracey is pretty short."

Best U.S. WNT player that starred at Notre Dame: LaKeysia Beene, Shannon Boxx or Kate Markgraf?
"They are all awesome, but recently I've really enjoyed watching Shannon Boxx.  She was one of the newer girls that came in and did really well, which was impressive."

Best U.S. National Team player with ties to the State of Texas: Jeff Agoos, Mia Hamm or Kyle Rote, Jr.?
"Who is Kyle Rote, Jr.?  By the way, anytime you put Mia Hamm in a question the answer will be Mia Hamm."
[Editor’s Note: Considering Hanks was born in 1985, we’ll cut her some slack for not knowing her 70s’ soccer stars. Kerri, if you’re reading this, here’s some background info: The son of deceased former star SMU and New York Giants football player Kyle Rote, the Texas native was the NASL Scoring Leader and NASL Rookie of the Year for the Dallas Tornado in 1973 and made five appearances with the U.S. Men’s National Team from 1973 to 1975. Rote, Jr., who is now a sports agent, gained additional fame after winning ABC’s “Super Star” competitions in 1974, 1976 and 1977.]

Favorite athlete that hails from Texas: Lance Armstrong (Plano), Roger Clemens (Katy), or Shaquille O'Neal (San Antonio)?
"Lance Armstrong, because he's just amazing.  He just keeps winning the Tour de France.  The guy is not human."

Best name of a Texas team: Cowboys, Longhorns or Horned Frogs (TCU)?
"I gotta go with Cowboys.  I have become a bigger fan recently because of Bill Parcells.  With coach Parcells, it's his way or you are out of there."

Favorite female "Friends" character: Rachel, Phoebe or Monica?
"Phoebe, no contest.  Once I started watching ‘Friends,’ I met Megan Kakadelas who was on the 2002 U-19 team, and we started calling her Phoebe, because it really just fit. That's when Phoebe became my favorite."

Favorite home improvement show: "Trading Spaces," "While You Were Out" or "Clean Sweep"?
"I don't really watch any of them, but I wouldn't mind someone coming in and decking out my dorm room at Notre Dame next year."

Most annoying reality show: "The Simple Life”, "Fear Factor" or "The Swan"?
"I have to go with ‘The Simple Life.’  Those girls are so goofy.  I mean, who doesn't know what Wal-Mart is?"

Favorite movie genre: action, comedy or drama?
"I like the comedies.  I went to see ‘Mean Girls’ recently and Ashlyn (Harris) and I thought it was hilarious.  There were more than a few girls like that at Allen High School."

Hottest movie sequel of the summer: "Spiderman 2," "Shrek 2," or "The Bourne Supremacy" (w/ Matt Damon)?
"The only one I have seen is ‘Shrek 2,’ and I fell asleep during it.  We were in Canada (for qualifying) and I was just tired.  I guess I was resting up for the games."

Most promising young actress: Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff or the Olsen twins?
"I am not sure, so I am going to vote for (U.S. goalkeeper) Ashlyn Harris.  If she ever decides to be an actress or pop star, she would do well.  She's a pretty dramatic girl."

Hottest young Hollywood hunk: Ashton Kutcher, Tobey Maguire or Orlando Bloom?
"I am not really into any of those guys, but Omar Epps (“Love and Basketball”) is really hot.  He just had a great body in that movie.  I also think Richard Gere is hot, but he's really old."

Favorite kind of music: Pop, hip hop or rock?
"I like to listen to the hip hop.  I like Usher, 50 Cent and 112.  I also like country, too, though.  I listen to Pat Green and I am going to his concert in Dallas when I get home."

Favorite tough girl singer: Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani or Kelly Osbourne?
"Avril Lavigne, even though she's Canadian.  She just looks tough.  We need to get that girl on our team."

Country music: classic, corny or crap?
"Hey!  Easy on the ripping on country.  I love country!  I'm a Texas girl after all."

Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Chinese/Asian?
"It's gotta be Tex-Mex.  You can even get good Tex-Mex in Allen."
[Editor’s Note: Er…Texas being in America, and this food being associated with the Southwestern United States, this answer doesn’t really fly, but we’ll let her be.]

Favorite kind of steak: filet, t-bone or strip?
"I just had a filet at Outback Steakhouse when I has home after qualifying.  My brother works there."

Best late-night food/snack: burrito, slice or gyro?
"A burrito from Taco Bell without a doubt.  We do have a Taco Bell in Allen.  That's like the big hangout on Friday and Saturday nights."

Best dessert: Cake, ice cream or pie?
"I can always eat mint chocolate chip, or if I can't have that, then vanilla ice cream with a brownie."

Best American-invented condiment: ketchup, ranch dressing or spray imitation butter?
"I eat ketchup on everything.  When I was little I used to eat it on bananas and ice cream.  My parents would get so mad at me.  It sounds kind of gross now, but it was good back then."

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